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This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

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Under Cheryl's Spell

Event Attended

Innovation Dance Competition in Calabasas, CA on April 8, 2017[1]

Weekly Dances
  • Group Dance: "The Coven" (Lyrical) - 1st Overall
  • Camryn Solo: "Breaking Free" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Solo; 1st Overall
  • Kalani Solo: "Out For Blood" (Contemporary) - Scratched
  • Reagan Solo: "The Ingenue" (Lyrical) - 2nd in Junior Solo; 4th Overall
Other Information
  • Jill and Kendall were not present at the competition as they were in Florida to support Ryleigh at NDA Nationals.
  • Reagan Martin and her mother joined the team this week.[2] Her home studio is Dolce Dance Studio, the same home studio of Gavin and McKenzie Morales.
  • Kalani did not compete as she was injured.
  • April 7: Release of Ready, Set, Style- a go90 series featuring Chloe.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Event Attended

Nationals at Fearless Dance Experience in Lawndale, CA on April 15, 2017 (Centinela Valley Center for the Arts)

Weekly Dances

The Irreplaceables

  • Group Dance: "Survivor" (Open) - 1st Overall
  • Chloe Solo: "The Reason Why" (Contemporary) - 3rd in Teen Solo; Did Not Place Overall
  • Kalani Solo: "Out For Blood" (Contemporary) - 2nd in Senior Solo (tied); 4th Overall
  • Kendall Solo: "Troublemaker" (Contemporary) - 2nd in Teen Solo; Did Not Place Overall
  • Nia Solo: "I Need No One" (Contemporary) - 1st in Teen Solo; 5th Overall

Dolce Dance Studio

  • Reagan Solo: "TBA" (TBA) - 1st in Junior Solo; 1st Overall
Other Information
  • Kalani's solo is the same one that had been pulled the previous week.
  • JoJo Siwa made an appearance at the competition[3] and sat onstage with the girls at awards.[4]
  • April 10: Camryn and Nia worked alongside singer as part of a promotional video for his single "Fiyah".
  • April 11: Kalani on set shooting for her collection with ALYCE Paris
  • April 13: Premiere of Cowgirl's Story starring Chloe

Special Episodes

  • Final episodes: Abby's Last Dance Special & Chloe & Christi's Encore Special [5]

Post-Filming Hiatus

  • During a live stream in April, Sophia Lucia hinted at a potential return to the show.[6]
  • May 4: Release date for Nia's new single "Dance (Just Rock)"
  • June 20: Filming for a new episode of MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" featuring Nia.
  • Starting October 8, Elliana and Maesi are doing ALDC meet and greets all over the country with Gianna.[7]

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