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Latin fire
Song by
Party Colors
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Dance:   "Latin Fire"
Latin Pop, Latin Influence
Album Chronology
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Current: “Momento”
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Song (Youtube link)
"Momento" is a song by Party Colors. It was used for Gino and Sammy's duet "Latin Fire" in Watch Your Back, Mack.

Youtube link


Now I want you to pay attention
For what I'm about tell you
Is gonna change your life

Listen momento del sé
Everything you desire
Porque quieres body
And I know that you want to

Don't wait
Let your soul be free
And love
Begin to give up to all your dreams

Ese momento
Hey momento
Ese momento
Everybody now

Ese momento
Besen a ti amor
Ese momento
Everybody ow!

Listen momento right now
So don't wait any longer
And I know you know how
Feel your need getting stronger

Ese momento
Hey momento
Ese momento
I wanna hear you say

Ese momento
Ese momento
Everybody ow!

Ese momento
Hey momento
Ese momento
Oh oh oh

Ese momento
Hey momento
Ese momento
Oh oh oh

Ese momento
To let yourself be free
Ese momento
Oh oh oh oh


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