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Debi Epstein
General Information
Gender: Female
Born: March 25
Occupation: Business owner
Family and Friends
Spouse: Lan Epstein
Children: Carina Epstein (daughter)
Kayla Epstein (daughter)
Hannah Epstein (daughter)
Hunter Epstein (son)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Get Fierce!
Last appearance: Move Over, I'm the Star

Debi Epstein (March 25th[1]) is Hannah's mother. Debi is a creative mom of four who owns a business besides supporting Hannah’s dreams to become a great dancer. Debi considers herself a typical New Yorker and two of her daughters are enrolled at Stars Dance Studio.


Considering herself a “typical New Yorker” originally from the East Coast, Debi never took a dance class herself but loves to support the arts and puts a high value on raising creative children, especially when budget cuts in schools often start with the art programs. A working business owner and mother of four, two of her daughters have been enrolled in Stars Dance Studio, with only Hannah attending now.

Debi loves the diversity of Miami and notes, “I am a New Yorker, so that says a lot!” She feels the area brings a cutting edge flare to the dance culture, including a mixture of different styles that push the envelope, constantly challenging what is acceptable and ultimately bringing the art to the next level.[2]


  • Her favorite dances to watch are contemporary and musical theater because she likes to watch a dance that shows a story.[2]
  • Outside of dance, she loves to read, which is something she passed onto her children. She also loves math, so she loves to play “Texas Holdem” and figure out the odds.[2]
  • She trusts Angel more than Victor because she claims she has had issues with Victor in the past.[3]

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