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“Hold My Eyes”
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Song by
David O'Dowda
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Album:   Velvet Ears One
January 31, 2012
Album Chronology
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Song (Youtube link)
"Hold My Eyes" is a song by David O'Dowda. It was used for Jessi and Kimmy's duet in No One Likes a Quitter.

Youtube link


Why won't you just leave me out to dry?
I want to lie alone
I want to lie alone

Leave my home alone, I want to cry
I want to lie alone
I want to cry alone

Hold... my... eyes
Hold... my... eyes

Send your men up lining at my door
I want to sigh for you
I want to cry for you

Oh, oh...

Hold... my... eyes
Hold... my... eyes


Hold... my... eyes
Hold... my... eyes


  • This song was used in the trailer for the 2012 movie The Tall Man.

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