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This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

Post-Season Hiatus

  • Early in Season 3, Kelly's contract was amended in "real life," at the time corresponding to Out With the Old, In With the New, when the moms went on strike on the show, and replacement dancers performed for the ALDC. To view the amendment, introduced as an exhibit in Kelly's civil lawsuit against Collins Avenue and Abby, see this pdf (page 21), or text here. Terms of compensation were negotiated for Season 3, including Episodic Fees for a maximum of twenty-six episodes ($6,950 per episode); pay for special episodes ($10,000 per episode); a Holiday Special ($12,500); bonuses for completing the season ("Cycle Completion Bonus," at $40,000); babysitting and clothing allowances ($3500 and $300/week, respectively); and merchandising shares. A contract option for Season 4 was included, exercisable by Collins Avenue, under the same rules of compensation (besides an increase of the "Cycle Completion Bonus" to $60,000.) This late-2012 amendment to the 2011 contract "Agreement" contained no terms of compensation for possible seasons 5 or later. Amendments for the other moms starring on the show, who returned to the show at the same time as Kelly, have not been made available publicly; and it is uncertain if their agreements on these matters would similarly be in lapse for a presumed Season 5.
  • July 24 to August 5, 2014: Christi and Chloe tour in Ireland and the U.K.
  • Abby has sought to hire "strict ballet teachers for int and adv levels" for the faculty in Fall 2014 and beyond.[4]
  • 10 August 2014: Teen Choice Awards.
  • 11 August, 2014: L.A. Booty Camp
  • August 11, 2014: Cabaret for a Cause; with Jade, Kamryn, Sarah R., Tea', Nick Daniels, Vivi-Anne, Lucas, Haley Huelsman (AUDC), Gianna Newborg (AUDC)
  • 13 August: Chloe had unspecified surgery for health reasons.[5][6]
  • 14-17 August, 2014: Pennsylvania Booty Camp[1]
  • 30 August to 7+ September: Abby and cast European tour (Paris, London, Manchester, Edinburgh)
  • Nia is rumored to be homeschooling for the 2014/2015 year. Kendall is rumored to be attending a regular school for part of the day, supplemented by homeschooling.[citation needed]
  • 15 September: Mackenzie working on Christmas song in Los Angeles.[8][9]
  • 23 September: Maddie and Sia scheduled to appear on Dancing with the Stars.[10]

ALDC Booty Camp

Season 5, Episode 1

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 1

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 1

  • Group dance: "Freak Show" (Contemporary) - 1st in Pre-Teen, 1st Overall
  • Kendall solo: "Victorious" (Contemporary) - 1st in Pre-Teen
  • Kalani solo: "Dance Til' I Die" (Speciality) - 2nd in Teen
  • Nia solo: "Streetstar" (Jazz) - 2nd in Pre-Teen

Links to Season 5 Episode 1

Other Information Season 5 Episode 1

  • Season 5 started filming October 6.
  • Kalani Hilliker re-joined the ALDC team.
  • Chloe did not attend the competition.
  • Each one of the girls plays a differnet part in the group routine
    • Nia was a strong woman
    • Mackenzie was a contortionist/Acrobat
    • Kalani was a bearded lady
    • Maddie and Kendall were clowns
  • Nia wore a wig in her solo.
  • Kendall had a prop in her solo.
  • Kalani wore heels in her solo.

Season 5, Episode 2

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 2

  • Energy, October 18, in Detroit, MI

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 2

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Other Information Season 5 Episode 2

  • Ava announced on instagram that her studio, Broadway Dance Academy, will be competing at the competition.
  • Abby later posted a photo sent to her by an old friend who also claimed there could be foul play in the competition due to Gina D. and Jeanette's relationship.
  • Group dance was choreographed by Molly Long. The name of group dance was changed to "Stomp the Yard".[11][12]
  • ALDC group number was based off TV show "Orange Is The New Black"
    • Maddie: Piper Chapman
    • Mackenzie: Galina "Red" Reznikov
    • Kendall: Tricia Miller
    • Nia: Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren
    • Kalani: Nicole "Nicky" Nichols

Season 5, Episode 3

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 3

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 3

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Other Information Season 5 Episode 3

Season 5, Episode 4

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 4

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 4

Links to Season 5 Episode 4

Other Information Season 5 Episode 4

  • Local dance schools invited, with claim they are looking for the "best of the best," including free registration for dances that have taken first place in 2014.

Season 5, Episode 6??

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 6??

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 6??

Links to Season 5 Episode 6??

Other Information Season 5 Episode 6??

Season 5

  • At a mid/late-September Meet and Greet, Chloe stated, "Yep, I take technique classes there [the studio Kendall used to attend, i.e. Studio 19 Dance Complex]. I'm still on the show. I still go to Abby's..." Christi immediately interrupted, stating instead, "No, don't say you still go to Abby's. You're still on the show. I got tired of Abby treating Abby [sic] like garbage, so we went..."

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