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527 Famous Infamous
Song by
Cassandra Kubinski
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Dance:   "Famous Infamous"
Album:   Acoustic Demos
September 2014
Pop, Indie
Album Chronology
Previous: “—”
Current: “Deeper”
Next: “—”
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Song (Youtube link)
"Deeper" is a song by Cassandra Kubinski. It was used for JC's Broadway Dance Academy group dance "Famous Infamous" in Abby vs. Kira...AGAIN!.

Youtube link
BDA group dance from the Broadcast


Circling the surface
Just treading water
Always dipping on toe in
But I don't go farther
No visions of Atlantis
I won't risk my safest sand

You know the shoreline
Is my lifeline
Where I'm sure I'm
Never gonna drown

But suddenly, he's pulling me
Way down below the surface
No deep breath in
But down I swim
And I'm not even nervous
It's the sighs
That tell me what I'm thinking
Then he smiles
And I'm sinking deeper
Deeper, deeper

I'm spinning like a dancer
I'm weightless and free
And everything I thought I knew
Drifts off into the sea

And suddenly, he's in my head
And hard under my skin
And I know every love before
Will seem shallow next to him
And there's only honesty
It seems so easy
And the waves wash over me
And I hear my own voice saying
To take me deeper

Deeper, like a drop in the ocean
Deeper, into peace and devotion
Deeper, 'till my heart rushes open and is in my blood
And into the soul and the fire
I never knew this desire
Oh, but once I'm a diver
I won't come back up
How far can I go
How deep is this soul
I-I didn't know, until this
Somehow, you let me breath
Into the wave that I'm underneath
This could be the time I finally go

Deeper, like a drop in the ocean
Into peace and devotion
'Till my heart rushes open and is in my blood
And into the soul and the fire
I never knew this desire
Take me down, take me higher
Make me feel love, love, love


  • The song can be found here for listening.

Video Gallery

" Youtube link
Long clip of group dance (amateur footage; over 1 minute length)


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