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g Our Team is Falling Apart
Season 2, Episode 2
Dance Mums 202 Bollywood group 2
Air Date: October 19, 2015
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No-one's Safe
Bring It On
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"Our Team is Falling Apart" is the second episode of the second season of Dance Mums. It aired on 19 October 2015 in the UK.


Week 1 wasn't a good start for the team at competition, so the heat is on - and Jen is grabbing the bull by the horns by bringing in her Reserve Team.

There's also a new teacher and dance school on the block - Debbie Barrass and "Team DB". It's clear they're going to be serious competition to the Jennifer Ellison Dance Team this season. Tensions are running high but who will come out on top?[1]

Competition Attended

  • Hartlepool


  • World Dance

Weekly Dances

Jennifer Ellison Dance Team
Dance Name
Dance Style
Work Bollywood 1st
Chloe Fireball Jazz 1st in Junior Solo
Eleiyah Amazing Grace Lyrical 5th in Teen Solo
Harry Roxanne Contemporary Did Not Place
Sophia The Chase Contemporary 1st in Teen Solo
Tayluer Roxanne Contemporary 2nd in Teen Solo
Debbie Barrass Dance School
Dance Name
Dance Style
Group Dance James Bond Tap 2nd
Olivia Bone Modern 4th

Other Information

  • Pyramid
    • Eleiyah
    • Harry, Tayluer
    • Sam, Chloe, Aleah
  • Charlotte and Jen got into an argument about Sam's placement on the pyramid and about the time Jen is giving to Sam. Charlotte and Sam were asked to leave. Due to this, Sophia was added to the group to fill her space.
  • Jen made the older and younger girls battle respectively for one of the two solos.
  • Harry and Tayluer both competed the same solo since Jen couldn't chose between them.
  • During the group dance, Eleiyah did her front aerial too close to Chloe, causing Chloe to fall.

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