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g   Candy Apple's Dance Center
Location Canton, OH
Aliases CADC

Candy Apple's Dance Center is the dance studio owned by Cathy Nesbitt-Stein in Canton, Ohio. Cathy used to compete a team of older girls against Abby Lee Dance Company after she leaves Abby's in Season 1, but started using an all-boys team in Season 3 with boys from different studios. Cathy switched to a co-ed team mid-Season 3.5 and kept it through Season 5. In Season 5 Episode 11, she switches back to an all-girl team. In Season 5 Episode 28, her competition team effectively disbanded, with its dancers reforming into Jeanette's BDA team.

The Candy Apples later returned for the seventh season.

In Dance MomsEdit

Cathy has taken many measures to have her "apples" win. She used the same music as Chloe, the same theme as Chloe and usually has older girls into her routines with Vivi-Anne and Justice McCort to bring down the age.

Candy Apples before the exterior painting in The Apple of Her Eye.

Jill takes Kendall to this studio after she is tired of Kendall not getting the respect or attention she deserved from Abby.

Leslie Ackerman also takes her daughter Payton here after being fed up with Abby. Cathy is impressed with Payton, but when Payton says she wasn't sure about coming there, Cathy feels as though the two wasted her time.

Cathy is able to beat ALDC in Abbygeddon by one-tenth of a point. However, ALDC continues to defeat them. Kendall is pulled from CADC by her mother after Cathy loses interest in her.

By The Beginning of the End, Cathy loses all her remaining members of her competition team, most noticeably Justice. Cathy talks to Vivi about forming a new all-boys competition team, which Vivi agrees to, even though she probably won't be in it.

Dancers in Dance MomsEdit

  • Kerisa: Kerisa is one of the apples on the competition team. She has not had an on-screen solo. She auditioned for the Joffrey Ballet School like the rest of the group and was called out for her

    Candy Apples Dance Center dancers

    excessive make-up. Kerisa appeared regularly in Season 2 CADC group dances; and like Taylor, she appeared in the background during a couple scenes of the Season 3 episode The Apple of Her Eye.
  • Vivi-Anne: Vivi-Anne continues her training at her mother's dance studio. She is mainly used as a human prop to reduce the age for the group. She usually runs on and off the stage, but she performed a duet with Justice back in Season 1 Episode 10 which went against Nia and Mackenzie, but they did not win. Vivi-Anne is not a part of her mother's new competition routine but still goes with her mother to competitions.
  • Additionally, there have been more dancers shown in the group routines. In 'A Funeral' there was an older girl and another girl around Vivi's age who danced. In 'Asian Empire' there was another boy who played one of the Ming dynasty warriors with Justice.

Former DancersEdit

  • Kendall: Kendall joined the group in Season 2 Episode 8. She performed in three of the group numbers: "Ode to a Clown", "Almost Heaven", and "Asian Empire". Kendall also had three solos, "I Think I Like You", which she won first place for; "Queen of Hearts", which she won seventh; and "My Dear Friend," which did not place. In Worst Birthday Party Ever!, Cathy revealed that Jill had decided to leave with Kendall. The pair then returned to the Abby Lee Dance Company.
  • Sarah: Sarah was one of the members of the competition team. She first appeared in Season One when Cathy was picking which three of her "apples" she was bringing to compete against Abby. She didn't have a solo on-screen. Sometime in summer 2012, she changed studios and dances now at Center Stage Dance Studio.
  • Justice: Justice was previously the only boy in Candy Apple's competition team. He performed the most on-screen solos for Candy Apple's and had a duet with Vivi-Anne in Season One. In Brooke's Turning Point, he was in the line with Maddie and Chloe for the overall junior winners. He performed "Keep the Faith" at Company Dance and lost. At the competition in How Do You Like Them Apples?, Justice's solo "Shipwrecked" was not shown, but finished fifth ahead of Chloe and Paige; the same dance was later re-performed and shown on Revenge of the Candy Apples, finishing first and again beating Chloe. His final solo was "Never Surrender" in Nationals 90210, which finished third. Justice left Candy Apple's Dance Center in August 2012 and currently dances elsewhere.
  • Erika: Erika was one of Cathy's dancers. She performed with all the group routines and competed with a solo against Brooke. However, she was disqualified because Cathy put her in the wrong age division. At the Myrtle Beach Starbound competition, Erika's "Palladio" solo finished first, although this was not shown on the corresponding episode. Erika left Candy Apples recently and dances elsewhere.
  • Taylor: Taylor was a dancer on the show's original team. She competed a solo in Season One with the same competition music as Chloe, but she did not place. In Season 2, she breaks her ankle onstage and was pulled from the rest of the season. She eventually returned in Episode 14, free from her injury. Taylor briefly appeared in the background during a couple scenes in the Season 3 episode The Apple of Her Eye. She appeared in rehearsals in On-Again, Off-Again Abby, and performed in the group dance "Phoenix Rising" at the competition; however, the editing made no mention of her name. Taylor left Cathy's studio sometime in 2013, stating that they could not work out a schedule.

Guest Dancers/Apple Core TeamEdit

Cathy started bringing in guest dancers in season 2 when she brought in Drazen to dance with Justice. However, in season 3, Cathy made guest boys her primary team but recently she changed the team up, adding more girls. The team remained co-ed in Season 3 all the way up to CADC's first appearance in Season 5. However, in their second appearance in Episode 11, CADC is now an all girl team. In Episode 28 of Season 5, her team joined JC's Broadway Academy, effectively leaving CADC.

The Candy Apples later reformed in Season 7, after Cathy returned to the show.

Current TeamEdit

Dancer Status Joined Left Notes
Haley Huelsman Active S05E12 S05E28/Has not left Haley was formerly a contestant on the second season of AUDC, where she came 9th. She joined the Candy Apples in the fifth season, as part of Cathy's new all girl team. Haley remained a member of the team until Cathy's departure, where she ultimately became a member of BDA. Haley has recently re-joined the Candy Apples for the seventh season now that Cathy has returned to the show.
Ava Cota Active S05E27 S05E28/Has not left Ava was formerly a member of the ALDC Select Team. However, after Abby kicked her off the team, Ava and her mother began competing against Abby as part of the Candy Apples. In Solo Battle: Round 1, Ava's mother Jeanette took over the team, with them then competing under BDA. Ava remained part of the team until it disbanded in New Season, New Rules. She has recently re-joined the Candy Apples again for the seventh season, now that Cathy has returned to the show.
Tara Johnson Active S05E18 S05E18/Has not left

Tara is a  dancer from Candy Apples Dance Center. She made a brief appearance in the fifth season as part of the new all girl team but only featured on the team for the one competition. Tara has recently been invited back for the upcoming seventh season.

Nicaya Wiley Active S03E24 S04E02/Has not left

Nicaya was formerly a guest dancer at the ALDC in the second season. She went on to join the Candy Apples the following season. She competed with the team on-and-off until the fourth season, where she was dismissed due to Cathy revamping her team. Nicaya has recently re-joined the Candy Apples for the seventh season.

Former GuestsEdit

Dancer Status Joined Left Episodes Notes
Drazen Wilmers Left S02E22 S02E22 1 Drazen Wilmers was brought in as a secret weapon against Abby Lee Dance Company. He goes to Midwest Elite Dance Center and was only brought in so Justice could have another boy to dance with. He only appeared in the episode Revenge of the Candy Apples.
Bryant Culler Left Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties 1 Bryant Culler is a dancer from Warren, Ohio.[1] He joined the group and participated in the group "Own It", however, he left after the episode Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties and was replaced by Brandon.
Sammy Gonzales Left Watch Your Back, Mack Watch Your Back, Mack 1 Samantha Gonzales was brought in to dance with Gino in a duet entitled "Latin Fire" in Watch Your Back, Mack. It is highly unlikely she will come back to the team.
Victoria Miller Left The View From the Top Candy Apple Showdown 2 Victoria Miller was a brought in as a contemporary dancer that Cathy auditioned with Anthony and Vivi. Victoria was from a well-known studio, Studio Larkin. It's unknown but highly unlikely Victoria will come back to the team.
Brandon Talbott Left Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties Candy Apple Showdown 5 Brandon Talbott is a thirteen-year-old dancer from Northern VA. Brandon competed in the Youth America Grand Prix Torrington Semi-Finals and won the Hope Award in his division. He attended Manassas Ballet Academy, but it is unknown if he still dances there. Brandon hasn't appeared for a few episodes so it's assumed he left.
Gino Cosculluela Dismissed/Left Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties/The Understudies Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy/The Understudies 6 Gino Cosculluela is a young dancer who used to be on the Candy Apples team. Not much is known about him except he auditioned for America's Got Talent with his family at the Las Vegas Bootcamp. Gino was absent from the group due to bronchitis but returned one last time. Cathy later dismissed Gino and his father Mickey due to her distrust of Mickey. He was called in one last time to dance with CADC after his experience with ALDC
Jalen Testerman Left Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties No Room for Rotten Apples 7 Jalen Testerman is an eleven-year-old breakdancer. Jalen taught himself how to breakdance at a young age and performed on several different shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show and Ellen. Jalen was a contestant on Live to Dance and made it to the semi-finals. He is currently a member of Super Cr3w, the winners of America's Best Dance Crew Season 2. Jalen's dad, Rick, was the most featured parent of the Apple Core team
Campbell Reynolds Left An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away No Room for Rotten Apples 2 Campbell joined the CADC with her mom Alli in An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away. Campbell, however, was not able to join the group number as she was demoted to an understudy for the group. Campbell has not been seen for the past few episodes so it's assumed she left.
Brooke Shore Left Clash of the Dance Moms Clash of the Dance Moms 1 Brooke Shore was a new dancer to the team. She was recommended by Anthony and danced in the group and trio in Clash of the Dance Moms. She only appeared in that episode and hasn't appeared since.
Hadley Walts Left An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away Two Can Play This Game 6 Hadley Walts is a dancer from Indiana. Hadley competed in AUDC with Zack and ended up 6th after being in the bottom 2 two weeks in a row. Hadley first went against the AUDC under her studio in Out With the Old, In With the New. Hadley joined CADC with her mom, who still has a grudge aginst Abby. After Season 4, Episode 2, she may have left to return to THR!VE.
Mari Dudash Left An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away Two Can Play This Game 7 Mari Dudash joined CADC with her mom Gina D in An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away. She was absent for the second day of rehearsal due to illness but was able to swiftly recover for the group and has been apart of the team since. However, after Season 4, Episode 2, she along with Hadley and Nicaya haven't been with the team.
Keara Nichols Left Blame It on the New Girl Blame It on the New Girl 1 Keara Nichols is a young dancer who dances at Murrieta Dance Project. She appeared in Season 4 Episode 11. However, she may only stay for one episode, as in the next competition she is gone from the team and Nick returns.
Zack Torres Left Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties Decisions Decisions 13 Zackery Torres is a thirteen-year-old dancer who dances at Dance Connection. Zack started dancing at ten after asking to take a class with a friend. Zack competed in Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and made it to the top 12 as the only boy dancer. Zack was eliminated in episode 4 after his hip-hop trio and placed 9th. Zack is seemingly the leader of the Apple Core team and has danced the most solos with the team. He hasn't been recently seen.
Nick Daniels Left The Apple of Her Eye Decisions Decisions 9 Nicholas Daniels is a teen dancer from New Jersey. He dances at Encore Performing Arts Center. He is a talented acro dancer. Nick was missing from the most recent episodes and supposedly he left due to issues with the producers. Nick rejoins the team as he is seen in the Candy Apples group dance "Wild Party." He hasn't been seen recently.
Lucas Triana Left Clash of the Dance Moms The New Maddie? 11 Lucas Triana is a dancer at Stars Dance Studio, and was a featured dancer on Dance Moms: Miami. He joined the group and was a regular member. In early 2015, Lucas announced he was leaving CADC and Dance Moms.
McKenzie Morales Left Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 The New Maddie? 7 McKenzie Morales is a dancer and sister to Gavin Morales. Both join the Candy apples team in Season 4.
Gavin Morales Left Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 The New Maddie? 7 Gavin Morales is a dancer and brother to McKenzie Morales. His sister introduced him to dance and he dances at Dolce Dance. He joined Candy Apples in Season 4 with his sister.
Alyssa Chi Left Kiss or Get Off the Pot The New Maddie? 4 Alyssa Chi is a dancer and new addition to the Candy Apples team. She is from Dance Attack along with Evan and Gino, however, she seems to have switched to Stars Dance Studio.
Evan Gorbell Left Kiss or Get Off the Pot The New Maddie? 4 Evan Gorbell is a dancer and new addition to the Candy Apples. He is from Dance Attack in Florida like Gino and Alyssa
Kaycee Rice Unknown Abby's Trash, Cathy's Treasure Sometime before Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2 2 Kaycee was one of the dancers brought in by Cathy for her new team. Recently Kaycee hasn't been seen at competitions so it's assumed she left.
Tessa Wilkinson Left S05E12 S05E28 5 Tessa formerly competed in the first season of AUDC, where she came 12th. She later went on to compete for the Candy Apples in the fifth season.  Tessa remained on the team until Cathy's departure, where she went on to join BDA. Tessa finally departed from the show after New Season, New Rules.
Chloe Smith Left S05E12 S05E28 5 Chloe is a dancer from Center Stage Dance Studio in Buffalo, New York. She joined the Candy Apples during the fifth season, as part of the new all girl team. Chloe remained on the team until the BDA switch and eventually departed the show after the disbandment of the BDA team.
Ashtin Roth Left S05E12 S05E28 5 Ashtin is a dancer from BC Dance in Tucson, Arizona. Ashtin joined the Candy Apples during the fifth season, as part of Cathy's new all girl team. She remained on the team until it was converted to BDA and later left the show after the first episode of Season 6.

Guest ChoreographersEdit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

** CADC faculty, and sister-in-law to Cathy Nesbitt-Stein

Other informationEdit

Locations far from the CADC

Places that aren't located near the Candy Apple's Dance Center

  • In 2015, the CADC had around 40 members on its competition team.[4]
  • According to Cathy, there are no barns or livestock near the CADC studio.[5] Satellite Image.
  • Abby claims she pitched the idea of Dance Dads, a spin-off series out of her own studio in Pittsburgh; but the producers took the idea, and created Cathy's new team by gathering members from audition tapes for AUDC.[6]
  • Despite the fact that Candy Apples Dance Center has competed contemporary and lyrical dances, the studio does not offer technique classes in either of those genres of dance.

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