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“Ease on Down the Boulevard”
612 Ease on Down the Boulevard (2)
Song by
Todrick Hall
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Dance:   "Ease on Down the Boulevard"
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Song (Youtube link)
Edited group dance verison
Song (Youtube link)
Commercial verison
"Ease on Down the Boulevard" is a song by Todrick Hall featuring Brynn, JoJo, Kalani, Kendall, Mackenzie, Maddie and Nia. It was used for the group dance "Ease on Down the Boulevard" in Brynn's Big Moment.

Youtube link
Full dance from Broadcast

Youtube link
ALDC LA Commercial


Hey guys it's Todrick
Can ya'll hear me (uh-huh, uh-huh)
Check out the girls of ALDC (ALDC)

Build courage and confidence
And I'm flyin' (she's flyin')
For the best price in town
I ain't lyin' (she ain't lyin')

I was tumblin' at such a young age
Since I was 2 I've been on that stage
Actin', singin', stretchin' my range
Tap dancin' with a shuffle ball change

Thinkin' on my feet
Now there's cheers in my brain
Technique on fleek
'Cuz I'm ballet trained

Before we hit the street
Gotta hit the dance shop
Before we hip hop
'Cuz the dancing won't stop

All I want to do is
Dance, dance, dance
Right down the avenue
Somebody take me to
Where they make dreams come true

And dance, dance, dance
Kalani + Mackenzie:
From Cali to Broadway
Let me hear you say

Dance, dance, dance
Right down the avenue
Somebody take me to
Where they make dreams come true

And dance, dance, dance
From Cali to Broadway
Let me hear you say

Video Gallery

Youtube link
Half of the dance; filmed from the audience

Other Information

  • This was another collaborative song with Todrick Hall, who previously worked on Freaks Like Me with the girls.
  • There were two different versions of the song. One used for the commercial and the other for the group dance. The commercial version used Todrick while in the group dance version Kendall took over Todrick's part and Maddie took over a portion of Kendall's part.
  • The group dance was based on The Wiz, a famous adaption of The Wizard of Oz and each of the girls portrayed a character:
    • Brynn: Scarecrow
    • JoJo: Tin Man
    • Kalani: Glinda the Good Witch
    • Kendall: Wicked Witch
    • Mackenzie: Toto
    • Maddie: Dorothy
    • Nia: Cowardly Lion
  • During the commercial Todrick played the part of Dorothy and Maddie was The Wizard; all the other roles remained the same.

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