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“For You”
Family Comes First 27-56
Song by
Starling Crush
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Dance:   "For You Too"
Album:   Tea Leaves, Murder and Dreaming
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Song (Youtube link)
"For You," Starling Crush Live

See "For You (Ashley Mounts)" for the music used in the broadcast version.

"For You" is a song by Starling Crush. It seems to have been used for Chloe and Kalani's duet "For You Too," as filmed for Family Comes First.

The song by Starling Crush was posted on the Lifetime Music Guide (working archive may be available)

Youtube link
Duet from broadcast


Battered tales the ancient truth
Those who speak are spoken to
The water’s dream is failed, and finer
Than seas that swim in broken silence

Stars will circle in the sky
If everything should turn out right
Then I’ll have to wait the night for you
And I will brave the truth

For you, you, you
Only for you, you

In parting heads the winds are kind
Strip the flesh down to the rind
And you’re buried naked, stay alive
And I’m a diamond standing by

For you, you, you
Only for you, you, you
Only for you, you

Don’t stay to see me cry
You’ll see me open wide
'Cause simple words are said too soon

For you, you, you
Only for you, you, you

So I fear the thing I want the most
Even though
It's you

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