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“Baby Mine”
S02-E02 27-07
Song by
Party Colors
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For the original song used by Chloe for her solo, see Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me.

Song (Youtube link)
"Baby Mine" is a song by Party Colors. It was used for Chloe's solo in Wildly Inappropriate.

Youtube link
Chloe's solo


I've got a guy and he's so fine
When it comes to lovin', he takes his time
 (I've got a lover and she's all mine)
 (When it come's to kissin', she tastes like sweet pie)

If you are here to applaud us,
then take a bow and feel full of trust!

Cause he's my baby, he's all mine.
 (Yeah she's my baby, she's all mine.)

I don't care what my friends all say
I'm gonna have him anyway
 (I don't care what the other dudes say)
 (I will keep her on my side every day)

'Cause he's my baby
My favorite toy
 (Yeah she's my baby)
 (My number one)
Talking 'bout my sweet baby, yeah
My personal joy

Oh, baby


  • Chloe actually won first, but the show made it seem as if she lost to Maddie.[1] In reality, however, Maddie and Chloe were in different categories and, as reported by TMZ, because of the false editing, the dancers were not allowed to compete in StarQuest's 2012 season.[2]
  • The dance's original music is "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me" by Teresa Brewer, but the change for the show may have been due to copyright issues.[3]



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