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 Mariel Figueroa
623 Mariel Figueroa
Gender: Female
Affiliations: Rock Center for Dance
ALDC LA (guest)
Friends and Family
Children: Abdiel (son)
Yadiel (son)
Friends: Jessalynn Siwa
Jill Vertes
Feuds: Ashlee Allen
Episode Run
Debut: Abby's New Beginning
Last: Abby's New Beginning

      Mariel Figueroa is the mother of Yadiel Figueroa.

In Dance Moms

  • Mariel's son, Yadiel, was invited to join the team for the week in Abby's New Beginning alongside Will Simmons.
  • Mariel was not seen during the episode until the competition, where both in the dressing room and backstage, she questioned Yadiel as to whether he was prepared to perform the duet or not.
  • Backstage, Yadiel stated that he didn't want to perform. Mariel went to inform Abby and the mothers on the issue, but instead told them that it was Brynn who didn't want to perform.
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