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The following contains plot details about an upcoming episode beyond what the creators may have intended.
Please realize that spoilers may rely on second-hand or third-hand information, and are likely to contain errors.
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This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

The following IG accounts have been regularly helpful in building this page during the fifth season, particularly in identifying and linking to various first-hand fan witness accounts from competitions:
More credits can be found throughout the page, including a longer listing at the page's bottom.

Video Killed the ADLC Star

Event Attended for Video Killed the ADLC Star

  • DanceKidsUSA Invitational in Los Angeles, on February 7th (La Canada H.S. in La Canada Flintridge)[1]

Weekly Dances for Video Killed the ADLC Star

  • Group dance: "Diamonds" (Lyrical) - 1st in Junior Small Group; 1st Overall
  • JoJo solo: "Straighten Up" (Contemporary) - Junior - did not place in Junior Division; did not place in Overalls
  • Kendall solo: "This is Major" (Jazz) - Junior - 5th in Junior Division; did not place in Overalls
  • Mackenzie solo: "Disco Dude" (Jazz) - Junior - 4th in Junior Division; did not place in Overalls

Links for Video Killed the ADLC Star

Other Information for Video Killed the ADLC Star

  • JoJo's solo "Straighten Up" involves escaping from a straitjacket. Kendall's solo seems to involve a drum major's staff. Mackenzie's costume is similar in style to those used in "Blame It on the Boogie."
  • Mackenzie was not in the group dance for an unknown reason.[2] She also fell once during the judged version and twice during the non-judged version.[3]
  • Only the top 5 of each category was announced. JoJo was reported to cry at awards when failing to place.[4]
  • A February 2015 article calls this the "first" and "premiere" event for the DanceKidsUSA competition, and indicates kids aged 12-15 will judge the competition. (See Another One Bites the Dust for what had seemed to be an earlier DKUSA competition.)
  • Among those recently converging on Southern California for the previous weekend were: Kendall's sisters, Charlotte and Ryleigh; Payton; and Addison Moffett. Instagrams of Payton and Gianna show a group called the "KK" or the "Killer Kats," with Payton, Ryleigh, Addison Moffett, Kalani, Gianna and Maddie.
  • On Sunday, the main shoot was done for Kendall K's music video of "Wear 'Em Out." Performers in the video included Kendall's sisters, Ryleigh and Charlotte; Addison; Kalani; and Payton. Additional assistance from Mackenzie, Maddie, and Abby. [5]
  • Nia did the main filming of her music video for "Star in Your Own Life" on Wednesday, 4 Feb. Video done with video production help from Joey Thao, Mikey Minden. Further thanks for song production to Aubrey O'Day (IG); r8dio.[6] Todrick Hall also assisting.
  • The 57th Annual Grammy Awards are held Sunday, February 8th. Sia will reportedly both attend and perform.
    • Sia is nominated for: Record of the Year ("Chandelier"), Song of the Year ("Chandelier"), Best Pop Solo Performance ("Chandlier"), and Best Music Video ("Chandelier.")
    • Maddie was backstage at the venue on Thursday,[7] although Sia's exact performance plans were still unclear on Thursday.[8]
  • Abby, Kira, Melissa, Gianna and Jill went to an OK Magazine Grammy Party on Friday. Nia and Holly went to the NAACP Image Awards.
  • Other parts of ALDC at NYCDA competition in Pittsburgh. (Hyperlink.)
Gallery of Competition
Gallery of Kendall's music video shoot
Nia music video shoot

Season Finale (Part 1, Part 2)

Event Attended Season Finale (Part 1, Part 2)

  • Jump competition, February 13-14 (not filmed for show)
  • Starbound in Butler, Pennsylvania on Sunday, February 15th[9]

Weekly Dances Season Finale (Part 1, Part 2)

Abby Lee Dance Company

  • Group dance: "Dancing in the Rain" (Lyrical) - 1st in Junior Division, 1st Overall
  • Nia Solo - Did Not Place, Teen Division
  • JoJo Solo (Improv) - 3rd in Junior Division

Candy Apples Dance Center

  • Group dance (Lyrical/Contemporary) - 1st in Senior Division, 2nd Overall
  • Tessa solo - Did Not Place, Teen Division

JC's Broadway Dance Academy

  • Group dance (Hip-Hop)
  • Ava solo - 1st in Senior Division, 1st Overall

Links to Season Finale (Part 1, Part 2)

Other Information Season Finale (Part 1, Part 2)

  • Jump competition, February 13-14. Jump events are not filmed for the show (and in light of rumors, it may be noteworthy that Nia participated with the ALDC at this competition.) Sophia Lucia also attended this event, but as a non-competitor, serving instead as an event assistant, and performing her solo "Arwen's Vigil" at closing cermonies. Results and additional information.
  • Ava and Jeanette were in Pittsburgh on Thursday with a Broadway Dance Academy team. Others accompanying them were two BDA dancers, plus Mari Dudash, Gina Dudash and Kerrynton Jones.
  • At least several members of the CADC attended portions of the Jump competition in Pittsburgh, but were not there as competitors.[10]
  • Like the earlier Starbound competition in the season, the filmed event was again weakly attended by fans.[11] Ultimately, a large proportion of spoiler rumors about the Starbound competition seems to have been deliberately leaked by undisclosed inside source(s) connected to the show. With that shortage of sourced witnesses, additional caution may be advisable when considering the reliability of the information here, especially in the placings.
  • Kaycee Rice was replaced with a Candy Apples studio member, Tara Johnson. Vivi-Anne also was in their group routine.
  • The CADC group is based on the Cathy's story of adopting Vivi and her becoming an American citizen.[12]
  • The ALDC edge out a 1st place victory[13] over the CADC by 1/10th of a point.[14]
  • Rachelle Rak was a judge for this competition.[15]
  • Ashtin, Chloe Smith and Haley have recently set up and released a video on their YouTube channel 3 Strangers and will release a Q&A video about their time at Candy Apples.
  • Jennifer Roth posted a photo with Cathy and moms posing with a campus police officer, alluding to the idea of charges being filed as a "Big laugh!!!"[16]
  • MattyB music video for "Turn Up The Track" was released on Friday 13 February 2015.
  • Read more from @dancemomofficialspoilers

Seeing Stars

Weekly Dances Seeing Stars

Other Information Seeing Stars

  • A midseason reunion episode was filmed on February 18th.

Filming Hiatus?

  • February 16 to 19: Maddie serving as fashion correspondent with for 2015 New York Fashion Week. Article, related IG and Twitter. Kelly, Brooke and Paige were also at NYFW,[17] with Brooke at one point sitting near Maddie. (No known indications that the Zieglers or Hylands communicated with each other.)
  • Abby and the girls started developing thier own App. So far it seems Kalani, Kendall, Maddie, and Mackenzie are the only girls involved. (Nia has had her own personal app for weeks.)
  • February 21: JoJo and Kalani competed at Nuvo in Minneapolis for their home studios (Underground Dance Factory and Club Dance).[18] Kalani placed first with her solo "Video Games".[19] JoJo was fifth with "Merry-Go-Round of Life." Both were named Breakout Artists. Link to results
  • Feb 21: Zieglers doing more clothing line work in L.A.[20]
  • Feb 23: ALDC doing photoshoots
  • Mar 3: Release of Nia's single song "Star in Your Own Life"
  • March 5th to 6th: The ALDC attended a Sheer Talent competition in Pittsburgh. This included cast from the show, minis, seniors, etc. Of possible note is that Nia was listed as receiving a scholarship at Results. See also: Related Competitions.

ALDC Ireland Tour

  • February 26 to March 3. This included an incident at an event in Ireland, where some of the girls were accused of making excessively critical remarks about JoJo.[21]

Dances Performed (February 26th, 2015 Showcase)

Dances Performed (March 1st and 2nd, 2015 Showcase)

Australia Special (Part 1, Part 2)

  • Two episodes were to be filmed in Australia as part of Season 5, which will include a search for the Ultimate Australian Dancer, possibly bringing them back to America.[22][23]
  • March 12: ALDC attends and performs at the ASTRA awards, dancing to "Titanium" by David Guetta (featuring Sia.)
  • March 12 to March 23 (+), Abby's Ultimate Australian Tour. (As with the Ireland tour, ticket descriptions include Gianna, Melissa, Mackenzie, Maddie, Jill, Kendall, Kira and Kalani.[24]) An event of three different types were held for each city below, with several duplicated types added in certain cases when tickets were sold out. Various complaints by Australians opposed to the show, including ticket costs at up to $250[25] (although this was for a Master Class, with other events at less than half that price.[citation needed])
    • March 13-15: Sydney
    • March 16-19: Adelaide
    • March 21-23: Melbourne
  • The Fraziers and Siwas at least had planned one Meet and Greet of their own together in Gold Coast (the announcement coming shortly before its scheduled event); but further information was difficult to find.[26]
  • March 19: Nia singing live in Melbourne's Federation Square, at free event.[27] Promotional video.

Australian tour information

Season 5, Episode 22?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 22?

  • Energy NDC in Santa Ana, California (Valley High School), March 29th[28]

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 22?

  • Group dance: "Shame On You" - 1st in Junior, 1st Overall, Platinum
  • Kalani solo: "Unbeauty" (Contemporary/Lyrical) - 1st in Teen, 1st Overall, Platinum
  • Nia solo: "Master of Disguise" (Lyrical/Open) - 4th in Teen, 5th Overall, High Gold
  • Kendall solo: "It's An Illusion" (Jazz) - Scratched

Links to Season 5 Episode 22?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 22?

  • Abby did not show up for the competition,[29] although she had given a speech the night before at the Kids' Choice Awards, and seemed to have gone out drinking to celebrate with Gianna (see below).
  • During Nia's solo, the mask she wore fell off.[30]
  • Kendall's solo was scratched for an unknown reason.[31]
  • March 26th: Premiere of Kendall K's "Wear 'Em Out" music video at Universal Studios, Universal City, CA.[32]
  • March 28th: At the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards, Dance Moms won for Best Reality Show.[33] The cast were in attendance to accept the award. A brief clip after winning can be found on Nickelodeon's website.
  • March 28th: Premiere of Austin & Ally episode featuring Maddie ("Homework & Hidden Talents").[34][35][36] (Link to YouTube video of her dancing on the episode.)
Kids' Choice Awards

Season 5, Episode 23?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 23?

  • Center Stage Dance Competition, Saturday April 4th, in Anaheim, California (Servite High School)[37][38]

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 23?

Links to Season 5 Episode 23?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 23?

  • April 2nd: Release of third Sia video with Maddie, "Big Girls Cry"
  • Kendall and her sister Charlotte were both posting photos from New Orleans on Friday.[39][40] Absent from the competition, Kendall posted a photo with Jill and other family on Saturday. They apparently attended the wedding of one of Jill's two nieces.[citation needed] (Kendall K's middle "K" was given in honor of two of Jill's nieces, Kiley and Kara.)
  • News article on competition from
  • Center Stage Dance Competition is linked to World Class Talent Experience[41]
  • Travis Payne worked with the team in some manner.[42]

Season 5, Episode 24?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 24?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 24?


  • Group dance: "Voices In My Head " - 2nd Overall
  • Kendall Solo: "Illusions" (Jazz) - 2nd Overall
  • JoJo Solo: "Fate is All I Need" - did not place


  • Group dance: "Monsters Under the Bed" - 1st Overall
  • Talia solo: 1st Overall

Links to Season 5 Episode 24?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 24?

  • April 10: Kalani and Maddie took a class from Brian Friedman. Also taking the class was Trinity Inay, a top three finalist from the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.[44][45]
  • Murrieta Dance Project was at the competition. Their dancer lineup was slightly altered from their last Dance Moms appearance (with another MDP dancer, Caylie, substituting for Keara).[46]
  • Abby came to the competition separately.[47]
  • Kayla has previously performed a solo called "Monsters Under the Bed" for MDP.

Season 5, Episode 25?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 25?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 25?

Links to Season 5 Episode 25?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 25?

  • Nia post on working with vocal coach Nick Cooper.[49]
  • Fresno is a 3.5 hour drive from Los Angeles.

Season 5, Episode 26?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 26?

  • Competition at Sheer Talent in Westminster, California, on April 25th. [50]

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 26?

Links to Season 5 Episode 26?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 26?

Further Future

  • Late-March to late-May/early-June: Cast filming in Los Angeles for ten weeks.[52] [53] Assuming one episode per week filmed, plus a mid-season reunion as numbered episodes, this would mean being done with producing Episode 30. (There is some reason to believe that filming for the fifth season could continue afterwards, into July.)
  • June 1st: L.A. Cabaret for a Cause. ALDC is not scheduled; but many past dancers from Dance Moms and AUDC will be among those performing.
  • June 27th: A third tour date for JoJo as singer.
  • In an earlier Ireland tour radio interview, Abby and Maddie revealed that Maddie was recording a song. Date for release is unknown.[54]

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  11. Unclear if it was advertised or open to fans, although there are reasons to believe this site is affiliated with the show (Twitter followed by Bryan Stinson and Kira):
    If it was indeed open to fans, few had any idea they could attend, with obscurity of site and release info coming so late in the week.
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    "Early Bird Ended $25.00 $2.37 N/A"
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