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g   Anicia Gutierrez
Gender: Female
Born: August 12
Home: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Nurse
Affiliations: Stars Dance Studio
Friends and Family
Children: Natalie (daughter)
Kimmy (daughter)
Episode Run
Debut: Get Fierce!
Last: Move Over, I'm the Star

  Anicia Gutierrez is the mother of Kimmy Kopke.

Other Information

  • Her favorite styles of dance to watch are ballroom dancing and contemporary.[1]
  • Her hobbies outside of dance is anything to do with homes, such as gardening, home repairs, organizing, decorating, etc. She also enjoys crafting and scrapbooking even though she has little time for it.[1]
  • After the cancellation of Dance Moms: Miami, Anicia started a petition to try and bring the show back.

Other Credits

To see Anicia Gutierrez's other credits, visit the Anicia Gutierrez/Credits subpage.

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