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Spoiler Warning!
The following contains plot details about an upcoming episode beyond what the creators may have intended.
Please realize that spoilers may rely on second-hand or third-hand information, and are likely to contain errors.
Read at your own risk.

This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

The following IG accounts have been regularly helpful in building this page during the sixth season, particularly in identifying and linking to various first-hand fan witness accounts from competitions:
More credits can be found throughout the page, including a longer listing at the page's bottom.

Hello and GoodbyeEdit

Event Attended
  • Mid-Season Reunion on March 1
Weekly Dances
Other Information

The Girls Say GoodbyeEdit

Event Attended
  • Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, March 3rd
Other Information
  • A video montage featuring various old cast members such as Cathy, Ava, Black Patsy, Gino etc. was shown. In the montage they wished the Zieglers good luck for their futures.
  • Todrick Hall attended the filming of the episode and performed "Freaks Like Me" with the girls.[5]
  • JoJo performed her new song.
  • March 2: Some of the girls attended the "So So Happy" beauty launch. Chloe Lukasiak was also in attendance and ran into the girls.

The Final CurtainEdit

Event Attended
  • Throwback Special on March 4th
Other Information
  • This will be the last episode to feature Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler.
  • The Ziegler sisters and Abby will be the only ones featured in this episode.
  • It is presumed that this episode will be something similar to the throwback episodes that were shown in Season 5.

Mid-Season Filming HiatusEdit

  • March 5: Mackenzie, Kendall & Maddie competed at Sheer Talent with ALDC PA.
  • March 7: Brian Friedman held a masterclass at ALDC PA.
  • March 7: Nia did a video shoot for an upcoming project.
  • March 12: The cast attended the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards where Dance Moms was nominated for "Favorite Talent Competition" but lost to "The Voice". The girls also presented for Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa's performance.[6]
  • March 13: Final day of recording for Mackenzie's new album. The release date is currently unknown.
  • March 14-24: Abby's European tour. Brynn also be assisted at the events.[7]
  • March 21: Official music video for Sia's "Cheap Thrills" featuring Maddie was released.[8]
  • March 28: Nia did a photoshoot with David Hoffman (Sharkcookie) for Sally Miller clothing. Ava and Lillia Buckingham were also part of the photoshoot.
  • March 29: Nia and JoJo were seen attending the "High Strung" movie premier. Chloe was also there and Nia performed her song DJ Fav. (Nia: Interview, Performance; JoJo: Interview; Chloe: Interview)
  • March 31: ALDC Pittsburgh dancers had their annual recital photoshoot for the program book.
  • April: Kendall and the Zieglers held meet and greets in Nashville, TN (April 2) and Atlanta, GA (April 3). JoJo also held meet and greets in Kansas City (April 1) and Dallas, TX (April 2).
  • April 8: Kalani performed at Nuvo for Club Dance. She tied for 4th place overall in the Teen Division alongside 2 other dancers. She also received a DJs pick award, meaning she scored 291+ out of 300. Video

Season 6, Episode 22?Edit

Event Attended
  • Dream NDC in San Jose, California on April 16, 2016 (Heritage Theater)[9]
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "The Saints" (Open) - 1st Teen Division, 1st Overall
  • Brynn and Yadiel Duet: "Date Fate" (Contemporary) - Teen Division, 4th Overall
  • Kendall and Will Duet: "Bag, Borrow, Steal" (Open) - Teen Division, 3rd Overall
Other Information
  • Additional episodes were ordered by Lifetime in February 2016, with production scheduled for these starting in April 2016.
  • Abby seems to be scouting boy dancers for the team. It is unknown whether this will just be for this specific episode or potentially more.
  • One of the boys added to the team, though the duration is unknown, is Will Simmons.[10] He is revealed to have a duet this week by Kendall in a Snapchat video.[11] The other boy that is doing a duet with Brynn is Yadiel Figueroa.
  • During her duet, Brynn tripped and the duet ended up not performing a second time. Ashlee and Abby ran backstage, and the cameramen followed them. It was rumoured that Brynn had injured herself, however she confirmed this was not true.
  • Supposedly, Brynn didn't want to do the duet and cried before and after performing it, and refused to do it a second time.
  • After the competition Yadiel ended up in the ER for unknown reasons.
  • April 12: JoJo attended and performed at Race to Erase MS event.

Season 6, Episode 23?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "Wax Madonnas" - 2nd in Advanced Teen Division, 4th Overall in all Groups
  • JoJo, Kalani & Kendall Trio: "Abby's Angels" (Musical Theatre) - 2nd in Advanced Teen Division, 3rd Overall in all Duos/Trios
  • Nia, Jalen & Simeon Trio: "Love Anyone You Want To" (Open) - 1st in Teen Duet/Trio Division, 2nd Overall in all Duos/Trios
Other Information
  • Two new boys, Jalen Parker and Simeon Johnson joined the team this week replacing Will Simmons and Yadiel Figueroa. It is likely Abby is bringing in boys each week to test them with the team.
  • Very little information was shared about this competition.
  • Kendall, Kalani and JoJo's trio is inspired by Charlie's Angels.
  • April 19: Nia worked on a secret project with Mikey, who directed her music videos and her vocal coach Nick.
  • April 20: Kendall, Kalani and Brynn attended a Travis Wall class at EDGE Dance Studio. Alaina Johnston, a dancer at Studio 19 (Kendall's former studio and Chloe's new studio) was also there.
  • April 22: Brynn attended rehearsals for her upcoming performance on the Ellen Show with Dancer Palooza.
  • April 24: Kalani assisting in classes and doing a meet and greet at the Limelight Dance Competition in Moncton, Canada.[13]

Season 6, Episode 24?Edit

Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent in San Francisco (Dublin), CA on April 30, 2016 (Center for Performing Arts and Education)[14]
Weekly Dances
  • Elite Group Dance: "Purple Fame" (Contemporary) - 2nd Place in Teen Division
  • Mini Group Dance: "Cali Cuties" (Jazz) - 1st Place in Small Wonders Division
  • Brynn and JoJo Duet: "Mirror Image" (Contemporary) - 1st Place in Pre-Teen Division
  • Kendall and Kalani Duet: "Disconnected" (Jazz) - 1st Place in Teen Division
Other Information
  • The group dance is a tribute to pop star Prince who died recently.
  • The program book said that Nia and Kendall were doing a duet called "Telephone" but it's actually Kalani and Kendall that performed. It was either a mistake in the program or another reason that will be revealed with the episode. Also, there is discrepancy as to what the dance is called either "Electricity" or "Disconnected".
  • There was little information published about the competition.
  • The Minis Alexus Oladi, Areana Lopez, Elliana Walmsley and Peyton Evans will be back this week.[15] It also appears that Lilliana Ketchman has been added to the team.[16]
  • During the week, Abby had knee surgery. She stated that she's needed surgery for quite some time but kept putting her students and the show before her own health.[17] Because of this, Abby will possibly not have a lot of screen time during this episode.
  • April 25: Abby attended West Coast Dance Explosion in Long Beach, CA with her ALDC LA students.
  • April 26: Kalani had a photoshoot with Bonnie Nichoalds.
  • April 26: Brynn was on set filming for Ellen.
  • April 28: The Ellen DeGeneres Show episode featuring Brynn as part of DancerPalooza! aired. (Video)

Season 6, Episode 25?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • May 6: Brynn will be competing her solo 'Enter One' for her home studio Club Dance at Nuvo Dance Convention in LA.
  • May 6: Release of JoJo's single "Boomerang".

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