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“Big Noise From Winnetka (Live Version)”
Big Noise Winetka2
Song by
Bette Midler
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Dance:   "Big Noise"
Album:   Divine Madness
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Song (Youtube link)
"Big Noise From Winnetka (Live Version)" is a song performed by Bette Midler. It was used for a Kendall Vertes' duet with partner Alaina "Lainy" Johnston, while both were at Studio 19 Dance Complex.

Youtube link
Duet at StarQuest Pittsburgh, PA


This is the story of a young girl
Who was the hippest chick in town
They call her Big Noise from Winettka
Miss Birdie's sure to get around
Big Noise flew in from Winnetka
Big Noise flew right out again
Stop! Look! Listen! Here comes the Big Noise!
Stop! Look! Listen! Here comes the Big Noise!

[drum instrumental]

I am the one they call the Big Noise
I'm looking fine and feeling sharp
Yeah, I just flew in from Winnetka, don't you know?
I'm gonna blow this joint apart

I got my high heels! I don't need no wheels!
My footwork is an art!
You know the joint is jumpin'
my heart is pumpin'
and this is just the start!
I was a big noise from Winnetka
I'll be a big noise in your heart

[drum instrumental]



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