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“Baby Mine”
S02-E02 27-07
Song by
Party Colors
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Jingle Punks
Writer(s):   Mark Scola & Douglas Shawe
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For the original song used by Chloe for her solo, see Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me.

Song (Youtube link)
"Baby Mine" is a song by Party Colors. It was used for Chloe's solo in Wildly Inappropriate.

Youtube link
Chloe's solo


I've got a guy and he's so fine
When it comes to lovin', he takes his time'

The girls all tell me he's no good for me
I don't care what my friends all say
I'm gonna have him anyway

Talking 'bout my sweet baby, yeah
My personal joy

I got a feeling and it's hard to hide
He fills me with desire every time I look into his eyes
People let me tell you he's the guy for me

Talking 'bout my sweet baby, yeah
My Person Joy.

I've got a guy and his name is Joe
He's no angel, heaven knows

Yeah he's trouble I should let him go
But I'm guilty of loving him in the first degree

How can I tell you what he means to me?

He's my baby
My Favorite Toy

Talking 'bout my sweet baby, my personal joy.
He's my baby

He's my sweetie baby


  • Chloe actually won first, but the show made it seem as if she lost to Maddie.[1] In reality, however, Maddie and Chloe were in different categories and, as reported by TMZ, because of the false editing, the dancers were not allowed to compete in StarQuest's 2012 season.[2]
  • The dance's original music is "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me" by Teresa Brewer, but the change for the show may have been due to copyright issues.[3]