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“Don't Leave Me”
Don't Leave Me
Song by
Blue Bird
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Song (Youtube link)
"Don't Leave Me" is a song by Blue Bird. It was used for Maddie's solo in The Beginning of the End.

Youtube link


Life will turn out fine for me
With courage and persistence
One day all my dreams
Will be fully realized
And I will be at peace...
Isn't that what you want to believe?

The trouble is that so does everyone
When we're taught that God made plans for each and all of us
No one wants to think
That they could be one of
The people left with nothing and no one

You know it's a fear you'll have to face
And fear might be the one who walks away
But I... love... you...
So please don't leave me that way

It seems like we've made it through a lot
You don't believe in heaven, but you still try for a spot
Maybe this is all a test, and maybe it's not
Could you be content with what you've got?
I don't have the answers you need
When I can only see a little way in front of me
And I'm half blinded by the tears falling down my cheeks
Anxious and amazed in revery

Your body's tired of running this race
I know sometimes you want to walk away

But I... love... you...
So please
Don't leave me
So please
Don't leave me that way