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g   Mino
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Relationship Information
Between: Maddie Ziegler
Gino Cosculluela
Ship Name: Mino
Status: Former crushes
First Interaction: Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties (presumably)
Last Interaction: The Girls Say Goodbye

  Mino is the romantic relationship between Maddie Ziegler and Gino Cosculluela.

Season 3

Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy
  • In this episode it was reported that Gino kissed Maddie on the cheek for Valentine's Day and had been messaging her online.
  • This led to Cathy and others at Candy Apple's accusing Gino's father Mickey of being a spy and the pair leaving the CADC.

Season 4

Kiss or Get Off the Pot
  • Gino was invited to the ALDC for the week to do a duet with Maddie.
  • During rehearsals Abby revealed that the pair would have to kiss during the routine, ultimately making both of them uncomfortable.
  • Maddie stated during her interview that Gino had feelings for her but that she didn't have any feelings for him back.
  • The pair eventually shared a kiss, leading Maddie to run out of the studio in embarrassment.
  • Maddie and Gino's duet goes up against the CADC duet, with the CADC duet winning first place and the ALDC duet placing second.

YouNow drama

  • Shortly after the airing of Kiss or Get Off the Pot, a video featuring clips of Gino that had been taken from a YouNow stream surfaced. In the video he talked about his kiss with Maddie, calling it the "worst experience of my life" as well as that he wanted to throw up after it happened.[1] He also called her "f****** disgusting" during the same stream.[2]
  • A while after the video surfaced, it was reported that Gino had apologized to Maddie.

Season 6

The Girls Say Goodbye
  • A video montage featuring various old cast members such as Cathy and Vivi-Anne, Jeanette and Ava, Black Patsy and Nicaya, Gino and Laquifa was shown. In the montage they wished the Zieglers good luck for their futures.
  • During Gino's part he brought up the time they kissed, as well as saying that he hoped they could move on and go back to having the friendship that they used to have.

Dances Together


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