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  • Note: This page will be updated after each episode airs to avoid spoilers

Featured Dancers

Judgment Day Approaches

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dancer(s) Dance Style Place Song Artist
Each Other Lyrical 1st in Teen Duet/Trio
2nd Overall Duet/Trio
Each Other -
Make Me Over
Not Shown
Open Did Not Place Why Wouldn't I Mia Sable
Ocean's Two Acrobatic 1st in Petite Duet/Trio
1st Overall Duet/Trio
Oceans 2 -
Family Court Lyrical 1st in Teen Group
1st Overall Group
You Cannot Leave Me Jen Armstrong

Abby Flies the Coop

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dancer(s) Dance Style Place Song Artist
Brynn The Chase Contemporary 1st in Teen Solo
Kalani What Do You Think I Am Contemporary 1st in Senior Solo
1st Overall Solo
Breathe of Verona
Kendall DOA Contemporary 2nd in Teen Solo Hang Down Your Head Danny Farrant
Paul Rawson
Food for Thought Contemporary 1st in Junior Group
1st Overall Group
Sleepless Nights Jordy

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