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Dance:   "Eden"
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"Eden" is a song by an unknown artist. It was used in the broadcast for Ava's solo in No More Crybabies. This was not the song Ava originally performed with. "Fall Has Come" by J3RR is the original song,[1] as Jeanette indicated on social media.


You're not alone
I'll take you home
I'll follow through
Everybody knows my heart belongs to you

And I just want you to know
It's all for you
All I do
Is all for you

And I just want you to know
It's all for you
All I do
Is all for you

I hear you call
When you're up against a wall
I feel your pain
And I will wash it all away with the rain

And everything I have done
It's all for you
All I do
It's all for you


Youtube link
Ava performing in episode

Youtube link
Ava performing to the "correct" music on "The Late Late Night Show with Mike and Stephanie"


  • This song was not released with the other songs from No More Crybabies on the Lifetime Music Guide.
  • The original song used for Ava's solo can be found here for listening as well as here for listening and purchase. It can also be found for purchase here, too.



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