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“Life Ain't Easy”
633 Peyton Solo (1)
Song by
Broadway Puppies
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Dance:   "I Love Trash"
Album:   Life Ain't Easy (As Featured on Dance Moms)
November 11, 2016
Choreography Records
Album Chronology
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Current: “Life Ain't Easy”
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Song (Youtube link)
"Life Ain't Easy" is a song by Broadway Puppies. It was used for Peyton's solo "I Love Trash" in Two Teams, Two Studios Part 2.

Youtube link
Peyton's solo from Broadcast


When you feel like it's over
Brush it of of your shoulder
And smile at tragedy

When you've lost your composure
And your lucks getting lower
Just stop and try to see

When your punched with misfortune
There's a place for a soft [?]
'Cuz life is hard you see

Ain't it funny how life brings
Friends to stop you from jumping
When there's no guarantee
Your life will be easy

Membership for all is free (For all is free)
But your born no absentee (Absentee)
And a hand to understand, you see
'Cuz life ain't easy

When you're facing destruction
And your head is erupting
Or chased by killer bees

Running out of your options
And you're facing exhaustion
No life is not a breeze

When you're feeling confusion
And you're short a solution
A laugh is what you need

There's no other conclusion
Problems are an illusion
So get up off your knees
And face the world with ease

'Cuz life ain't easy
'Cuz life ain't easy

Other Information

  • The song can found for purchase here.


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