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“Butterfly/Swallowtail Jig”
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Dance:   "Metamorphosis"
Album:   Lift Me
January 7, 2003
Folk, Spoken Word
Heartwood Productions
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Current: “Butterfly/Swallowtail Jig”
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See "Metamorphosis" for the broadcast music.

Youtube link

"Butterfly/Swallowtail Jig" is a song by Generations. It was used for Brooke's pre-Dance Moms solo "Metamorphosis".

Youtube link
Brooke's solo from pre-Dance Moms competition



I waken from a long sleep
What I was I am no more
And what I have become is truly remarkable

Light pours through the webbed walls
That had enclosed and protected me
I long to bath my new form in this warm light
And feel the gentle motion that rocks the meadow grasses
To and fro

I begin to free myself from my silken home
And venture out into the world unknown
The breezes fan my soft, wet body
As air pulses into my veins

My wings expand and in time I flutter them with delight
And then a song emerges from within me
Its melody echos true like an old friend

At first with clumsiness, I deceiver its notes
Then I sing it proudly for all


As a butterfly awakened
Only I can know for sure
Visions of my transformation
Through misfortune I endure

I'm flying
I'm flying

Like a flower in the spring
See my petals fluttering
Holding to each task I try
You may ask me what am I



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