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The following contains plot details about an upcoming episode beyond what the creators may have intended.
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This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

The following IG accounts have been regularly helpful in building this page during the fifth season, particularly in identifying and linking to various first-hand fan witness accounts from competitions:
More credits can be found throughout the page, including a longer listing at the page's bottom.

Filming Hiatus?

  • February 16 to 19: Maddie serving as fashion correspondent with for 2015 New York Fashion Week. Article, related IG and Twitter. Kelly, Brooke and Paige were also at NYFW,[1] with Brooke at one point sitting near Maddie. (No known indications that the Zieglers or Hylands communicated with each other.)
  • Abby and the girls started developing thier own App. So far it seems Kalani, Kendall, Maddie, and Mackenzie are the only girls involved. (Nia has had her own personal app for weeks.)
  • February 21: JoJo and Kalani competed at Nuvo in Minneapolis for their home studios (Underground Dance Factory and Club Dance).[2] Kalani placed first with her solo "Video Games".[3] JoJo was fifth with "Merry-Go-Round of Life." Both were named Breakout Artists. Link to results
  • Feb 21: Zieglers doing more clothing line work in L.A.[4]
  • Feb 23: ALDC doing photoshoots
  • Mar 3: Release of Nia's single song "Star in Your Own Life"
  • March 5th to 6th: The ALDC attended a Sheer Talent competition in Pittsburgh. This included cast from the show, minis, seniors, etc. Of possible note is that Nia was listed as receiving a scholarship at Results. See also: Related Competitions.

ALDC Ireland Tour

  • February 26 to March 3. This included an incident at an event in Ireland, where some of the girls were accused of making excessively critical remarks about JoJo.[5]

Dances Performed (February 26th, 2015 Showcase)

Dances Performed (March 1st and 2nd, 2015 Showcase)

Australia Special (Part 1, Part 2)

  • Two episodes were to be filmed in Australia as part of Season 5, which will include a search for the Ultimate Australian Dancer, possibly bringing them back to America.[6][7]
  • March 12: ALDC attends and performs at the ASTRA awards, dancing to "Titanium" by David Guetta (featuring Sia.)
  • March 12 to March 23 (+), Abby's Ultimate Australian Tour. (As with the Ireland tour, ticket descriptions include Gianna, Melissa, Mackenzie, Maddie, Jill, Kendall, Kira and Kalani.[8]) An event of three different types were held for each city below, with several duplicated types added in certain cases when tickets were sold out. Various complaints by Australians opposed to the show, including ticket costs at up to $250[9] (although this was for a Master Class, with other events at less than half that price.[citation needed])
    • March 13-15: Sydney
    • March 16-19: Adelaide
    • March 21-23: Melbourne
  • The Fraziers and Siwas at least had planned one Meet and Greet of their own together in Gold Coast (the announcement coming shortly before its scheduled event); but further information was difficult to find.[10]
  • March 19: Nia singing live in Melbourne's Federation Square, at free event.[11] Promotional video.

Australian tour information

Season 5, Episode 22?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 22?

  • Energy NDC in Santa Ana, California (Valley High School), March 29th[12]

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 22?

  • Group dance: "Shame On You" - 1st in Junior, 1st Overall, Platinum
  • Kalani solo: "Unbeauty" (Contemporary/Lyrical) - 1st in Teen, 1st Overall, Platinum
  • Nia solo: "Master of Disguise" (Lyrical/Open) - 4th in Teen, 5th Overall, High Gold
  • Kendall solo: "It's An Illusion" (Jazz) - Scratched

Links to Season 5 Episode 22?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 22?

  • Abby did not show up for the competition,[13] although she had given a speech the night before at the Kids' Choice Awards, and seemed to have gone out drinking to celebrate with Gianna (see below).
  • During Nia's solo, the mask she wore fell off.[14]
  • Kendall's solo was scratched for an unknown reason.[15]
  • March 26th: Premiere of Kendall K's "Wear 'Em Out" music video at Universal Studios, Universal City, CA.[16]
  • March 28th: At the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards, Dance Moms won for Best Reality Show.[17] The cast were in attendance to accept the award. A brief clip after winning can be found on Nickelodeon's website.
  • March 28th: Premiere of Austin & Ally episode featuring Maddie ("Homework & Hidden Talents").[18][19][20] (Link to YouTube video of her dancing on the episode.)
Kids' Choice Awards

Season 5, Episode 23?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 23?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 23?

Links to Season 5 Episode 23?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 23?

  • April 2nd: Release of third Sia video with Maddie, "Big Girls Cry"
  • Kendall and her sister Charlotte were both posting photos from New Orleans on Friday.[23][24] Absent from the competition, Kendall posted a photo with Jill and other family on Saturday. They apparently attended the wedding of one of Jill's two nieces.[citation needed] (Kendall K's middle "K" was given in honor of two of Jill's nieces, Kiley and Kara.)
  • News article on competition from, written prior to the competition; also a follow-up article, written after the competition, with the focus on another studio's experience.
  • Center Stage Dance Competition is linked to World Class Talent Experience[25]
  • Travis Payne worked with the team in some manner.[26]

Season 5, Episode 24?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 24?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 24?


  • Group dance: "Voices In My Head " - 2nd Overall
  • Kendall Solo: "Illusions" (Jazz) - 2nd Overall
  • JoJo Solo: "Fate is All I Need" - did not place


  • Group dance: "Monsters Under the Bed" - 1st Overall
  • Talia solo: 1st Overall
  • Caylie solo[28]

Links to Season 5 Episode 24?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 24?

Season 5, Episode 25?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 25?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 25?

  • Group dance: "Dance Bop" (Musical Theater) - 3rd Overall
  • Nia solo: "Can I Do This?" (Contemporary) - Ages 12-14 - 4th Overall
  • Maddie solo: "Loose Canon" (Contemporary) - Ages 12-14 - 3rd Overall
  • Kendall solo: "Burn" (Jazz) - Age 12 - 5th Overall

Links to Season 5 Episode 25?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 25?

Season 5, Episode 26?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 26?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 26?

  • Mackenzie solo: "Superstar" (Acro Jazz) - 1st in Junior Division
  • Kendall solo: "Welcome to My Life" (Jazz) - 3rd in Pre-Teen Division
  • Maddie solo: "Golden Girl" (Lyrical) - 1st in Pre-Teen Division, Top solo score of competition
  • Kalani solo: "Reign" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division
  • Nia solo: "House of Voodoo" (Contemporary) - 2nd in Teen Division
  • JoJo solo: "Shadow" (Contemporary) - Pre-Teen Division - Scratched

Links to Season 5 Episode 26?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 26?

Season 5, Episode 27?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 27?

  • Xpression Phoenix Invitational, on May 2nd, 2015 (Horizon High School)[49]

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 27?


  • Group dance: "The Panic Room" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Division, 1st Overall[50]
  • Kalani solo: "The Investment" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen division, 1st Overall, Heavy Belt Champ (Highest Scoring Routine of the Entire Competition)
  • JoJo solo: "Shadows" (Contemporary) - 7th or 8th in Junior Division
  • Maddie solo - Junior Division, Scratched

Candy Apple's Dance Center

  • Group dance: "Famous, Infamous " (Contemporary) - 3rd in Teen Division, did not place in combined overalls[51]
  • Ava solo: "Praying Mantis" (Contemporary) - 4th in Teen Division,[52] 5th Overall

Links to Season 5 Episode 27?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 27?

  • The competition in Arizona was in Kira and Kalani's hometown, with Kira's Adage Dance Studios competing at Xpression.[53] (Kira: "I don't know how long it's been since I have been this excited for a week!!! So many things happening I just can't contain myself.")[54]
  • Candy Apple's team left for Los Angeles by Monday (Ashtin, Chloe' S., Haley and Tessa.) They met up with Kaycee Rice, who lives in L.A., although Kaycee did not return as a member of their team.
  • Ava and Jeanette Cota also left for Los Angeles on Tuesday. They were part of the Candy Apples for this week, with Jeanette filling their leadership role, as Cathy remained in Ohio.[55]
  • Kira's Adage Dance Studio was 1st in mini solo,[56] 1st in junior solo,[57] 2nd in teen solo (behind Kalani and two spots ahead of Ava),[58], and 2nd in group.[59]
  • Alexa Moffett, Brynn Rumfallo and Jaycee Wilkins were also in Los Angeles (like Kalani, all from Club Dance). In part, this appeared related to Maddie and the May 5th episode of Dancing with the Stars.[60] (See info on next episode.) Alexa also was working on this episode of Dance Moms,[61][62][63] and choreographing Kalani's solo, and went to the competition with the ALDC team. Her sister Addison Moffett also was at the competition.
  • Kalani was not in the group dance, although she had been listed for it in the competition book.[64]
  • Mackenzie working on music video for "I Gotta Dance."[65]
  • Nia and Holly were on Afterbuzz TV, along with Mikey Minden.
  • For both ALDC and CADC, the relatively short flight to Phoenix occurred late in the week, with training and preparation in Los Angeles.
  • The other girls attended Digitour, taking photos with Nash and Hayes Grier.
  • Jill seemed to be in Pittsburgh late Friday with Charlotte and Ryleigh, but was at the competition on time.
  • CADC at International Dance Academy Studio, same studio used by Hillary Duff.
  • One of Kalani's awards was patterned on a champion fighting belt, probably because the competition was on the same day as the widely publicized Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match.
  • The term "praying mantis" was originally used by Abby in Chloe Gets Revenge, arguing that Ava needed an umbrella prop and certain choreography; rather than extending her arms, which Abby described as "horrendous" and "not developed." The term was later repeated by Kira in Abby Got Served.

Season 5, Episode 28?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 28?

  • NYDE on May 9th, in Escondido, California

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 28?


  • Group dance: "Fenced In" - 1st in Junior, 1st Overall (moderate confidence, results still may be incorrect)
  • JoJo solo: "Can't Stop Me"[66] - 3rd in Junior Division, DNP Overall (moderate confidence, results still may be incorrect)
  • Kendall solo: 1st in Junior, 3rd/4th Overall (moderate confidence, results still may be incorrect)[67]

Jeanette's Broadway Dance Academy

Links to Season 5 Episode 28?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 28?

  • There were serious problems obtaining reliable spoilers this week.[68][69] Spoilers given for placings given on this site are given with moderate confidence, but may still well be incorrect. For routines where no placing is given, available information is being considered too unreliable to present here. If desired, visitors can try these recommended spoiler attempts done by others: [3], [4], [5], [6], [7].
  • After the Xpression competition for the previous episode, the CADC returned to Los Angeles (rather than returning to their different home locations.) Jeanette and Ava were among those who returned to L.A. from Arizona.[70] They will be "collaborating with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles and the cast of "It Gets Better" for competition this week against ALDC."[71]
  • On Thursday, Jill tweeted to Cathy, "@Poodletoes1 you're just an ass! #youvebeenreplaced."[72] Tessa, Ashtin, Haley and Ava arrived at NYDE wearing jackets from Jeanette Cota's Broadway Dance Academy. (Chloe' Smith arrived wearing a costume.) Cathy tweeted that four dancers should do well (i.e., excluding a fifth in Ava), and said she was sorry for the hands they were in (i.e., Jeanette's).[73] (Earlier in the week, various people related to the heretofore-CADC had messaged the team in Los Angeles to not forget who was their real leader.)
  • Tara, a student of Cathy's since age three (and who danced for CADC in the midseason finale), had expected to go to Los Angeles "soon" about a month before this time.[74] But around April 12th, she was asked, "U exited for dance moms"? To which she responded, "Umm yeah a little nervous who knows what will happen."[75]
  • A small part of the fighting on Twitter was reported earlier in the week by the IBT, where Cathy's account was presented about why she had grabbed Jill's phone in the midseason finale.[76]
  • Rumors emerged soon after the previous competition that Kira had left the show, which Kira immediately and angrily denounced on Twitter.[77] Kira had remained in Arizona through Wednesday, but took a flight to Los Angeles early on Thursday.[78][79] Kalani was in L.A. with Addison, Molly, and likely Alexa on Tuesday relating to DWTS (see below), and was with ALDC teammates by Wednesday. Kalani and Kira did go to the competition (Kalani wearing an ALDC jacket like others), and they accompanied the rest of the ALDC team; but Kalani did not perform in the group.
  • May 5th: Maddie performed on Dancing with the Stars. She danced in a trio with Brynn Rumfallo and Jaycee Wilkins (both of Club Dance), to Josh Groban singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."[80][81][82] She also had a short contemporary solo, "Hold Back the River."
  • Kendall K working in music recording studio, on song titled "Heartsmile."
  • Mackenzie still working on music video for "I Gotta Dance."
  • Much of the ALDC team attended the premiere for Pitch Perfect 2. (100+ Photos of Dance Moms cast posing at premiere.)
  • Much of the cast attended a Kim Kardashian book signing on Thursday.
  • Rachelle Rak is again a judge at this NYDE event.[83]
  • Nia and JoJo working on project together (details pending.)[84]
  • JoJo solo was based on Miley Cyrus.
  • BDA group dance is about Bruce Jenner's transition. Singers were onstage with group.

Season 5, Episode 29?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 29?

  • Sheer Talent competition on May 16th, in Spokane, Washington (INB Performing Arts Center / Spokane Convention Center)[85]

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 29?

  • Group dance: "Always a Bridesmaid" (Musical Theatre) - 1st in Pre-Teen Division
  • Mackenzie solo: "Bat Crazy" (Acro) - 1st in Junior Division
  • Maddie solo: "The Woods" (Contemporary) - 1st in Pre-Teen Division; 1st Overall
  • Kendall solo: "Blowing Red" (Specialty) - 2nd in Pre-Teen Division

Links to Season 5 Episode 29?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 29?

  • Cast went to the Reality TV Awards on Thursday. (Livestream, recorded) Abby has won Best Villain. Dance Moms has won Best Recurring Cast.
  • At the Reality TV Awards (May 14th), Nia had told a reporter that she would definitely be dancing with the ALDC in the next season.[86]
  • Maddie began filming with Troian Bellisario on Monday,[87][88] as Maddie will be appearing as a guest star on a future episode of Pretty Little Liars. Travis Wall also has been working with Maddie on this PLL project since last week.[89][90][91][92][93]
  • Beginning last week, JoJo and Nia auctioned a phone case on ebay,[94][95] with bidding at $14,900 on May 11th. Mackenzie and Maddie spiced things up more, offering to give away some of their phone cases for free,[96] Kendall adding that she was part of the Ziegler phone case team.[97] Nia and JoJo's phone case instagram: link. Mackenzie, Maddie and Kendall's phone case instagram: link newer link.[98]
  • Kendall shooting with Blubot / dcvisions. YouTube video link.
  • Nia recording music with Coco Jones on Wednesday.
  • ALDC meet and greet also in Spokane on Saturday, with Abby, Maddie, Kendall, Kalani, and Mackenzie.[99]

Season 5, Episode 30?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 30?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 30?



Links to Season 5 Episode 30?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 30?

  • Girls used umbrellas in the group dance.
  • "Slay" was played before awards.
  • During awards, JoJo received a belated birthday bear from the hosts.

Season 5, Episode 31?

Event Attended Season 5 Episode 31?

Weekly Dances Season 5 Episode 31?

Links to Season 5 Episode 31?

Other Information Season 5 Episode 31?

  • On the Eventbrite site for this competition, it says that it is a "Dance Moms invitational". It is also noted that the event will take place on a Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PDT). The Lancaster Performing Arts Center address is also provided.
  • May 24th: JoJo event in Las Vegas[103]
  • May 30th: Official "Grand Opening" date for ALDC LA.[104]
  • This appears to be the tenth and final week of filming on the West Coast, and is likely the end-of-season nationals competition.
  • CADC/BDA girls (including Ava) can be expected to compete.
  • Gisoni (Ziegler) family sold their old home in Pittsburgh, moving into a larger custom built house.[105]

Further Future

  • Late-March to late-May: Cast filming in Los Angeles for ten weeks.[106][107][108]
  • June 1st: L.A. Cabaret for a Cause (archive). Nia and JoJo are now set to host. Among those scheduled to perform are many dancers that have appeared on Dance Moms and sister shows (Tea' Adamson, Ava Cota, Mari Dudash, Jordyn Jones, Sophia Lucia, Addison Moffett, Gavin Morales, McKenzie Morales, Sarah Reasons, Talia Seitel, Lexee Smith).
  • June 18th to 20th: Annual ALDC Concert, Shady Side Academy (Hillman Center, Pittsburgh.) The theme is "World Tour."[109][110]
  • Maddie has said she is excited to have a summer off, and her plans are to do "nothing."[111]
  • June 26th to 28th: JoJo tour in Massachusetts.
  • August 13th to 16th: ALDC Bootie Camp[112]
  • Abby has said (in May) that Dance Moms it more likely to be L.A. at the end of August (compared to Pittsburgh.)[113]
  • In an earlier Ireland tour radio interview, Abby and Maddie revealed that Maddie was recording a song. Date for release is unknown.[114]
  • In late April, Coco Jones announced plans to work with Nia on a project.[115]

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