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This is a place for collecting rumors and information concerning the future of the show.

Season 4, Episode 29: "45 Second Solos"

Event Attended Season 4 Episode 29

Weekly Dances Season 4 Episode 29

  • New Group Dance: "Heist" (genre: Jazz)
  • Group dance with Maddie, Nia, Kendall, Mackenzie, and another dancers: "Birds of a Feather" (genre: Acro)
  • Group dance with Maddie, Nia, Kendall, Mackenzie, and another dancers: "America Gone" (genre: Jazz)
  • Group Dance with Nia, Maddie, Mackenzie, and younger dancers: "Little Party" (genre: Jazz)
  • Group Dance with Maddie, Mackenzie, and younger dancers: "Blame It On The Boogie" (genre: Tap)
  • Group Dance featuring Maddie and another dancers: "Prayer" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Group Dance with Mackenzie and younger dancers: "Toy Box" (genre: Specialty)
  • Group Dance with Mackenzie and younger dancers: "Blue Suede Shoes" (genre: Hip-hop)
  • Group dance: "Welcome To Havanna" (genre: unknown)
  • Senior Group Dance: "Garland Waltz" (genre: Pointe)
  • Senior Group Dance: "" (genre: Hip-hop)
  • Payton, Ryleigh, and Auriel trio: "All I Need" (genre: Jazz)
  • Mariah Aivazis, Ryleigh, and Auriel trio: "Explosion" (genre: Contemporary)
  • Maddie, Hope, and Katherine trio: "Pas De Troix" (genre: Pointe)
  • Kendall and Ryleigh duet: "Too Young" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Brooke K. and Auriel duet: "For The Better" (genre: Lyrical)
  • Brooke K. and Mackenzie duet: "Big Finish" (genre: Specialty)
  • Auriel solo: "Purple Rain" (genre: Contemporary)
  • Brooke K. solo: "Beautiful Like Me" (genre: Jazz)
  • Payton solo: "Serial Killer" (genre: Jazz)
  • Ryleigh solo: "Without A Word" (genre: Specialty)
  • Selah Curran solo: "Crazy Feet" (genre: Tap)
  • Mariah Aivazis solo: "That’s Crazy" (genre: unknown)
  • Sarah Hunt solo: "" (genre: unknown)
  • Keara Sweeney solo: "Living in the Shadows" (genre: unknown)
  • Makayla Clark solo: "Yacht Club Swing" (genre: unknown)
  • Ian Schmoke solo: "Words" (genre: unknown)
  • Repeated group dances:
  • Repeated duets/trios:
  • Repeated solos:

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Other Information Season 4 Episode 29

  • New group dance about a jewelry heist.
  • Chloe was in a boot and did not participate in the concert.
  • In trio Payton's bra top broke.
  • June 29th, Hyland Meet and Greet in Atlanta.
  • Since the Showcase this year was dedicated to Abby's Mom, Maddie and Mackenzie might have performed the solos they did that were dedicated to her (Kenzie's unseen solo Little Angel and Maddie's solo Come to The Cabaret). 

Season 4, Episode 30 Hollywood Here We Come, Part 1

Event Attended Season 4 Episode 30

In10sity Dance LA Nationals Invitational, July 5th, in Calabasas, CA

Weekly Dances Season 4 Episode 30

  • Ava Solo: "Sweet Revenge" (Lyrical) - 3rd place  in the Junior Division; 10th place Overall[1][2]
  • Chloe Solo: "Soaring" (Contemporary) - 5th place in the Teen Division; 6th place Overall[3][4]
  • Kamryn Solo: "This is the Start" (Contemporary) - 6th place in the Teen Division; 7th place Overall[5][6]
  • Kendall Solo: "My Name in Lights" (Jazz) - 2nd place in the Junior Division; 9th place Overall[7][8]
  • Maddie Solo: "Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Maddie" (Lyrical) - Junior Division; scratched
  • ALDC Junior Elite Group Dance: "Amber Alert" (Open) -  Junior Division; 1st in Junior, 1st place Overall[9][10]
  • ALDC Select Ensemble Group Dance: "Hollywood Stars" (Contemporary) - Teen Division; 2nd overall, 1st in Teen Division[11]
  • CADC Group Dance: "Chandelier" (Contemporary) - Junior Division; 3rd in Junior, 5th Overall[12]

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Other Information Season 4 Episode 30

  • Cathy made her team wear blonde wigs similar to the one Maddie wore in the Chandelier music video; however, these wigs were not worn for the group dance.[13] Cathy passed some of the wigs out.
  • The ALDC won a special money award, which was $1,000.[14]
  • Sophia Lucia’s previous studio, San Diego Dance Center (SDDC), was present at the competition. (Starting around early 2014, Sophia has been performing for RT Dance Academy, at least nominally.)
  • Chloe was not in a boot this week.
  • Sarah Reasons performed in both group dances.[citation needed]
  • Ava’s solo was not performed as part of the ALDC, her solo was listed as Independent.[15][16]
  • Nia did a photo shoot with David Hofmann (sharkcookie) that week in LA.[17] Chloe had a photoshoot with sharkcookie on July 8th.[18]
  • Vivi didn't go to the comp.[citation needed]
  • There was a music video released the day before the competition featuring Maddie, Mackenzie, Kendall, Nia and Payton and it is called "Freaks Like Me." It was filmed on May 30th, the day before the competition that will be featured in Episode 25.
  • Christi posted a tweet saying that Abby made fun of Chloe’s eye, but she later deleted it. However, a screenshot of the tweet can be found here. Jo Anne, the mother of Mckenzie and Gavin from CADC, later said that Abby told Chloe to get her eye fixed. Her post can be found here.
  • Chloe and Christi left in a different car from the rest of the cast, probably due to Abby’s harsh comment towards Chloe.[citation needed]
  • You were not supposed to video tape the dances at this competition, so there are very few videos of them which are hard to find.
  • Cathy and Abby had a fight, but it was staged. The producers asked them to pretend the music wasn’t working.[citation needed]
  • Chloe and Kamryn had a tie, but Chloe had a higher technique score so she beat Kamryn.[citation needed]
  • Everyone at the competition had to be evacuated from the building at one point due to a weird smell.[citation needed]
  • Whilst being evacuated, a circle of security formed around the cast to protect them from the fans. Chloe lost the group and began to panic, before bursting into tears.[citation needed]
  • The new team’s group dance was originally supposed to go up against the original team. However, due to Sarah Hunt being kicked out this week, the new team's group dance was moved into the teen category. The two group dances did compete against each other in the overalls.[citation needed]
  • Jo Anne Morales was told, "ALDC just had too many solos and Maddie graciously gave up her solo so Kamryn could have one." However, the program for the competition lists scheduled solos for both Maddie and Kamryn.[19]
  • Jill hit Cathy with a beach ball that was being passed around the room.[citation needed]
  • Kamryn fell and apparently hurt herself during her solo.[citation needed]
  • Abby clapped for all the girls.[citation needed]
  • A reunion episode was filmed in Los Angeles before most of the team left for ALDC nationals in Las Vegas.[20][21]
  • Sarina Jassy of AUDC finished 2nd in teen and 3rd overall.[22]
  • In a recent meet in greet in Australia Abby states that season 5 filming will start October 6th.[citation needed]
  • There are rumors that this will be the last episode to feature the new team.[citation needed]
  • During the group dance Mackenzie dies.[citation needed]
  • This should be the last (and 26th) regular episode in Season 4, in which the girls attend a competition. (The likelihood of a special episode competition (a la Dance Moms Cares Special) seems less theoretically certain.)
  • On July 7, Chloe tweeted, "I don't like saying goodbye to people that I have become so close to #endofseason4". (It should be noted that cast members often become close to the crew, who are replaced at the end of filming half-seasons.)
  • This is the first nationals to not feature the Hylands.
  • This is the first nationals where a routine is scratched.
  • This is the first nationals where Maddie does not perform a solo.
  • This is also the first nationals where none of the soloists place first.
  • This is the first nationals since Season 1 in which Mackenzie has not done a solo.

Season 4, Episode 32 (Reunion)

Reunion Special Episode

Weekly Dances Season 4 Episode 32

  • Group Dance: Tribal Council (Contemporary)
  • Group Dance: Frost (Lyrical)
  • Chloe Solo

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Other Information Season 4 Episode 32

Post-Season Hiatus

  • Early in Season 3, Kelly's contract was amended in "real life," at the time corresponding to Out With the Old, In With the New, when the moms went on strike on the show, and replacement dancers performed for the ALDC. To view the amendment, introduced as an exhibit in Kelly's civil lawsuit against Collins Avenue and Abby, see this pdf (page 21), or text here. Terms of compensation were negotiated for Season 3, including Episodic Fees for a maximum of twenty-six episodes ($6,950 per episode); pay for special episodes ($10,000 per episode); a Holiday Special ($12,500); bonuses for completing the season ("Cycle Completion Bonus," at $40,000); babysitting and clothing allowances ($3500 and $300/week, respectively); and merchandising shares. A contract option for Season 4 was included, exercisable by Collins Avenue, under the same rules of compensation (besides an increase of the "Cycle Completion Bonus" to $60,000.) This late-2012 amendment to the 2011 contract "Agreement" contained no terms of compensation for possible seasons 5 or later. Amendments for the other moms starring on the show, who returned to the show at the same time as Kelly, have not been made available publicly; and it is uncertain if their agreements on these matters would similarly be in lapse for a presumed Season 5.
  • July 24 to August 5, 2014: Christi and Chloe tour in Ireland and the U.K.
  • Abby has sought to hire "strict ballet teachers for int and adv levels" for the faculty in Fall 2014 and beyond.[26]
  • 10 August 2014: Teen Choice Awards.
  • 11 August, 2014: L.A. Booty Camp
  • August 11, 2014: Cabaret for a Cause; with Jade, Kamryn, Sarah R., Tea', Nick Daniels, Vivi-Anne, Lucas, Haley Huelsman (AUDC), Gianna Newborg (AUDC)
  • 13 August: Chloe had unspecified surgery for health reasons.[27][28]
  • 14-17 August, 2014: Pennsylvania Booty Camp[1]
  • 30 August to 7+ September: Abby and cast European tour (Paris, London, Manchester, Edinburgh)
  • 15 September: Mackenzie working on Christmas song in Los Angeles.[30]
  • Nia is rumored to be homeschooling for the 2014/2015 year. Kendall is rumored to be attending a regular school for part of the day, supplemented by homeschooling.[citation needed]

ALDC Booty Camp

Season 5

  • October 6, 2014: Season 5 starts filming.
  • November 1, 2014: ALDC to compete at World Class Talent Experience in Woodbridge, Virginia (article release). Local dance schools invited, with claim they are looking for the "best of the best," including free registration for dances that have taken first place in 2014.

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