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Guest Dancers of Multiple Studios
Current CADC Guests
Ava Cota (ALDC, CADC and BDA) • Haley Huelsman (CADC and BDA) •
Chloe Smith (CADC and BDA) • Nicaya Wiley (ALDC and CADC)
Former Guests
Ashtin Roth (CADC and BDA) • Bella Hoffheins (ALDC and Studio Bleu) • Hadley Walts (Thr!ve and CADC) •
Gavin Morales (CADC and BDA) • Gino Cosculluela (CADC and ALDC) • Kaeli Ware (ALDC and Studio Bleu) •
Mari Dudash (CADC and BDA) • McKenzie Morales (CADC and BDA) • Tessa Wilkinson (CADC and BDA)
Other Dance Tables
Main CastMini DancersGuest DancersCADC DancersDance Mums CastDance Moms: Miami Cast

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