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“Let's Roll the Dice”
Song by
LJ Nachsin
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Dance:   "Rat Pack"
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Song (Youtube link)
"Let's Roll the Dice" is a song by LJ Nachsin. It was used for the group dance "Brat Pack" in Divas Las Vegas.

Youtube link


Let's spin the wheel
Let's beat the slots
Let's bet it all on what we've got

Oh, let's ignore all the best advice

Let's take a chance
Let's go for broke
Let's not hold back
Let's not choke

Yeah, let's go wild, let's not think twice

Baby, let's roll the dice

And if we lose, well, we won't rumble
Maybe we'll stumble or take a tumble
And let's strike while the iron is hot
Shoot the moon, and hit the jackpot

Let's make a peck
Let's stick around
Love each other right here and now

Let's get our friends to throw some rice

Baby, let's roll the dice

And if we lose, at least we tried
We'll go down together, side by side
But if we win, we'll fly so high
We'll touch the stars, 'gainst the sky

Let's take a lease on a honeymoon suite
Let's make love and dance in the streets

Oh, let's ignore all the best advice

Baby, let's roll the dice
Baby, let's roll the dice



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