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g From Ballerinas to Showgirls
Season One, Episode Nine
Air Date: September 7, 2011
Viewers: 1.732 million, 0.9 rating(18-49)[1]
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Episode Songs: Index
Love on the Dance Floor
Cathy Brings It On
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"From Ballerinas To Showgirls" is the ninth episode of the first season. It first aired on September 7, 2011.


Chloe finds herself at the top of Abby's pyramid for the first time, but is she being set up? Meanwhile, Cathy is secretly readying her Candy Apple's dancers to go against Abby's dancers after she decides that she and Vivi-Anne will not be touring or performing anymore with Abby Lee Dance Company.

Competition Attended

Thunderstruck International Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 11th to 13th, 2011.[2][3]

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
Sinful Contemporary 7th in Junior
Chloe Missing You Musical theater did not place
Brooke Metamorphosis Acrobatic 3rd in Teen
Paige Tongue Twister Acrobatic jazz Pulled
Nia Corazon Jazz salsa did not place

Other information

  • The team was entered as "Collins Avenue" instead of as the "Abby Lee Dance Company"; the former name appears in official results.
  • Thunderstruck banned "Collins Avenue" from future events.[3][4]

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Video Gallery

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