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Spoiler Warning!
The following contains plot details about an upcoming episode beyond what the creators may have intended.
Please realize that spoilers may rely on second-hand or third-hand information, and are likely to contain errors.
Read at your own risk.

This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

The following IG accounts have been regularly helpful in building this page during the sixth season, particularly in identifying and linking to various first-hand fan witness accounts from competitions:
More credits can be found throughout the page, including a longer listing at the page's bottom.

Abby's New FavoritesEdit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • There were only 15 dances on the competition. The ALDC groups were the only two groups entered.
  • The second solo was listed as Kendyl's solo but it was Areana that performed it.
  • There was drama surrounding next weeks dances.

Debbie Allen to the RescueEdit

Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent in Phoenix, AZ on November 21, 2015 (Pinnacle High School)[2]
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "Well Oiled Machine" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen, Sheer Brilliance Award, Diamond
  • Brynn solo: "Mystical Beauty" (Lyrical) - 1st in Pre-Teen, Diamond
  • Kalani solo: "Phoenix Star" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen, Sheer Inspiration Award, Diamond
  • Kendall solo: "Curiosity" (Jazz) - 2nd in Teen, Diamond
Other Information
  • The Mini's did not compete this week.
  • The filming for The Book of Henry wrapped early morning on Saturday, so Maddie was back for the competition and should be back with the team for the remainder of the season.

Maddie Is BackEdit

Event Attended
  • Dream NDC in San Diego, CA on December 5, 2015 (Lincoln High School)
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "Seven Deadly Sins"(Contemporary) - 1st in Junior, 1st Overall, Platinum
  • JoJo solo: "Mercy"(Jazz) - 3rd in Junior, did not place in Overalls, Platinum
  • Mackenzie solo: "Can't Take My Fire"(Acro/gym) - 1st in Junior, 2nd in Overalls, Platinum
  • Nia solo: "Money Makes the World Go Round"(Musical Theatre) - 4th in Teen, did not place in Overalls, Platinum
Other Information
  • Adage Dance Studio (Kira's studio) competed against ALDC. Adage came in second to the ALDC in the group competition.
  • November 30 (?): JoJo was on Good Day L.A. (Article and video)
  • December 1: Maddie and Sia were on the Ellen Show.(Video)
  • December 3: The girls filmed a special episode, likely another Slumber Party episode.
  • December 4: A Season 6 promo featuring all of the Junior Elite Competition Team (Brynn, JoJo, Kalani, Kendall, Mackenzie, Maddie and Nia) was released on Lifetime's YouTube channel. (Video)
  • December 6: JoJo's Holiday Dance Spectacular![3]

Season 6, Episode 9?Edit

Event Attended
  • Fierce in Van Nuys, CA on December 12, 2015 (Panorama High School)[4]
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "Bittersweet Charity" (Musical Theatre) - 1st in Junior Division, 1st Overall, "The Most Entertaining Number" award
  • Duet: Brynn and Maddie - "Together As One" (Lyrical) - 1st in Junior Division, 1st Overall
  • Duet: Kendall and Nia - "Grifters" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division, 2nd Overall
Other Information
  • The was a location change of the competition venue. First set in Ontario, California now the competition is being held in Van Nuys, California. The reason for the change is unknown.
  • In the group dance, all the girls wore heels. The title is more than likely a play on the musical "Sweet Charity" and based on it. Also, though Kalani was at the competition, she did not compete in the group dance.
  • During Brynn and Maddie's duet the music cut out and they kept dancing.
  • The group that placed 2nd behind the ALDC was from Empire Dance Productions (EDP). The dance was filmed but it is unknown if it will be featured on the show or if it will be used for a transition dance. This may or may not set up another rivilry for the ALDC. "Open Hands" group dance: Video.
  • December 7: Kendall had a photoshoot with Nation A List Magazine. It is unknown when the photos will be released.[5][6]
  • December 10: An exclusive first look of the coming season was released by Entertainment Tonight with an accompanying article. (Article and video)
  • Abby and the minis had a photoshoot.[7]

Season 6, Episode 10?Edit

Event Attended
  • NYDE in San Jose, CA on December 19, 2015 (California Theatre)[8]
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "The Cult" (Contemporary) - 1st in 13-14 Division, 1st Overall, Elite Gold, 297 points
  • Brynn solo: "Black Dahlia" (Contemporary) - 2nd in 11-12 Division, Elite Gold
  • Kendall solo: "Natalie Wood" (Lyrical) - 2nd in 13-14 Division, Elite Gold
  • Maddie solo: "Lizzie Borden" (Character) - 1st in 13-14 Division, Elite Gold
Other Information
  • This was the final episode filmed this year. Filming will resume after the first of the year in about two weeks. Also, the mini's will be back for filming.[9]
  • Maddie's solo was based on the infamous life of Lizzie Borden. She also uses an ax as a prop during her dance.
  • Kendall's solo was based on the death of Hollywood Star Natalie Wood.
  • Brynn's solo was based on the gruesome death of a woman named Elizabeth Short, nicknamed The Black Dahlia. Please note that the link provided contains details that some may find disturbing so proceed with caution.
  • During the two week hiatus:
    • December 26: Kalani and Kendall Meet and Greet at Pearl Studios in NYC[10] (Dance: 11am-12pm; Chat: 12pm-1pm)
    • December 26: Maddie Meet and Greet at The Dancer's Closet in Murrysville, Pennsylvania from 11am - 1pm[11]
    • December 27: Kalani and Kendall Meet and Greet at Putnam Dance Center in Mohopac, NY[12] (Dance: 11am-12pm; Chat: 12pm-1pm)
    • December 27: Kalani and Kendall Meet and Greet at Motion Dance Center of NY, College Point, NY (Queen's Area)[13] (Dance: 4:30pm-5:30pm; Chat: 5:30pm-6:30pm)
    • December 28: Some of the cast's iClouds, emails and PayPal accounts were hacked by fans. Phone numbers as well as private photos were leaked. More information about the scandal can be found here.

Season 6, Episode 11?Edit

Event Attended
  • Dream NDC in Placentia, CA on January 9, 2016 (El Dorado High School)[14]
Weekly Dances
  • Elite Group dance: "The Vultures" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Division
  • Mini Trio (originally group dance): "The Monsters" (Open) - 2nd in Petite Division
  • Mini Duet - 1st in Petite Division
  • Maddie solo: "The People's Choice.. Or Not" (Lyrical) - 1st in Teen Division, 1st Overall
  • JoJo solo: "Own It" (Jazz) - 2nd in Junior Division
Other Information
  • The minis were back this week but only Alexus, Areana and Peyton were seen at the dance studio. The Quinn sisters were supposed to be competing with the ALDC this weekend but supposedly their mother did not agree with Abby's teaching methods, so they left the night before the competition.
  • JoJo performed her unaired solo from New Season, New Rules.
  • Mackenzie did perform with the team this week as she was at Hollywood Vibe with the ALDC.
  • Maddie's solo was based on her win at the People's Choice Award.
  • This competition was stricter than usual in regards to filming and releasing spoilers. An incident occurred between Abby and a fan (Carrie aka CarmoDance), where she yelled at them for filming. The fan was later forced to do an interview by the producers and left shortly afterwards.[15]

Season 6, Episode 12?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
Other Information
  • Kira finally returned to filming this week. She also brought Jett with her to the competition.
  • The girls took classes at NUVO this week but did not attend the competition.
  • The girls learned the group the day before the competition.
  • Brynn was supposedly seen leaving the competition crying.
  • Todrick Hall, the creator of Freaks Like Me went to the competition and it is likely he worked on the group with the girls. It seems that the song used is for the group dance is one that they worked on with Todrick.
  • The group seemed to be based on The Wiz, a famous adaption of The Wizard of Oz . Each of the girls portrayed a character:
    • Brynn: Scarecrow
    • JoJo: Tin Man
    • Kalani: Glinda the Good Witch
    • Kendall: Wicked Witch
    • Mackenzie: Toto
    • Maddie: Dorothy
    • Nia: Cowardly Lion
  • January 10: Nia and Brynn, as well as their mothers, went to Disneyland.[17]
  • January 11: Nia shooting with Big City Kids Magazine in Huntington Beach.[18]
  • January 12: JoJo got a yorkie teacup puppy named "BowBow".[19]
  • January 12: Jessalynn taught a class at the ALDC LA with JoJo assisting.[20]

Season 6, Episode 13?Edit

Event Attended
  • Sheer Talent Special Edition Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 23, 2016 (Nicholas J. Horn Theatre, CSN Performing Arts Center)
Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "I'm Only Dancing" (Jazz) - 1st in Teen Division
  • Mackenzie Solo: "All I Want" (Acro) - 2nd in Pre-Teen Division
  • Brynn Solo: "The Force Awakens" (Character) - 1st in Pre-Teen Division
  • Kalani Solo: "Ultimatum" (Specialty) - 2nd in Teen Division
  • Alysa Owen: "I Will Wait for You"[21] (Lyrical) - Junior Division
Other Information
  • Brynn's solo was inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Her hair was put into space buns as a tribute to Princess Leia.
  • Alysa Owen was at the competition this week. However she was competiting under her home studio, Innovation Dance. She competed two solos (Lyrical and Jazz) and placed first and second. She also competed a Musical Theatre duet "Dear Future Husband", it placed first. 
  • The group dance was a tribute to music artist David Bowie, who passed away just a few weeks before this competition.
  • The girls pranked Abby after awards with silly string.
  • January 18: Brynn shooting for the new Miss Behave Girls collection.
  • January 19: Maddie on set filming a special promo for the Kids Choice Awards.
  • January 19: Nia starred on Awesomeness TV's Top Five Live.
  • January 20: Nia attended the private screening of "Just Add Magic"
  • January 22: The girls went to see Cirque du Soleil's "Michael Jackson: One".

Season 6, Episode 14?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group: "A League of Their Own" (Contemporary) - Did not place in the Junior Division
  • Nia solo: "Woman in the Mirror" (Open) - 3rd in Teen Division
  • JoJo solo: "Billie Jean" (Jazz) - Did not place in the Junior Division
  • Duet: Brynn and Sarah Hunt - "Human Nature" (Lyrical) - 1st in Junior Duet/Trio; 1st Overall Duet/Trio
  • Group dance: "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - 1st in the Teen Division, 1st Overall
  • Trio: "Me and my girls"
  • Kelly Grace solo: "TBA" (Contemporary) - 1st in the Teen Division
Other Information
  • January 26: Kalani taught a masterclass at her mother's studio, Adage.
  • January 27: JoJo, Mackenzie, Kendall and Maddie all attended Disney's 'Star Darling's party.
  • January 29: Nia and Mackenzie attended Zendaya's shoe line launch party.
  • January 29: Maddie performed at Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Celebration. The special will air on February 21.
  • January 30: Kendall, Mackenzie, Maddie and Nia will make a guest appearance in Todrick Hall's show, The Toddlerz Ball.[23]
  • The competition was held on a Sunday.
  • Sarah Hunt was at the studio in LA this week. She was competing with the team this week as Kalani was not there.
  • This week the solos and duet were a tribute to Michael Jackson. The group dance was based on the movie "A League of Their Own".
  • Kelly Grace, a dancer at ALDC LA, is performing a solo this week, it is unknown if it is for the show. However, it is unlikely that it used because it used a copyrighted song. She was also in a trio with two other girls from the studio.
  • There was a mistake in the program, the duet with Maddie and Kendall was actually a solo for JoJo.

Season 6, Episode 15?Edit

Event Attended
Weekly Dances
  • Group dance: "Winter's War" (Contemporary) - 1st in Junior Division, 2nd Overall
  • Duet: Kalani and Maddie - "Unbreak My Heart" (Lyrical) - Teen Division - 1st Overall
  • Duet: Kendall and Maddie - "Girl Interrupted" (Contemporary) - Teen Division - 2nd Overall
  • Duet: Mackenzie and Nia - "The Long Goodbye" (Open) - Junior Division - 5th Overall
Other Dances
  • Tea' Adamson solo: "My Skin" (Contemporary) - Junior Division
  • Jade Cloud solo: "Lux" (Contemporary) - Senior Division
  • ALDC LA: "Me & My Girls" (Jazz) - Junior Division
  • ALDC LA: "Follow Me" (Contemporary) - Teen Division
  • ALDC LA Group dance: "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"
Other Information
  • There was a mix up in the program. Maddie's duet with Kendall was actually "Girl Interrupted" and Maddie's duet with Kalani was "Unbreak My Heart".
  • Tea' Adamson and Jade Cloud were at the competition today and both competed solos.

Season 6, Episode 16?Edit

Event Attended
  • Devotion 2 Dance in Los Angeles, CA on February 14, 2016
Weekly Dances
Other Information

Season 6, Episode 17?Edit

Event Attended
  • Dream NDC in Minster, CA on February 20, 2016
Weekly Dances
Other Information

Season 6, Episode 18?Edit

Event Attended
  • NYDE in Riverside, CA on February 27, 2016 (Nationals)
Weekly Dances
Other Information

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