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“Meant to Be”
Song by
Bobby Bookout
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Song (Youtube link)
"Meant to Be" is a song by Bobby Bookout. It was used for Lucas' solo in Don't Judge Me!

Youtube link
Solo from broadcast


With butterflies I asked
So scared that you would laugh
But you smiled and just said yes
And we never looked back
Where'd we go wrong?
Perfect moved too fast
Now we both have to move on
Coz this can't last
I can't change you,
You can't change me
And we're not meant...
To be

I've learnt in my past
That not all good things last
Can't walk this road together
When we've chosen different paths
You want someone that I'm not
But baby there's no blame
Thought you were someone else
So I'm guilty of the same
But your not her
And I'm not him
And we're not meant...
To be

Now I'll shed just one more tear for you
But this'll be my last
Coz we can only belong
To each other's past
Love is tragic, love is splendid
So real and I believe
That each of us is fated
Someone's destiny
But this is what I'm made of
Yes, this is what makes me
And I can't go on living
Falsely in your dreams
And I can't lose myself
In your fantasy
So this is my goodbye to you
Coz we're not meant to be

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