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Spoiler Warning!
The following contains plot details about an upcoming episode beyond what the creators may have intended.
Please realize that spoilers may rely on second-hand or third-hand information, and are likely to contain errors.
Read at your own risk.

This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

Credits can be found throughout the page, including a longer listing at the page's bottom.

ALDC Ain't Dead YetEdit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "Six Feet Underneath" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division; 1st Overall
  • Elliana Solo: "Charlie" (Jazz/Musical Theatre) - 2nd in Mini Division; 5th Overall
  • Kendall Solo: "DOA" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division; 4th Overall
  • Liliana Solo: "Dainty But Dangerous" (Acrobatics) - 1st in Mini Division; 1st Overall
Other Information
  • The group dance this week was based on grave diggers. During the week, the team visited Hollywood Forever Cemetery, so the girls would get a better understanding of the choreography.[1]
  • Kendall's solo title is an acronym that means "Dead On Arrival". Her solo was based on a car crash but in reverse; where she checked her ID card, had her blood pressure checked and then put her seat belt on.
  • Elliana's solo was based on the famous silent film actor Charlie Chaplin.
  • After the competition, the girls went golfing and had a Halloween party.
  • October 24: ElectroKicks commercial featuring Kalani, Nia, Brynn and Kendall was released. (Watch)
  • October 24: Brynn on set for a photo shoot.[2]
  • October 25: ALDC LA held their Halloween party.[3][4][5]

Battle of the BlondesEdit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "Blush and Bashful" - 1st in Teen Division; 1st Overall
  • Brynn solo: "Botched" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division; 3rd Overall
  • Lilliana solo: "Route 66" (Open) - 1st in Mini Division; 1st Overall
  • Maesi solo: "I'm Alive" (Hip Hop) - 1st in Junior Division; 2nd Overall
Other Information


Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent in Denver, CO on November 12, 2016 (The Theater at Colorado Heights University)[7]
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • November 7: Nia on set filming for 's "Breathe" music video.
  • November 7: Kendall and Kalani were shooting with Bonnie Nichoalds.
  • November 10: Camryn, Brynn and Kendall shooting for the new Abby Lee Apparel.
  • November 11: Release of Kendall's emoji app "Kendall KMoji"


Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "The Red Bow" (Contemporary/Ballet) - 1st in Teen Division; 1st Overall
  • Elliana solo: "Am I Enough" (Lyrical?) - 2nd in Mini Division; 5th Overall (tied)
  • Lilliana solo: "TBA" (Acrobatic Lyrical?) - 2nd in Mini Division; 5th Overall (tied)
  • Maesi solo: "TBA" (Acrobatic Lyrical) - Did Not Place
Other Information
  • Both Camryn and Maesi were given their official ALDC jackets during the week. However, Abby released a video of her explaining to Maesi that getting her jacket was because of the producers and it does not mean she is on the team.[9]
  • November 15: Release of Nia's single "Winner" and Alexx Calise's "Breathe" featuring Nia. Both were accompanied by music videos.
  • November 18: Kendall's single "Out Loud" was released, however, there is controversy and speculation that it was Abby rather than Kendall that released it.[10]
  • November 18: Announcement of Kalani's sock collection "KH by Kalani"
  • November 18: Girls on set shooting a music video for Kendall's single "Where Would I Be Without You".[11]

One Week HiatusEdit


Event Attended
Weekly Dances



  • Group dance: "Build A Wall" (Contemporary) - 2nd Overall
  • Nicaya solo: "Sacrifice" (Jazz) - 2nd Overall (tied)
Other Information
  • The girls will be returning to the old Pittsburgh studio (which is now Appolonia Leake Dance Company) for the last two episodes of the season.[13]
  • Sarah Hunt also attended the competition (but with Appolonia Leake Dance Company). Her solo won 1st in Pre-Teen Solo, however, it is unlikely that it will be shown in the episode.[14]


Event Attended
  • Starbound in Asbury Park, NJ on December 11, 2016 (The Paramount Theatre)
Weekly Dances



  • Group Dance: "Abduction" (Contemporary) - 3rd in Teen Division; 4th Overall
  • Chloe S. solo: "Flying" (Lyrical) - 4th in Senior Solo
Other Information
  • This will be the final competition episode.
  • Zack Torres has joined the Candy Apples this week to replace Nicaya.[15]
  • Only six studios competed at the competition.[16]
  • Christi and Chloe Lukasiak were present at the competition. They were kept hidden in the dressing room and will make a surprise appearance in the episode.[17]
  • December 9: Abby, Brynn, Kendall, Kalani and Gianna holding a M&G in Philadelphia.
  • December 10: Music video premiere for Kendall's single "Where Would I Be Without You"

Post-Dance MomsEdit

  • It has been rumored that Abby plans on creating a new show with Maesi Caes and has been casting new juniors at her events.[18]
  • There are other rumors that Season 8 will be filming by the end of January[19][20]

Spoiler Links Covering Multiple EpisodesEdit


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