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Elle Vee
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Dance:   "The Domino Effect"
March 6, 2015
Producer(s):   Jingle Punks
Album Chronology
Previous: “—”
Current: “Dominos”
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Song (Youtube link)

"Dominos" is a song by Elle Vee. It was used for the group dance in The Great Divide.

Youtube link
Full group dance


Everything's easy
Easier said than done
Pulling the triggers
Different than holding guns
Everyone's pretty
Hiding an ugly truth

Is all around
Watch it
Use caution now

But you're human right
And temptations catch your eyes
The holy water
Is on fire
Like your soul
We are like dominoes

Do you feel guilty
What are your prospects now
Are you even willing
To try and figure out
What you don't know yet
Tell me what life's about

Does not exist
Look at
The distortion

But we're human rights
And temptations catches our eyes
The holy water
Is on fire
Like our souls
We are like dominoes

We fall like dominoes

But we're human right
And temptations caught our eyes
The holy water
Is on fire
Like our souls
We are like dominoes

Holy water
Is on fire
Like our souls
We fall like dominoes
We're just like dominoes
We all fall


  • You can find the full song here here.
  • The song was slated to be released on iTunes on Friday March 6, 2015. however it has not yet.


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