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g   Brick
Relationship Information
Between: Brooke Hyland

Nick Dobbs

Ship Name: Brick
Status: Friends
Possible crushes
First Interaction: Guess Who's Back?

  Brick is the friendship and possible crush pairings of Brooke Hyland and Nick Dobbs.

The Love

In pictures, Nick has been seen cuddling, kissing on the cheek, and carrying Brooke with her legs around his waist. When asked by interviewers or on twitter about their relationship they both either ignore the question, or answer It by saying they are just friends. Once they had a conversation on twitter admitting to the fans they were dating. When the fans started saying 'Congrats','You two will make a great couple', they admitted that they were just messing with the fans and they were not really dating. "Team Brick" is usually commented on all of Nick and Brooke's Instagram pictures or twitter status's.

In Dance Moms

In Guess Who's Back?, Brooke and Nick are in the group dance with Chloe and Maddie. Nick had to act like he was putting Brooke (and Maddie and Chloe) in a love trance.

In All's Fair in Love and War, Brooke and Nick are the leads in the group dance, having more chemistry than Brooke and Brandon did. They had to act in love. They are caught on camera in a very intimate hug, and Abby sees them and comments, "Hubba Hubba", they both blushed after the comment.


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