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Spoiler Warning!
The following contains plot details about an upcoming episode beyond what the creators may have intended.
Please realize that spoilers may rely on second-hand or third-hand information, and are likely to contain errors.
Read at your own risk.

This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

Credits can be found throughout the page, including a longer listing at the page's bottom.

ALDC for Sale?Edit

Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent in Spokane, Washington on June 4, 2016 (INB Performing Arts Center; Spokane Convention Center)[1]
Weekly Dances
  • Elite Group Dance: "Picnic" (Contemporary) - 2nd in Teen Division
  • Mini Group Dance: "Gossip Girls" (Jazz) - 1st in Small Wonders Division
  • Brynn Solo: "Left at the Altar" (Character) - 1st Overall; 1st in Pre-Teen Division
  • Kendall solo: "Curiosity" (Jazz) - 2nd in Teen Division
  • Lilliana Solo: "Step By Step" (Specialty) - 1st in Small Wonders Division[2]
Other Information
  • Only four headshots were featured on the pyramid.[3] This most likely has to do with JoJo and Jessalyn walking out last week.
  • JoJo and Jessalyn were not present again this week. There has been various hints[4] from the cast that the Siwa family may have departed the show to pursue other jobs.
  • It is possible that Kendall's solo is of "Curiosity", her solo that was unaired in the first half of Season 6. However, due to limited information released about/of the competition, this is unknown.
  • Brynn's solo was the highest scoring routine of the day.
  • June 3: A High Strung Movie workshop was held at the ALDC LA.
  • June 3: All of the girls minus JoJo held a Meet and Greet session in Spokane.
  • June 4: After the competition Abby will host a Q&A session alongside the mini team.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Ab-beeEdit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Elite Group: "The Champ" (Hip Hop) - Did Not Receive the Overall Group in Teen Division
  • Mini Group: "Cast the First Stone" (Contemporary) - Top Overall Score in Mini Division
  • Areana and Elliana Duet: "Float Like a Butterfly" (Lyrical) - Elite Gold in Duo/Trio Division
  • Lilliana and Peyton Duet: "Sting Like a Bee" (Acrobatic) - 1st Overall in Duo/Trio Division
Other Information
  • The competition was held on a Sunday.
  • Information about the competition was very limited.
  • The competition did not give individual scores so there was not a top 10 like at other competitions. The only placement awards were given to the Overall winners in each category. Instead, there were adjudicated awards, e.g. elite gold, gold, etc.[6]
  • The two duet titles are named for a quote said by the late boxer Muhammad Ali "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."[7]
  • JoJo reunited with the girls this week but it appears that she is still no longer part of the team.
  • Jayden Bartels, Romeo Blanco, Will Simmons and Saryna Garcia all joined the team this week for the group dance. The group choreography was the same that was used for the ElectroKicks commercial that the girls filmed the day before the competition.
  • June 8: Brynn had a photoshoot with Miss Behave Girls for their new summer collection.
  • June 9: JoJo attended the Finding Dory movie premier in Los Angeles.
  • June 10: Kendall, Kalani, JoJo and Nia attended the Disney #MXYZ launch party.
  • June 11: All of the girls (minus JoJo) filmed a commercial for ElectroKicks. Other dancers included were Will Simmons, Romeo Blanco, Kaycee Rice and Tatiana McQuay.

Two Teams, Two Studios Part 1Edit

Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent in Los Angeles, CA on June 18, 2016 (Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies)[8]
Weekly Dances


  • Elite Group: "New Beginning" (Contemporary?) - 3rd in Teen Division
  • Brynn solo: "Black Widow" (Contemporary?) - 1st in Pre-Teen Division
  • Kalani solo: "Revenge" (Contemporary?) - 2nd in Teen Division
  • Kendall solo: "Unknown" (Unknown) - Scratched


  • Mini Group: "Flower Children" (Lyrical?) - 1st in Small Wonders Division
  • Alexus solo: "Shine Like A Star" (Jazz?) - 3rd in Small Wonders Division
  • Peyton solo: "The Crow" (Acrobatic Jazz?) - 2nd in Small Wonders Division
  • Elliana solo: "Goddess Athena" (Contemporary/Lyrical?) - 1st in Small Wonders Division


  • Project 21: "Dangerous Woman" (Jazz) - 1st in Teen Division; 1st Overall[9]
Other Information
  • Information for this competition was extremely limited.
  • Although it was not advertised as being the last competition, both Peyton and Lilliana posted a picture of both teams with the caption of this being the last competition of Season 6.[10][11] Abby also made a post about filming for Season 6 being finished.[12]
  • Speculations have arose in terms of Abby's position on the show, due to all of the moms posting pictures[13][14][15][16] of the elite team alongside choreographer Erin Babbs with the captions suggesting a "new beginning" for the team.
  • The elite girls had been training at 3rd Street dance studio (the same studio the show was filmed at in Season 5, prior to the opening of ALDC LA) with various choreographers all week, whereas the mini team continued training at the ALDC LA. It is likely that the elite team was protesting against Abby due to her mainly focusing on the mini team.
  • Some of the dancers from Molly Long's studio Project 21 performed their "Dangerous Woman" group dance at the competition.
  • June 15: Nia was working in the recording studio.
  • June 17: Kendall and Nia will be performed with Alex Calise at The Mint in LA. Nia also debuted a new song at the event.

Post SeasonEdit

  • June 24: ALDC Pittsburgh Annual Dance Concert "Dance to the Music" at Baldwin High School Auditorium. Mackenzie and Maddie both performed in numbers, Kendall's flight got canceled and so she was unable to attend[17]; videos can be found here. According to many of the ALDC Pittsburgh dancers Maddie and Mackenzie will no longer dance at the ALDC due to commitments to other jobs.[18]
  • June 25: ALDC makeup artists Tammy & Diana will be holding an event with makeup workshops and personal headshot sessions. Brynn will also be attending the event.
  • June 27: Abby pleaded guilty to two charges: concealing bankruptcy assets; and not reporting foreign currency brought from Australia shortly after the end of Season 4. Sentencing scheduled for October 11th.
  • June 28: The ALDC Minis attended Hollywood Vibe in Vegas, where they performed a group dance entitled "Gossip Girls" as well as their Nationals routine "Flower Children". Areana and Elliana also performed a duet and Lilliana had a solo which won the Overall Mini Division, making her a national title winner.
  • July 1-8: Kalani and Brynn attended The Dance Awards in Vegas with their studio, Club Dance. Kalani competed for Teen Female Best Dancer as well as in the general competition, whereas Brynn only competed in group dances for the general competition. Kalani was 2nd runner-up for Teen Female Best Dancer.
  • July 9: ALDC LA Annual Dance Concert "Dance to the Music" at Hollywood High School.
  • Starting July 12: Nia will be featured in the Off-Broadway production Trip of Love.[19]
  • July 14-17: ALDC PGH and LA attend Sheer Talent Nationals in Las Vegas. Mackenzie and Kendall participated.[20] Because Kendall won the title last year, she was there to hand it down to the winner this year. She performed her Cold and Clear solo; it was not judged (Video, short clip).
  • July 18: Nia will be hosting the Cabaret for a Cause event in NYC. Former cast members Kamryn Beck and Jade Cloud will also be attending the event.
  • July-August: Casting for Season 7[21][22]
    • July 27: Utah[23]
    • August 1-2: Florida
    • August 3-4: Georgia
    • August 5-6: North Carolina
    • August 11: Massachusetts[24]
    • August 13: New York City
  • July 31: The 2016 Teen Choice Awards took place. Dance Moms is nominated for Choice TV Show: Reality. Kalani, Maddie and Chloe were all nominated for Choice Dancer with Maddie ultimately winning the award. Mackenzie was nominated for Choice Muser, but lost to Baby Ariel.  
  • August: Kalani will be doing a UK tour.[25]
  • August 7: Closing show for Trip of Love (Nia's last performance)
  • September: Filming for Season 7 will begin.


Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent in Las Vegas, NV on September 10, 2016 (Cashman Center Theatre)[26]
Weekly Dances
  • Elite + Mini Group: "Fight Camp" (Jazz) - 1st Overall in Pre-Teen Division
  • Brynn solo: "Evita" (Lyrical) - 1st in Teen Division; 1st Overall High Score; Sheer Inspiration Award
  • Kendall solo: "Cleopatra" (Contemporary) - 3rd in Pre-Teen Division
Other Information
  • During the week, Peyton posted a picture with the caption heavily hinting that she and her mother have departed from the show.[27]
  • Kendall will be portraying Cleopatra, an Egyptian Pharaoh for her solo. Brynn will be portraying Evita, the First Lady of Argentina for hers.
  • Information was extremely limited for the competition. There were conflicting spoilers about the scores. Sheer Talent released the results of the competition about a month later, results can be found here.
  • Not only did the producers squeeze audience members into the middle of the auditorium to look like they had a huge crowd of spectators, they asked the audience members to sit on the stage around the girls and other dancers during awards to make it look as if there were more studios competing.[28]
  • September 11: Kalani Meet and Greet at the opening of a new Capezio location.[29]


Event Attended
Weekly Dances


  • Group Dance: "We Go On" (Lyrical) - 1st Overall; Overall High Score; Teen Division
  • Brynn and Kendall duet: "My Shadow and Me" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division
  • Kalani and Nia Duet: "Young and Restless" (Contemporary) - 2nd in Teen Division


  • Group Dance: "I'm Back... I'm Your Nightmare" (Contemporary) - 2nd Overall; Teen Division
  • Ava and Haley Duet: "Under Your Skin" (Open) - 3rd in Teen Division
Other Information


Event Attended
Weekly Dances


  • Group Dance: "Pretty Reckless" (Lyrical)  - 1st in Teen Division (298 points)
  • Camryn Solo: "Queen C" (Contemporary)  -  2nd in Teen Division
  • Kendall Solo: "Scream" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division


  • Group Dance: "The One" (Lyrical) - Did Not Place
  • Nicaya Solo: "The Harriet" (Contemporary) - 3rd in Senior Division
Other Information
  • Both Abby and Kalani had their birthdays during the week.
  • Camryn and Daviana competed with the team again this week. It is possible that the two may be permanent members of the team.
  • The CADC added a new member to their team this week, Madeline Underwood. She and Brynn were pictured together last week at the competition.
  • September 19: Nia attended classes at EDGE Performing Arts Centre in LA.


Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "The Fairest of Them All" (Open) - 1st in Teen Division
  • Kalani Solo: "Save Me" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division; 1st Overall
  • Elliana and Liliana Duet: "Twisted Two" (Jazz) - 1st in Mini Division
Other Information
  • Elliana and Lilliana and their moms decided to stay in LA and train at ALDC LA after the disbandment of the mini team. It has been confirmed that both dancers are still filming for the show.[38]
  • The duet for Elliana and Lilliana may be the same duet which was scratched in Season 6.
  • Elliana was in the group but Lilliana was not.
  • September 26: Kendall shooting with Sally Miller for their fall line.
  • September 26: Nia, Kendall and Brynn had a photo shoot with Jordan Matter for his upcoming book "Tiny Dancers Among Us".


Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "Notorious ALDC" (Hip Hop) - 3rd in Teen Division
  • Brynn, Kendall and Kalani's Trio: "Blackbirds" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division; 1st Overall
  • Elliana, Lilliana and Maesi's Trio: "Birds Whisper" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Division

IG @writingrumfallo

  • Guy Amir class: Clip-1, Clip-2
  • Drama with the Mothers: Clip
  • Girls Arriving at Competition: Clip
  • Brynn, Kalani and Kendall trio: Clip
  • Awards (Duets): Clip
Other Information
  • The group dance was 70s inspired and is believed to be inspired by the Netflix original, The Get Down.
  • Maesi Caes, another dancer who made it to the top eight of Abby and the producers' auditions, joined the team this week. She replaced Daviana Fletcher[40], though it unknown whether Daviana will be back or if a permenent replacement.
  • The girls were working with Guy Amir and Deja Carter throughout the week.
  • October 9: Abby, Areana, Brynn, Elliana and Lilliana will be hosting a Meet and Greet in Tijana, Mexico.


Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group: "Clowning Around"
  • Camryn Solo: TBA
  • Maesi Solo: TBA
  • Nia Solo: TBA
Other Information
  • Information about the competition was very limited.
  • In the group routine, Brynn's costume looks similar to the one that she wore on "The Odd Couple".
  • The group dance was based on the news reports about "clowns" that are running rampent in cities trying to kidnap people and take them to the woods, attack them or just scare them.
  • During the week, production had a crew member dress up like a clown to scare the girls, the moms and Abby.[42]
  • After the competition Brynn, Kalani, Kendall and Nia met up with JoJo and went to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Night.


Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent in Fresno, CA on October 22nd 2016 (Saroyan Theatre; Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center)[43]
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "Good Help is Hard to Find" (Character) - Teen Division
  • Brynn and Camryn Duet: "Snap That" (Jazz) - Teen Division
  • Elliana and Maesi Duet: "The Invaders" (Acrobatic) - Junior Division
  • Kalani and Kendall Duet: "Tango Para Tres" (Specialty) - Teen Division
Other Information


Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information

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