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g   Gianna Martello
Gianna Martello Capture
Nickname(s): Gia, G.
Gender: Female
Born: June 10,[1] 1989
Age: 26
Occupation: Dancer
Assistant choreographer
Affiliations: Abby Lee Dance Company
Height: 5' 1" [2]
Friends and Family
Parents: Paul Martello (father)
Kim Martello (mother)
Siblings: Alyssa Guerrieri (sister)[3]
Friends: James Washington
Rachael Thoma
Jennine Wedge
Abby Lee Miller
Alexa Moffett
Molly Long
Maddie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler
Nia Frazier
Kendall Vertes
Payton Ackerman
Nick Dobbs
Kalani Hilliker
Nina Linhart
Auriel Welty
Katherine Narasimhan
Ryleigh Vertes
JoJo Siwa
Brooke Hyland
Paige Hyland
Chloe Lukasiak
Brandon Pent
Asia Monet Ray
Melissa Ziegler
Sophia Lucia
Chloe Smith
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Gianna "Gia" Martello is Abby's assistant choreographer. She is a dancer, teacher and choreographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She started dancing at the age of four. Her raw talent and intensive training under the direction of Abby Lee Miller and the faculty at Reign Dance Productions earned her numerous titles as well as regional and national high score awards as a competition kid.

At the age of 16,[4] Gianna began choreographing routines alongside Ms. Miller as well as on her own which led her to discover her passion for teaching and choreography.

Her award-winning routines have earned her much recognition throughout the convention circuit.

Gianna was able to balance her academic and dance opportunities with much success. Most recently, she graduated from Point Park University with a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations,[5] co-choreographed Alexx Calise’s, “Cry” music video and appears as the onscreen choreographer and cast member of Lifetime’s hit reality series, Dance Moms.[6]

In Dance Moms

Season One

  • In The Competition Begins, Gianna can be seen in the mirror while Abby is critiquing Paige on her performance during the rehearsal of the trio. She is later seen getting out of the van when she, the moms and Abby arrive at the competition.
  • In Stealing the Show, she is seen hugging Maddie who is crying because of Melissa and Christi's brief fight.
  • In Cathy Brings It On, Melissa is absent with her boyfriend, Abby explains that Maddie and Gianna have a close relationship when Kelly is complaining of a lack of attention for her own daughters. Gianna's apparent reaction can be seen when Kelly yells that she does not need to buy Gianna gifts because she is a "[expletive] teacher."

Season Two

Season Three

  • In All's Fair in Love and War, Jill gets Gianna to do private work with Kendall for her duet, but without her partner Nia.
  • In Gone, Abby Gone, Gia takes over at the studio during Abby's absence, training "Gia's dolls." She permits James Washington to help with choreography for the group dance "Just Be." When Kelly returns to the studio, Gianna decides to let her stay; soon, Gianna tries calling Abby, and Abby quickly hangs up on her. Brooke and Kelly convince her to give Brooke a solo (rare for the third season), Abby is soon threatening to fire her assistant, and Gianna talks to Melissa in tears. At the competition, Leslie informs Abby that Brooke will perform a solo instead of Payton, and Abby hangs up and cannot be contacted for the remainder of the episode. The group finishes in first, as do solos by Maddie and Asia; Brooke finishes fourth.
    • An Afterbuzz interview and other information[8][9] indicate that multiple dancers from AUDC and elsewhere were brought into the ALDC around this time in filming; but whatever the plans were for them, they were canceled, and none appeared on the show; although Ava Cota did perform a solo for the ALDC that was not broadcast.
  • In On-Again, Off-Again Abby, Abby continues to avoid speaking with Gianna early in the episode.

Season Four

  • In Welcome Back... Now Don't Get Too Comfy, Gianna brings Maddie a cake for winning at nationals, making Jill say, "Kendall was second, right behind Maddie. Where's Kendall's cake?"
  • In No Solo for You, Gianna and Abby are choreographing Kendall's solo, "Battled Feet." Kendall becomes upset, and Gia is shown saying that "It's like a battle." Jill complains that Abby and Gianna are ganging up on her daughter.

Season Five

  • In Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby, Abby remains to be seen at rehearsals for the week, which leaves Gianna with the job of choreographing the routines for the week. With the team going up against Murrieta Dance Project, a prestigious studio in California, Gianna has to work extra hard to create winning numbers for the girls.
  • In Abby vs. Kira, Kira calls a professional teacher and choreographer, Tessandra Chavez, to come teach the girls a class. When Tessandra arrives, Abby claims she has no clue who Tessandra is. She then fights with Kira about how offended she feels as a dance teacher that a mom from her team would call another teacher to teach her students. Gianna agrees that it was very insulting as a choreographer.
  • In Where in the World is Abby Lee Miller?, the girls start the week with no sign of Abby. Gianna explains that Abby couldn't make it and will not be present for the week, but that she will see the routines the girls perform. Gianna tells them that it's solo week, which means there will not be a group number. As a result, Gianna is left to choreograph a winning solo for each girl on the team (minus JoJo), to determine who will be performing a solo at nationals in several weeks.

Pre-Dance Moms Dances

  • Look at Me (Lyrical, 2005)
  • Wild Horses (2006)
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me (2007)

Other information

  • Most people who knew her called her "Gia," with Abby being an exception.
  • She has no middle name.[10]
  • She says the most nerve-wracking episodes are when Abby is absent, and she has to worry if they will win, or if Abby's going to end up hating her.[11]
  • She and Alyssa Guerrieri celebrate their half-birthdays.[12]
  • Gianna is in the habit of tweeting "11:11" at identical times of the day. [13]
  • Gianna was Abby's student by the age of four or five.[14]
  • She says the drama is real at the studio, and the drama was worse there when she was a dancer with "really crazy moms."[15]
  • Gianna especially enjoys working with Maddie and Brooke, commenting that Brooke is very innovative[16] and that its been stated many times throughout the series that she has a special working relationship with Maddie.
  • Chloe credits Gianna with choreographing most of the dances for the show, although sometimes Abby takes firm command with certain routines, such as "The Last Text."
  • Gianna also escorted Maddie to California to film the music video for Alexx Calise's "Cry," when Melissa couldn't come.[17]
  • Her favorite solo she herself performed was "Look at Me" at age 15, one of Abby's first lyrical/contemporary pieces. Her favorite group dance she performed was "P.S. Take Care of My Baby,"[18] which received a perfect score at most of the competitions it was competed at.
  • Everyone in her family danced (e.g., her mom, grandma, aunt, cousin.)[19]
  • She loves Los Angeles more than New York, and feels like L.A. is her second home.[20]
  • Her favorite places in L.A. are any of the stores.[21]
  • Gianna's mother manages Abby's retail stores.[22]
  • She wished Maddie a happy eleventh birthday while calling her "the most hard working, talented and loving girl I know!"
  • Gianna called "Black and Blue" the "favorite group dance [she had] choreographed".
  • She had food poisoning during the pyramid filming of Bullets and Ballet.[23]
  • Gianna is a Steelers fan.[24]
  • Her second favorite show is Keeping Up with the Kardashians.[25]
  • Many months after going to the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, Gianna still had no idea who won in their category, but was pretty sure she would have heard if it was Dance Moms.
  • Her "celebrity crush" is Ed Westwick, formerly of Gossip Girl.[26][27]
  • Gianna worked as a choreographer on Platinum the Dance Movie.


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