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g   Nia Frazier
Nia Frazier - (Nia Sioux) - August2015
Websites: Instagram(more)
Gender: Female
Born: June 20, 2001
Age: 15
Occupation: Dancer
10th in the 2016/17 schoolyear
Affiliations: Abby Lee Dance Company
Height: 5' 5" (June 2016)[1]
Est. Adult Ht: 5' 6"
Friends and Family
Parents: Holly Frazier (mother)
Evan Frazier, Sr. (father)
Siblings: Evan (brother)
William (brother)
Grandparents: Andrew Frazier, Sr. (deceased)[2]
Friends: Maddie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler
Kendall Vertes
JoJo Siwa
Kalani Hilliker
Chloe Lukasiak
Paige Hyland
Brooke Hyland
Payton Ackerman
Nick Dobbs
Gianna Martello
James Washington
Haley Huelsman
Chloe Smith
Brandon Pent
Asia Monet Ray
Brynn Rumfallo
Pets: Henry Rhinestone (Yorkie)
Olive (French Bulldog)[3]
3 turtles[4][5]
Autographs Niaautograph
Episode Run
Debut: The Competition Begins
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Nia Sioux Frazier is a dancer, training at the Abby Lee Dance Company since the age of three.[6] She is the daughter of Evan and Holly Frazier, and the sister of Evan and William Frazier.

Abby has had Nia portray many different ethnicities, such as Indian, but Holly doesn't like it. Although Abby doesn't give her the most attention, Nia is considered to be very hard-working. Her favorite styles of dance are contemporary and musical theatre.[7]

In early 2016, it was rumored that Nia had left the ALDC but will continue to compete under the company for the show.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Nia was born and raised in Pittsburgh.[8]
  • She began dancing at Abby's studio when she was three and joined the Abby Lee Dance Company when she was five.[9]
  • In June 2016 it was announced that Nia was cast in the Off Broadway play "Trip of Love".[10]
  • In 2015, her favorite styles were contemporary and musical theatre,[11][12]
  • Nia has her own app available on iTunes. (Hyperink)[13]
  • In 2015, she thought she would love to go to NYU or Columbia and study physical therapy, voice, theater, or medicine.[14] Some other things she'd like to do: Broadway, movies, and Nick or Disney on television.[15]
  • Into 2015, Nia had trained at piano (for 5 years) and drums (for 2 years). Dance became a priority for awhile, but has since rediscovered her love for the piano. Besides singing, Nia also writes music herself.[16]
  • Along with dance, music, and chess, Nia also has taken swimming, and had earned a purple belt in karate before giving up the sport, to focus on dance.[17] (c. 2011/2012) She also enjoys sculpting in glass, cooking, photography, collecting American dolls, and playing cards and Monopoly with her brother.[18][19] (2015)
  • In 2012, she was dancing four to five days for three to four hours.[9]
  • Nia is usually the one who keeps an eye out for Mackenzie, so the group doesn't accidentally lose track of her when moving around.[20]
  • In 2015, Holly explained her decision to return to the ALDC by saying that Abby does care about Nia, although maybe not so much for Holly herself.[21] According to Melissa, the show does not reveal how much Abby adores Nia.
  • She loves it when fans are excited to take pictures with her.[22]
  • In May 2015, her favorite song was Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood." [23]
  • Nia loves One Direction[24] She also loves Fifth Harmony, and has often run into them in various places.[25]
  • Her favorite movie is The Wiz.[26][27] (2015)
  • Her favorite style of music is R&B.[28]
  • Her celebrity crush is Cody Simpson.
  • Her favorite solos have been "Goodbye Maya" and "Bye Felicia."[29]
  • Her favorite group dances have been "Amber Alert," "Where Have All The Children Gone," and "Free at Last."[30] (2015)
  • Her favorite place to visit is the beach.[31]
  • Nia doesn't like watching scary movies or watch.[32]
  • Her favorite dancer is Misty Copeland.[33] (2015)
  • Her favorite celebrities to follow on social media are Beyonce[34] and Zendaya.[35] (2015)
  • Due to RND, Nia was an inpatient at Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh in 2009. In 2014 she returned to perform for other patients, along with Kendall, Mackenzie and Maddie. Holly is a board member with the Institute.
  • She's had braces twice, with a removal in mid-May 2014.[36]
  • After working with her for the "Freaks Like Me" music video, Todrick Hall complimented her for having an amazing singing voice.
  • Her favorite dance moves are the death drop and side aerials.
  • Her favorite thing about dance is that it is great exercise, energetic, and you can't stop doing it.[37] (c. 2011)
  • She was learning Mandarin Chinese when she was younger, and would like to return to studying the language again.[38] (2015)
  • Her favorite subject is spelling.[37] (c. 2011)
  • Nia won Miss Sheer Talent at Nationals in Vegas. It is also her very first crown.
  • Her favorite color is any shade of pink.[39][37] (2015)
  • Her Zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • Nia got to perform her first song "Star in Your Own Life" alongside teammate JoJo Siwa in Melbourne, Australia at Federation Square on March 2015.[40]
  • Her favorite dance costume is the one of "Wonder Woman."[41] (2015)
  • Around 2011, she wanted to be a Rockette when she grows up, but if she doesn't dance, she would be an artist.[6][37]
  • As of Season 6.5, Nia is the only remaining original elite team member.

Filmography, discography and major awardsEdit

As herselfEdit

Year Series Notes
2011–presentDance MomsLead
2011Good Day L.A.Performed in group dance "This Is My Beauty"
2011The Today ShowGuest, with Abby, Chloe, Mackenzie, Maddie, and girls' moms (Search YouTube)
2012NightlineGuest (Video)
2012The ViewPerformed in group dance "Born to Dance"
2012Anderson LivePerformed in group dance "Private Eyes"
2012KatieGuest, with Abby, Holly, Christi, Chloe (Photo, Extra video)
2013The ViewPerformed in group dance "The Last Text"
2014Abby's Studio RescuePerformer and guest, "Delusions of Dance Grandeur" (with Kendall, Mackenzie, Maddie) (Search YouTube)
2015Awesomeness TV Featured Guest (Link)
2015The View Performed in group dance "Together We Stand"

Acting creditsEdit

Year Production Role Notes
2016Take 2 for FaithZoe Whitfield


Year Work Lead Artist Type Notes
2014"Freaks Like Me"Todrick HallSingleAdditional vocals
2015"Star in Your Own Life"Nia Sioux (self)SingleMusic video released.
2015"Slay"Nia Sioux (self)
Coco Jones
SingleMusic video released.
2016"Ease on Down the Boulevard"Todrick Hall Co-lead with Todrick, Kendall, Maddie, Mackenzie, JoJo, Kalani and Brynn. Produced for ALDC LA commercial
2016"DJ Fav"Nia Sioux (self)SingleProduced for the movie "High Strung"
2016"Here For You"Nia Sioux (self)SingleRelease date currently unknown

Music videosEdit

Year Song Song Artist Notes
2011"It's Like Summer"LUXSupporting
2012"Summer Love Song"Brooke HylandSupporting
2014"It's a Girl Party"Mack ZSupporting
2014"Freaks Like Me"Todrick HallCo-lead, with Todrick, Kendall, Mackenzie, Maddie and Payton
2015"Turn Up The Track"MattyBSupporting
2015"Star in Your Own Life"Nia Sioux (self)Lead
2015"Slay"Nia Sioux (self)
Coco Jones
2016"Young Love""Love in the Dark"
(cover artist: Allison Marshall; original artist: Adele)
Co-lead, with Wilson Mayo. Short concept dance film released June 22, 2016. Directed by Ryan Parma; choreographed by Richard Elszy.(Video).
2016"Straight Outta Oz"Todrick HallMinor role. Visual album. (Clip)


Year Production Role Notes
2016Trip of LoveDancerOff-Broadway show. Article


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Dance Moms DancesEdit

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