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g   Ava Cota
Ava's Season 4.5 Promo Photo
Nickname(s): Ava Michelle (as singer)
Gender: Female
Born: April 10, 2002 [1]
Age: 12
Height: 5' 7" (est. May 2014)
Adult Ht:
5' 10"
Home: Michigan
Occupation: Dancer
7th in 2014/2015 school year [2]
Affiliations: Abby Lee Dance Company
JC's Broadway Dance Academy
Friends and Family
Parents: Jeanette Cota (mother)
Rick Cota (father)
Siblings: Devon (older brother)
Friends: Maddie Ziegler
Jade Cloud
Tea' Adamson
Sarah Reasons
Kamryn Beck
Episode Run
Debut: 'The Beginning of the End'
Last: TBD
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Ava Michelle Cota is a dancer who was part of Abby's Select Ensemble team in the fourth season; as well as being a member of her mother Jeanette's studio, JC's Broadway Dance Academy, located in Fenton, Michigan.

On Dance Moms

Season Three

Season Four

  • She and her mother had repeated minor encounters with Abby and the ALDC early in the fourth season, including a third place finish at the Masters of Dance Arts competition in No Solo for You.
  • She appeared as part of the ALDC's new Elite Junior team that competed against the "original" team in the midseason finale Presenting My New Team. Abby considered her a competitor with Kendall.
  • In Double the Moms, Double the Trouble, she danced in the new team's group dance "The Rapture", which placed 1st.
  • In Chloe Gets Revenge, her prop malfunctions during her solo, with Abby describing her as a "kid who didn't know how to open an umbrella." She becomes tearful when Abby says she doesn't think Ava is the right fit for the team.
  • In No More Crybabies, Jeanette decides to bring her daughter to a competition against the ALDC, entered as a member of Jeanette's own studio. This creates a seemingly permanent split between them.
  • In Hollywood Here We Come, Part 1, Ava and Jeanette show up for pyramid anyway, but are kicked out by Abby.

Season Five


Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Dance Moms Dances


Season 4.5

Season Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Place
4.5 Chloe Gets Revenge Drizzle
Contemporary 3rd
4.5 No More Crybabies Eden Lyrical 2nd in Junior Division
2nd Overall
4.5 Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2 Sweet Revenge
(Not Shown)
Lyrical 3rd in Junior Division
10th Overall
5.0 Abby Got Served On My Way
My Own Way
Lyrical 2nd in Junior Division
3rd Overall


Season 4

Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Partner Place
Presenting My New Team Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Get Up, Get Out, Get to It
Contemporary Sarah Reasons 2nd

Group Dances

Group Dances

Season Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancers Place
4.0 Presenting My New Team The Good Life
Let the Good Life (Lead to So Much More)
Lyrical Tea' Adamson
Jade Cloud
Maddie Ziegler
Sarah Reasons
Kamryn Beck
4.5 Double the Moms, Double the Trouble The Rapture
Out of Sight
Contemporary Jade Cloud
Kamryn Beck
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Reasons
Tea' Adamson
4.5 Chloe Gets Revenge First Ladies
Lyrical Chloe Lukasiak
Kamryn Beck
Sarah Reasons
Tea' Adamson
5.0 Abby Got Served The Challenge
Run Away With Me
Lyrical JC's Broadway Dance Academy's dancers 2nd in Junior Divison

Pre-Dance Moms Awards


  • According to Lifetime, she has won 12 national titles.[3]
  • As of July 2014, she accepts fan mail at: 126 North Leroy st. Fenton, MI, 48430. (This is the address of Jeanette's studio.)
  • Ava competed at the same WILD competition seen in Rotten to the Core; and again at the EnergyNDC seen in Watch Your Back, Mack, placing first and winning the title Miss Junior Energy.
  • She is interested in becoming an actress, Rockette, or going on Broadway.
  • She earns straight-A's in school.[4]
  • Her school principal knows the Cota family personally, and she finds Dance Moms uncomfortable, testifying they're not like that.[5]
  • She is a member of the Mob Squad, young hip-hop dancers for the Detroit Pistons.[6]
  • She is the only member of the Select Team that hasn't danced with the Elite Team as a guest.
  • Her Instagram was hacked over Christmas 2014. While Ava got her account name back, her past posts were deleted during the hacking, without a roll-back recovery.


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