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g   Jill Vertes
Jill Season 4 episode 14
General Information
Gender: Female
Born: August 15[1]
Family and Friends
Spouse: Erno Vertes
Children: Ryleigh Vertes (daughter)
Charlotte Vertes (daughter)
Kendall Vertes (daughter)
Friends: Melissa Ziegler
Christi Lukasiak
Kelly Hyland
Holly Frazier
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Everyone's Replaceable
  Now I have to see Cathy, the wicked witch of Ohio. 
Jillian[2] "Jill" Vertes is Kendall's mother. During her first season on the show, some of the parents said that she couldn't stop running her mouth, Christi saying, "Her mouth was what really got off probation." In Season 2, Jill takes Kendall out of the Abby Lee Dance Company, and goes to Candy Apple's Dance Center, though they return to Abby's in the second half of season two.

Towards the end of the second season, her persona on the show began to undergo a transformation, and she began to become more accepted by the other members of the ALDC. Occasionally, Jill still showed a tendency to say things that made her appear insensitive and egocentric, although generally without being hurtful (with the exception of her feud with Cathy following her departure from Candy Apples.)

In Dance Moms

Jill first appeared when Abby was looking to fill a spot that Vivi-Anne created when Cathy took her out of the Abby Lee Dance Company. Jill's daughter Kendall won the spot, and Jill became a cast-mother on Dance Moms. Because she was just beginning, Kendall was put on probation, something Jill did not like.

Kendall finally got off probation and earned herself an Abby Lee Dance Company jacket and boots, pleasing Jill. Now that she was off probation, Jill was hoping for more attention and special parts for her, and even got Abby gifts to sway Abby's mind, such as hiring personal masseuses for Abby and Gianna, and buying a bench for the studio. Jill had many arguments with Abby when Kendall was not given anything special.

In No One Likes A Bully, Jill waves a twenty dollar bill in front of Kendall, telling her that it will be hers if she dances well; the humorous practice is revisited in the third season episode You've Been Unfriended.

After being tired of the mothers and Abby, Jill quits the Abby Lee Dance Company and tells Kendall she would take her somewhere where she would get respect and the attention she deserved. Jill decides to take her to Candy Apple's, where Cathy welcomes them.

In How Do You Like Them Apples?, Jill and Cathy get into an argument in the dressing room, which leads to Jill having a meltdown in the halls. In the Candy Apple's dressing room after the dances, Cathy ignores Jill in annoyance, as Jill talks about the things that Cathy could have done to help Kendall with her dance, which did not place.

In Guess Who's Back?, Jill walks into the Abby Lee Dance Company dance room when Abby is revealing the pyramid, surprising the moms and Abby. Jill tells her it was a huge mistake going to Candy Apple's. She then brings Kendall into the line, giving her a picture to put on the pyramid, but she and Abby get into a heated argument over Kendall's spot on the team.

At the competition, Abby is deciding who will be in the group number, and is furious when she sees Kendall with a white ribbon in her hair, as only the girls in the group number would be wearing them. She and Jill argue about it. After the competition, Abby and Jill have a final confrontation, which leaves Abby in disbelief as Jill storms out with Kendall for a second time.

Jill still continues to try to get Kendall back on the team, but Abby still keeps Kendall as a guest until Paige recovers from her injury. In The Recital to End All Recitals, Jill sends Cathy tickets to the Abby Lee recital, to show her how Kendall fits in with the girls, but this only makes Abby angrier.

Kendall is still not on the team but is still invited to the group. Jill refuses to tell Kaya how to get her daughter on the team when she still can't get Kendall in the group.

Jill became somewhat closer to the moms in season 3 and joined in the moms protest. She still is dedicated to getting what's best for her daughter, including returning to the Abby Lee Dance Company and getting Kendall a special costume made for her solo. Jill and Kaya have a massive blowout in the halls in Bye Bye Baby after Kaya jumped from making snide remarks about Nia to saying Kendall can't dance at all.


Charlotte (left) and Ryleigh
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  • Jill was very involved in dance and gymnastics as a young girl and decided to go into competitive cheerleading in high school and went on to cheer for the University of Pittsburgh,[3] where she received a Bachelor of Arts.[4]
  • She has three daughters: Ryleigh, age 16; Charlotte, born May 5,[5] 1997 (age 16); and Kendall, age 9, as of June 26, 2012.[6] Ryleigh and Kendall are enrolled in dancing at Abby's, and Charlotte plays tennis.[7]
  • Jill performed for Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh in May 2013, taking first place in the competition. A video of her performance can be viewed here.
  • She and Kendall are left-handed.[8]
  • With Christi, Jill says they are encouraged by production to provoke situations, and say things they normally never would do.[9]
  • According to Barbara Schrade, Erika Schrade's mother, Jill and Kendall never left the Abby Lee Dance Company to go to Candy Apple's Dance Center;[10] it was just a ploy by the producers to create more drama for the show.
  • After her first year with the show, Jill said she was surprised over how little control she had on the program; this included being dismissive when asked about actually buying a bench and masseurs for Abby and Gianna.[11]
  • Her greatest regret is not having another baby when she had the chance.[12]
  • In high school, she was very social, captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, and on student council.[12]
  • She participated in her senior class play "Oklahoma."[12]
  • According to Kendall, Jill speaks Ubbi Dubbi, which is similar in concept to Pig Latin.[13]
  • Indulging in a good book and forgetting about her worries, venting to her husband, chewing gum, and taking walks are her ways to blow off steam.[12]
  • Her favorite store to shop at is Nordstrom.[14]
  • Spaghetti with my meat sauce, chicken and rice, grilled pork chops, blackberry and strawberry fruit smoothies and Buffalo chicken dip are her favorite family recipes.[12]
  • At age eight, Jill says she dreamed big. She loved to dress up, put on makeup and sing and dance privately in her bedroom. She loved to ride horses, and loved all animals. She also loved to play house with her friends.[12]
  • After college, Jill worked for ten years as a pharmaceutical sales representative.[4]
  • When she first came for the audition, her hair was her natural brown color. She dyed it blonde before leaving Candy Apples, and by the middle of the third season, she dyed it back to shade a little darker than her natural color.
  • Jill moved to the ALDC from Studio 19 at the same time as Cindy Rohm and her daughter Elizabeth (who performed in the senior dance in Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy).[15]


 Abby called Cathy an evil purse swinging troll!! Love it!! 
 Jill on Twitter, about Watch Your Back, Mack
 This is going to cost a lot of money in therapy!! 
 Jill talking about Kendall in Guess Who's Back?
 You people all suck! Every one of you! 
 Season 2 [citation needed]
 When can Kendall get a solo? When does Kendall get a special part? 
 Season 2 [citation needed]
 The sky is the limit, and now is the time. I've got to take advantage of this beautiful little girl right now. 
 on Kendall, in "Camouflaged Maneuvers"


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