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The moms

In season one Paige’s & Maddie’s mom got into a big fight & now their friends again like it’s all mixed up
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I love Maddie

I have one of her books
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Sword art online

Hi is it true
To be
A second season of SAO
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Favorite songs

Today you will guess my fav song that is listed for each girl and get a shout out
MACKENZIE SONGS YOU CAN GUESS FROM are( Breathe Day and Night with johnny and wonderful)
NIA (star in your own life and slay)
JOJO (brooorang kid in a candy stroe high top shoes and its only getting better
BROOKE(mean to me and i hurt)
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Paige hyland is so awesome

Look at all of the awesome solos
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Who else misses the original 7?❤️

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Candy Apples

I usually am rlly annoyed with Cathy and Anthony but I thought it was rude when Abby insulted Anthony’s dance about his father back in season 3. Anyone else
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I am just on season 3 so yeah

Until now I just don’t get it why a lot of ppl hates Maddie. Like she is confident and she thinks she will win cuze she knows she is good. Like why is that smth bad? She and Chloe are friends. And even Maddie said at an interview that she is happy for Chloe when she wins. Nope. She isn’t my favourite. Tbh Brooke is. Y’all need to stop hating and be more happy. And yeah I can like Chloe and Maddie at the same time. And I can like their friendship. Ps: English is my second language so srry for any mistake. Don’t forget I am just on season 3 so this is my opinion only for her behaviour in 2 seasons and 12 eps. This is my opinion and if you have another one pls reply this and tell me your opinion in a polite way💕
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Season 8

Will there be a season 8????
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What’s everyone’s solo from the original 6 girls
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Is Jaddie over?? I hope not they are such a cute couple 🤔😥
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Favorite duet parters

Maddie chole
Chole paige
Mackenzie nia
Kendall maddie
kalili maddie
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Miren que bonito
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Dance moms meme
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Dance mins meme
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Yaaaasss nice one mads
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Love this dance so inspirational
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