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Abby Lee Dance Company

Last edited on April 9, 2014
by Lovely Anya

The Abby Lee Dance Company (abbreviated "ALDC") is a non-profit organization devoted to educating young dancers,[1] named after its founder, Abby Lee Miller. Some of its competition members (along with their mothers) are the focus of the television show Dance Moms.

Faculty, Dancers, Alumni and Staff

** Member has performed in at least one dance featured on Dance Moms.


  • Taylor Ackerman -- Twitter[8]
  • Kirsten Bracken
  • Ira Cambric
  • John Michael Fiumara
  • Bethany Flora
  • Mandie Gardener
  • Asmeret Ghebremichael
  • Semhar Ghebremichael
  • Kristi Gracken
  • Katie Hackett
  • Lindsey Hensler
  • Kelly Hyland
  • Jessica Ice
  • Olivia Ice
  • Jesse Johnson -- Twitter[9]
  • Ashley Kacvinsky
  • Sara Kosinski
  • Michelle Kovitch
  • Rachel Kreilin
  • Koree Kurkowski
  • Donna Lisk
  • Danee Litman
  • Miranda Maleski -- Twitter[10]; YouTube playlist
  • Brittany Markle
  • Gianna Martello
  • Allie Meixner
  • Erin Murphy
  • Mark Myars
  • Hollie O’Connor
  • Marissa Pampena
  • Michelle Pampena
  • Brandon Pent
  • Brittany Pent
  • Elena Porco
  • Fran Savolskis
  • Heather Snyder
  • Jennifer Snyder
  • Tammy Snyder
  • Amanda Stelutto
  • Jessica Swesey
  • Claire Taormina
  • Jennine Wedge[11]

  • Christine Ice - Buisness Manager
  • Melissa Ziegler (former staff member) - Front Desk

On Dance Moms


Weekly schedules for the show's dancers differ between weeks when filming, and weeks when not filming.

During periods of filming, typical schedules in Season 3 have been described as follows:[12][13][14]

  • Monday - No filming.
  • Tuesday - Interviews.
  • Wednesday - Pyramid. Christi indicates this one tiny segment actually takes two or three hours to film. This is the first day they learn who will have solos or who will get to participate in a duet or trio, and what the group dances will be about.
  • Thursday - Dances are actually learned. Solos are typically taught in two "private" sessions (one of which may be filmed), each lasting an hour or less. The short amount of time is the principle reason Maddie does not perform tap on the show, as those routines take more time to learn. Group dances are taught in about two hours. Although the girls attend normal schools before going to the studio, they also do additional work with a tutor when the instructors are busy teaching solos to other members.[15]
  • Friday - Travel to the competition.

Kendall and Nia indicate that they usually stay at the studio until 10:00 p.m. or later after filming for dance. Abby complains that [child protection labor] laws have made scheduling needlessly complicated around cameras, and they actually do more dancing in periods when they are not filming.[16] (Christi indicates Chloe dances around ten to twelve hours a week.)[17]

Off the Show

Competition Teams

Jennine Wedge classifies the different companies as follows:[12]

  • Senior Company - Brandon further comments that their competition season usually starts in February, and they go to approximately nine competitions.
  • Petites - Jennine uses this word for what they have on the show
  • Hot Shots
  • Hot Tots
  • Tiny Tots
ALDC-RDP Building Studio Schedule-31 September 2011
Booked training schedule for studios A, B and C, for September 31, 2011


Abby has stated she started the ALDC at age fourteen, probably in 1980;[18] later dates for its foundation have also been indicated, possibly attesting to no formal status until Abby reached legal adulthood.[1][19][20]

Relationship with Reign Dance Productions


Abby is also owner of Reign Dance Productions,[21] which shares the same building, but which does not make the same claims to non-profit status as the ALDC. Additionally, the ALDC selects young dancers by audition only, and is geared towards competitive dance.[22]

Reign Dance Productions offers a variety of classes for dance and the performing arts.[23] It was formerly known as the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio,[24] and was started by Abby's mother, Maryen Lorrain Miller.[25]


The address of the Abby Lee Dance Company is 7123 Saltsburg Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235. It is located on the border of Penn Hills, Plum Boro, and Monroeville.


  • In 2007, Reign Dance Productions had 200 students, paying an average of $200 per month for 14 hours per week in training. Abby commented, "That amounts to a little over three dollars an hour -- less than a baby sitter."[26]
  • Abby has indicated that the show has not been good for her older business, losing students to other local studios, and not attracting new students despite having no higher prices.
  • When asked if Maddie was her favorite student, Abby instead mentioned Mark (last name unclear; possibly alumni Mark Myars); alumni Katie Hackett; and then Gianna.[27]
  • Among a wide variety of other activities and accomplishments, alumni Brittany Markle has served as a dance instructor at San Diego Dance Centre, home studio of Sophia Lucia.[28]
  • Recent alumni Taylor Ackerman, John Fiumara, Jesse Johnson and Miranda Maleski performed on the finale of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition as the "Abby Lee Professional Dance Company."


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