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g   David Newman
532 David proposing
Gender: Male
Home: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Friends and Family
Spouse: Kira Girard (fiancée)
Parents: Brenda Johnson (mother)[1]
Children: Kalani Hilliker (step daughter)
Jax Girard (step son)
Jett Newman (son)
Friends: Erno Vertes
Evan Frazier, Sr.
Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni
Jill Vertes
Abby Lee Miller
Aaron Rumfallo
Episode Run
Debut: City of Angels

  David Newman is the step-father of Kalani Hilliker. He is also the step-father to Jax Girard, as well as the father to Jett Newman.


Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

On Dance Moms

Other Information

  • He attended St. Cloud State University.[2]
  • David met Kira at his best friend's wedding.[3]
  • Before proposing, he and Kira had been dating for three years.


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