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g   Leslie Ackerman
Leslie Ackerman Leslie dsds - Cropped - LowerSautration
Gender: Female
Born: August 26th [1]
Home: Pittsburgh metro area
Affiliations: Abby Lee Dance Company
Friends and Family
Spouse: Greg Ackerman
Children: Taylor Ackerman (daughter)
Connor Ackerman (son)
Payton Ackerman (daughter)
Episode Run
Debut: Everyone's Replaceable

  Leslie Ackerman is the mother of Payton Ackerman, and is often a part of the competition team as a guest. She has frequently complained that Abby has never made them permanent members of the competition team.

She is very upfront and vocal about her beliefs.

Leslie is not well liked by the other mothers. She especially fights with Christi. She also had frequently argued with Kelly, on whether Payton or Brooke were more deserving of a spot on the team.

Abby has said that for most of their history, Leslie has been respectful and a good customer; and unlike the other moms, she has been grateful for the opportunities given to her children.


Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

In Dance MomsEdit

Season TwoEdit

  • In Everyone's Replaceable, Leslie says she can't believe they have to audition for a spot, when they've been there for four years. Leslie complains when Abby dismisses her from the auditions, telling Leslie that she is too tall and old to dance with those little kids. Leslie says she has spent lots of money, and leaves demanding Abby find her daughter a spot.
  • (lacking information)

Season ThreeEdit

  • In The Beginning of the End, Diane Pent confronts Leslie on leaving kids in L.A. without a ride when Leslie was supposed to be chaperoning.
  • In Clash of the Dance Moms, Leslie and her daughter return to compete with the absence of the Hylands. Leslie is happy when the group dance wins at competition, but Christi is unhappy about Leslie's return.
  • In The Dancing Dead, Leslie complains that they have not been made permanent members of the team.
  • In Gone, Abby Gone, Abby sends Leslie a text, saying to tell everyone that Brooke should not be given a solo or perform in the group dance. Gianna gives those dances to Brooke anyway, and Leslie calls Abby to confirm that she was serious about wishing to give a solo to Payton instead.
  • In The Big, Not So, Easy, Leslie and Christi argue. On Bourbon Street, Christi knocks a drink out of Leslie's hands, and Leslie slaps Christi and pursues her aggressively. The fight is broken up by a member of the crew, and Abby suspends Leslie's and Christi's daughters from competing at nationals. In her absence, Kristie Ray defends Leslie from characterizations from other moms that it was Leslie who was responsible for the fight.
  • In Dance Moms Reunion: Hurricane Abby, Abby says that Leslie was immediately remorseful for the fight, unlike Christi. Additional footage from the previous episode shows Christi saying she is calling the police, and telling someone on the phone that she wants to report an assault, and requesting a cop be sent. Kristie again sides with Leslie, saying the other mothers were unfairly placing blame on Leslie for the fight.

Season FourEdit

  • In Welcome Back... Now Don't Get Too Comfy, choreography for the group dance is done in mockery of Leslie and Christi's fight before nationals, with Payton and Chloe re-enacting their mothers' roles. Payton argues and then cries when Leslie uses physical force to get a headpiece on her daughter; Abby scolds Payton for crying, Payton cries even more, and Abby calls her a crybaby.
  • (lacking information)


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