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g   Nicolas Daniels
NickDaniels headshot 02
Gender: Male
Born: January 18th, 1999[1]
Age: 17
Home: Ventnor, New Jersey[2]
Occupation: Dancer
12th in the 2016/17 school year
Affiliations: Artists Simply Human
Encore Performing Arts Center
Art of Gymnastics and Cheer[3]
Candy Apple's Dance Center
Friends and Family
Parents: Donna (mother)
Episode Run
Debut: The Apple of Her Eye
Last: Decisions Decisions
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Nick Daniels (born January 18, 1999) is a guest dancer for Candy Apples Dance Center on Dance Moms in Season 3 and Season 4.

He is noted for his extreme flexibility in both his legs and back (seemingly able to bend in half), multiple turns in a row, and his tumbling.

In his time on the show, Nick and his family usually managed to steer far from the drama, sometimes to the apparent displeasure of producers.

It was also noted in the show that his father passed away





Season Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Place
3.5 Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy The Bird Acrobatics 1st
3.5 An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
(not shown)
Unknown 1st
4.0 Decisions Decisions Beautiful You Contemporary 3rd



Season Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Partner Place
3.0 Candy Apple Showdown Illusions of Dance
Illusions of the Dance Floor
Acrobatics Jalen Testerman 1st
3.5 No Room for Rotten Apples Tribal Affair
Primal Affair
Contemporary Hadley Walts 1st

Group DancesEdit

Season 3

Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancers Place
The Apple of Her Eye Candy Apple's Style
Candy Apples Style
Jazz Gino Cosculluela
Jalen Testerman
Brandon Talbott
Watch Your Back, Mack Machine Lines Contemporary Gino Cosculluela
Zack Torres
Brandon Talbott
Candy Apple Showdown Dia de Los Muertos
Contemporary Zack Torres
Brandon Talbott
Victoria Miller

Season 3.5

Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancers Place
Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy Be Strong Jazz Jalen Testerman
Zack Torres
Gino Cosculluela
An Apple a Day Keeps Abby Away Wide Eyes Lyrical Hadley Walts
Mari Dudash
Jalen Testerman
Zack Torres
Nicaya Wiley
No Room for Rotten Apples So Chic
I Don't Dance
Hip Hop Hadley Walts
Mari Dudash
Campbell Reynolds
Jalen Testerman
Zack Torres
'Twas the Fight Before Christmas Holla For the Holidays Jazz Kerisa McCullough
6 unidentified dancers

Season 4

Episode Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style Dancers Place
Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2 Wild Party Jazz Zack Torres
Lucas Triana
Gavin Morales
McKenzie Morales
Decisions Decisions The Last Dance
Contemporary McKenzie Morales
Gavin Morales
Zack Torres
Lucas Triana


  • "Machine Lines" was one of his favorite dances.[4]
  • The first time he spoke on an episode may have been as late as his 9th episode, on Decisions Decisions, when he argues with Zack about choreography.
  • He began dancing when he was four, with his mother having her own studio.[5]
  • Although not part of the Candy Apple's in Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties, he did compete for other studios in the same age division as Kendall and Chloe. According to results published at the time, Nick was 1st, 4th and 8th with multiple solos, with Chloe and Kendall not placing. Published results revised sometime after broadcast removed the 8th place solo, with Kendall placing 9th and Chloe 10th. (See episode page trivia for somewhat greater detail.)
  • According to Mari, Nick left the show due to problems with the producers. He later returned.
  • According to Nick himself the reason he left temporarily, as stated by him: "The producers called my mom and said that I was winning too much and they wanted me to lose, AND we didn't give enough drama." [6]
  • He loved the group dance "Dia de Los Muertos."[7]
  • He enjoyed his duet "Illusions of Dance" with Jalen.[8]
  • He was happy when Brianna won the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.[9]
  • Two of his favorite movies are Pitch Perfect and Les Misérables.[10]
  • He has blonde highlights.[11]
  • His mother's birthday is October third.[12]
  • He loves making cookies during the Christmas season.[13]
  • He is scared of iguanas.[14]
  • He loves ice cream with Nutella.[15]
  • He prefers Honey Nut Cheerios to the original flavor.[16]
  • He is a Republican.[17][18]


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