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g Most Outrageous Moments
Season One, Episode Special
Air Date: October 12, 2011
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There's Only One Star
Everyone's Replaceable
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"Most Outrageous Moments" is a special episode for the first season. It first aired on October 12, 2011.


Abby Lee Miller hosts a clipshow featuring the fifteen most outrageous moments seen on Dance Moms.

Most Outrageous moments

  1. "You're out of control" - Christi loses it. (Stealing the Show)
  2. "No weapons, just her mouth" - Minister Dawn's confrontation with Abby. (The Competition Begins)
  3. "Consider it brought" - Cathy verses Abby at iHollywood. (Cathy Brings It On)
  4. "Why are you jealous of an 8 year old" - Christi confronting Abby. (From Ballerinas to Showgirls)
  5. "They call me LaQuifa..what?" - Laquifa's death drop lesson. (Cathy Brings It On)
  6. "Everyone's replaceable" - Cathy refusing to go to on the road trip. (Love on the Dance Floor)
  7. "Deer in headlights" - Paige freezes during her solo on stage. (Stealing the Show)
  8. "I'm here to like it" - Cathy's refusing to let Brooke use the costume. (Dying to Dance)
  9. "Who wants a mediocre kid?" - Kelly's reaction to Abby's criticism (It All Ends Here)
  10. "They look like prostitots" - The costumes for "Electricity" (Wildly Inappropriate)
  11. "She's wearing a 70's afro wig" - Holly's thoughts on Nia's costume for her solo. (She's a Fighter)
  12. "What is she doing?" - Cathy's last minute re-choreographing. (When Stars Collide)
  13. "With that nose of yours" - Kelly's 40th birthday botox. (Dying to Dance)
  14. "I was put on this earth to make her dance" - Kelly hiring a secret choreographer. (Cathy Brings It On)
  15. "Mistakes like that don't happen to me" - The drama with Chloe's headpiece. (The Competition Begins)


  • The episode ends with humorous, previously-unused video.

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