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“Music to Dance To, Vol. 2 (Featured Music in Dance Moms)”
Vol. 2
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Various Artists
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February 21, 2013
Whatta Guy Music
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Music to Dance To, Vol. 2 (Featured Music in Dance Moms) is an album of various songs that were used in seasons two and three of Dance Moms.

List of Songs

  1. Sentimental by Nikko Lowe
  2. Swagger by Plush
  3. One Bad Apple by Nikko Lowe
  4. Run For Cover by Drew Taylor
  5. Alouette by Broadway Puppies
  6. Burn in Your Name by Bishop Kingsley
  7. Over and Over by Cheryline Lim
  8. Your Dream Will Be My Dream by Chad Reisser
  9. Where's a Good Man by Nikko Lowe
  10. Spanish Dance (Española) by Steve Morse
  11. We're More Alike (Through the Looking Glass) by Bishop Kingsley
  12. Under The Sea (Mermaids) by Broadway Puppies

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