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 Debi Epstein
Gender: Female
Born: March 25[1]
Home: Bayville, New Jersey
Occupation: Business Owner
Affiliations: Stars Dance Studio (former)
Friends and Family
Children: Carina (daughter)
Kayla (daughter)
Hannah (daughter)
Hunter (son)
Feuds: Abby Small
Episode Run
Debut: Get Fierce!
Last: Move Over, I'm the Star

      Debi Epstein is the mother of Hannah Epstein.

Other Information

  • She is originally from the East Coast.[2]
  • Her favorite dances to watch are contemporary and musical theater because she likes to watch a dance that shows a story.[2]
  • Outside of dance, she loves to read, which is something she passed onto her children. She also loves math, so she loves to play “Texas Holdem” and figure out the odds.[2]

Other Credits

To see Debi Epstein's other credits, visit the Debi Epstein/Credits subpage.

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