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Spoiler Warning!
The following contains plot details about an upcoming episode beyond what the creators may have intended.
Please realize that spoilers may rely on second-hand or third-hand information, and are likely to contain errors.
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This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

The following IG accounts have been regularly helpful in building this page during the fifth season, particularly in identifying and linking to various first-hand fan witness accounts from competitions:
More credits can be found throughout the page, including a longer listing at the page's bottom.

Post season filming hiatusEdit

  • June 14th/15th: JoJo in Las Vegas doing show, filming music video for "I Can Make U Dance." Recording additional music.
  • June 18th to 20th: Annual ALDC Concert, Shady Side Academy (Hillman Center, Pittsburgh.) The theme is "World Tour."[1][2] Videos of some of the performances can be found here.
  • June 20th: Mackenzie in broadcast episode of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn on Nickelodeon.[3] Preview video; M Magazine article
  • Kalani is going to The Dance Awards in Las Vegas (June 26th to July 3rd), as a member of Club Dance.[4] Like Club, Murrieta Dance Project is among studios sending significant numbers of dancers. More info on this Wiki's Related Competitions page.
  • June 26th to 28th: JoJo tour in Massachusetts.
  • June 30th: Expected broadcast date of a Pretty Little Liars episode that will guest star Maddie.[5]
  • Part of the ALDC will attend The Dance Awards in New York City,[6] which are July 5th to 12th.[7] Dancers sent as competitors: Mackenzie, Maddie, Brooke Kosinski (mini), Kylie Edwards (mini), Ryan Nogy (teen), Selah Curran (junior). More info on this Wiki's Related Competitions page.
  • Nia interested in taking dance classes in New York, eventually doing so during the break; also interested in looking into work on acting and music.[8]
  • Maddie has said she was excited to have a summer off, and her plans were to do "nothing."[9]
  • Some of Maddie's fashion work and clothing-advertising over the summer included: Yahoo! Style (video, pics) ; Target commercial campaign (also included Asia) ; Glamour - with Mackenzie (video with dancing) ; Glamour South Africa ; Vanity Fair Italia ; Ralph Lauren - with Mackenzie, in partnership with the movie Pan (YouTube video)
  • The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and other media reported that Paige's lawsuit against Abby was dismissed on July 16th.[10][11][12][13] After reviewing footage from Season 2, Judge Kwan stated that, contrary to claims in Paige's lawsuit,[14] no reasonable person could have been in fear of being struck by the chair in question.[15]
  • July 21st to 26th: Dancerpalooza (IG) in Long Beach (Kalani, JoJo; a number of past and present guest dancers).
  • July 22nd: In a lengthy Afterbuzz interview, Kira said that there will definitely be a Season 6 (with a date already set for reporting to filming, in L.A., around Kira's due date); but Kira said that she does not know who will be on that next season.
    • According to Kira, Kalani goes back and forth on doing another season, saying that Kalani wants to focus on training on the one hand, but that she still loves the girls, Abby, and doing the show.[16]
    • Kira also said during the interview that she is done being the "freebie one" for Collins Avenue and Lifetime, and that all the girls are underpaid.[17]
    • Another complaint by Kira was that the kids had an amazing opportunity, but the network shut it down with a legal cease-and-desist order.[18] This may be the same as the ALDC fan app that Abby talked about in a recorded question session on July 25th/26th; with the permission to launch that app being a big factor on whether Abby and "all" (correcting to "most") of the other kids will do a sixth season. (In the same recording alongside Abby, JoJo volunteered her own opinion on Season 6, which was incomprehensible from the recording; but from context and Abby's reaction, JoJo seems to have said that she would do another season if there was one, regardless of whether the app launched.)
  • July 23rd (Thursday): Victor Smalley and Angel Armas teaching class at ALDC.
  • July 25th (Saturday): JoJo and Abby doing an event together at ALDC LA.[19] YouTube channel with videos.
  • July 26th: Kalani doing an event at ALDC LA.[20]
  • July 27th: ALDC Nationals.[21] Sheer Talent,[22] in Foxwoods, CT.[23]
  • Addison and Kalani signed with AwesomenessTV; presumably, they will make YouTube videos for that channel, similar to those they had been doing for their own channel from mid-September (2014) onwards.
  • Casting for Season 6 has been looking for dancers 12 years old and younger. This included advertisement as an opportunity to train and compete under Abby. Among the requirements is being available over 16 weeks in the next six months.[24] Elsewhere, Abby seems to have said Season 6 would be sixteen "episodes" (?) long.[25] (Note: there's a natural confusion between "episodes" with "weeks of filming," the former generally being somewhat larger here, due to 2-part episodes and specials.)
  • August 4th: JoJo featured in music video, with MattyB (song: "Right Now I'm Missing You", ft. Brooke Adee).
  • August 14th to 17th: ALDC Bootie Camp in Los Angeles.[26][27]Includes auditions for the ALDC. Abby has posted that those at Bootie Camp will dance alongside Nia, Maddie, Mackenzie and Kendall; JoJo and Kalani also there.[28][29][30]
  • August 18th: On the night of the reunion special broadcast, Kira tweeted twice about an upcoming Season 6 wedding.[31][32]
  • August 20th: Abby Lee Dance Secrets iPhone app released, with Abby, Kalani, Kendall, Mackenzie and Maddie included.[33] Following a day of complaints, price was set at $4.99 for all features.[34][35] According to Abby, Lifetime had their own app in mind, but dropped objections when they were included in the deal.[36] (Nia had previously released her own app in January.)[37]
  • August 20th to 24th: ALDC Bootie Camp.
  • Kira is expecting a son, with an approximate due date in early October.[38][39] A date for filming Season 6 has already been set at around the same time, with that filming beginning in Los Angeles.[40] See more in above notes for July 22nd.
  • Mackenzie to return to L.A. at some time to record second album.[41]
  • September 12th: Season 6 Auditions (Video). Brynn Rumfallo, Sarah Hunt, Tea' Adamson attended the audition.
  • September 24th: Lucky 13 short film released by i-D Magazine, featuring Maddie, who turned 13 years old the next week.
  • September 25th: The View. (Girls performed "Together We Stand").
  • In an earlier Ireland tour radio interview, Abby and Maddie revealed that Maddie was recording a song. Date for release is unknown.[42]

No Moms AllowedEdit

Event Attended
  • Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA on Saturday, October 3rd, at 1pm
Other Information
  • It was hosted by Veronica Dunne.
  • Nia performed her song "Slay".
  • Maddie announced a second movie role, in addition to Sia's Sister.

Season 6, Episode 1?Edit

Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent Special Edition Competition in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, October 10th (Alex Theatre).[43]
Weekly Dances
Other Information
The Book of Henry

Season 6, Episode 2?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • Maddie was not at the competition because of filming The Book of Henry.
  • Mackenzie and Kendall's performance both had a big prop in them. In Mackenzie's dance, it was a couch. In Kendall's dance, it was a vanity (desk with a mirror).
  • Nia's solo was inspired by Cookie from the TV show Empire.

Season 6, Episode 3?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • Kira gave birth Wednesday morning to a baby boy, Jett David Newman.
  • Melissa told a fan that Kalani will be flying back home to Arizona tonight to meet her baby brother, Jett.
  • Gianna did not choreograph or assist with choreography this week because she attended Jennine Wedge's wedding and also was not a the competition.
  • Maddie was still in New York for filming and did not attend the competition.
  • Abby refused to sit down with the crowd at the competition.[46]
  • Three boys are in the group dance: Daylen Taylor, Kenneth San Jose, and Blake Hendricks.
  • The group dance is choreographed by Guy Amir.

Season 6, Episode 4?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "The Elites" - 1st in Teen Division, 1st Overall
  • Mini Group dance: "The Spotlight" - 2nd in Mini Division, did not place Overall
  • Brynn solo: "She's Magic" - 1st in Junior Division, 4th Overall
  • Maddie solo: "Bond Girl" - 2nd in Teen Division, 2nd Overall
Other Information

Season 6, Episode 5?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "Bollywood Dreams" (Open) - 1st in Junior Division, 1st Overall
  • Duet: Kalani and Nia "Isolations" (Open) - 1st in Teen Division, 4th Overall
  • Duet: Brynn and Kendall "The Odd Couple" (Jazz) - 3rd in Junior Division, 3rd Overall
  • Mini Duet: Alexus and Peyton "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (Open) - 1st in Mini Division, 5th (tied) or did not place Overall
  • Jenna Valenzuela (Club Dance): "Dying Rose" - 1st
Other Information
  • Maddie was not at the competition because of filming.
  • Kalani and Nia took an African dance class at Debbie Allen's Dance Academy for their dance.
  • There was a drummer playing live during Kalani and Nia's duet.
  • Jenna Valenzuela was also at the competition and placed 1st Overall for her solo.
  • The group dance was choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan.

Season 6, Episode 6? Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • There're only 15 dances on the competition. The ALDC groups were the only two groups entered.
  • The second solo was listed as Kendyl's solo but it was Areana that performed it.
  • There was drama surrounding next weeks dances.

Season 6, Episode 7?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • The Mini's did not be compete this week.
  • The filming for The Book of Henry wrapped early morning on Saturday so Maddie was back for the competition and should be back with the team for the remainder of the season.

Season 6, Episode 8?Edit

Event Attended
  • Dream NDC in San Diego, CA on December 5, 2015
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • December 6: JoJo's Holiday Dance Spectacular![49]

Season 6, Episode 9?Edit

Event Attended
  • Fierce in Ontario, CA on December 12, 2015
Weekly Dances
Other Information

Season 6, Episode 10?Edit

Event Attended
  • NYDE in San Jose, CA on December 19, 2015[50]
Weekly Dances
Other Information

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