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g Out With the Old, In With the New
Season Three, Episode Two
Cry - Out with the Old, in with the New crop
Air Date: January 8, 2013
Viewers: 2.536 million, 1.0 rating (18-49)[1]
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The Beginning of the End
But I'm a National Champion!
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"Out With the Old, In With the New" is the second episode of the third season. It first aired on January 8, 2013.


The mothers stage a silent protest and walk out on Abby; Abby quickly assembles a new replacement team, which includes Sophia Lucia; the original mothers book their daughters for a performance at a mall; Yvette and her daughter Hadley seek redemption versus Abby; Abby's new replacement-moms bicker.

Competition Attended

Xpression in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on October 20, 2012.[2]

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
Bella Hoffheins
Sophia Lucia
Ally Serigne
Kaeli Ware
Cry Lyrical 2nd
Sophia New Reality Jazz 1st
Ally Forever and a Day Lyrical 2nd
THR!VE Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
Hadley Walts
five unidentified female dancers
Criminal of Love Jazz 1st
Hadley Walts More Jazz 2nd


Holly, Jill, Melissa and Christi talk about Ally's mom Shelly, wondering if they had scared her away. Christi thinks they should persuade Kelly to come back and see she belonged with them. They go into the restroom at the dance studio and Abby thinks they are being suspicious. The moms agreed to stay silent and not go into the pyramid to try and get Kelly back.

Abby looks for the girls, but can't find them even though she had just seen the moms. She calls Melissa and says she is jeopardizing Maddie and Mackenzie over Brooke and Paige. She then decides to do with what she has and works on Ally's solo.

Shelly and Abby talk about why the mothers weren't there. Later, Abby sees the moms in the parking lot holding a silent sit-in, and says they wasted a day of training. She goes out to talk to them, but they ignore her. Abby calls them fools and tells Gianna that they had to replace all of the girls. Abby goes back inside and makes a phone call to someone who identifies himself as "Allegheny 911," telling him that she wants the police to deal with the trespassing issue. Afterwards, she calls other dancers from the audition to see if they could come back for the competition, including Bella, Kaeli, and a girl who is supposed to be ten times better than Maddie.

Jill is running errands near Candy Apple's and decides to stop by. She fills Cathy in on what was happening and Cathy believes Jill wanted to be back on the team, but Jill tells her she was just in the area. After arguing, Jill leaves, saying she should have known better.

Abby's new team arrives and she thanks them for coming. The other moms are at Christi's talking about Abby. Christi comes up with the idea to set up a dance for the girls somewhere else and put it on social media.

Yvette, the mother of Hadley from Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, calls Abby and they talk about Abby coming to Indiana; Abby makes the crazy sign with her finger around her ear. Yvette and Hadley talk about Abby calling one of Hadley's performances "roadkill," which supposedly has left Hadley haunted and traumatized, doubting if she wishes to continue dancing. Yvette tells Hadley that Abby would get back what she has given. Sophia and her mother Jackie arrive and Abby greets them.
Jackie Lucia

The next day, Abby tells them about the competition and how it was an important day for her. The moms ask Sophia's mother about Sophia's solo, and she tells them that it was about Sophia replacing Maddie. Abby harasses Sophia for her high-pitched voice, comparing her to Minnie Mouse, and suggests she takes voice lessons at her studio.

The moms and girls go over to Kelly's house and they talk about their dance. Melissa tells them that the girls are being replaced, and keeps hearing about Sophia. At the studio, Abby says she has huge expectations for the new team and that if they didn't deliver, she would replace them.

The day of the competition, Abby says they have to win. Abby sees Hadley, Yvette, and her dance team. Gloria, Kaeli's mom, tells Kaeli about going to the front office and getting a solo for her so she could show Abby what she could do. Ally performs her solo before Hadley. Sophia performs her solo and in the dressing room, Abby gives her a hug.

Gloria asks at the desk for an opportunity to add a new solo for Kaeli. In the dressing room, Bella begins to cry, and her mother Marcia asks Abby if Bella was the only one without a solo. Abby says she wasn't, and Bella's mother explains that Gloria was off getting a spot for Kaeli to do a solo. Abby tells her Kaeli would be off the team if that would happen. Gloria and Bella's mother begin arguing.

Abby rehearses the group dance with the girls. Thr!ve dance company's group dance "Criminal of Love" goes on before Kaeli, Ally, Bella, and Sophia's dance. Abby says she thinks they were beautiful. At the awards, Ally wins second place and Abby is livid. Yvette thinks they're going to beat Abby, but Hadley comes in second and Sophia wins first place. The group dance, however, comes in second place, and Thr!ve's group dance comes in first place. Abby is mortified.

At the mall, the girls practice the dance. Christi introduces them to a large crowd, and the girls thank them for coming before performing their dance. Christi thinks the girls did great and without Abby. Holly thinks they did great, but still needed the guidance of a dance teacher.

At the competition, Abby tells the girls second was not good for the company. Abby feels that the team was as disappointing as the other one, and that she had decisions to make.


Abby: I don't know what's going on. I don't know what their beef is, and I don't know what they're doing, but I think that Melissa is a fool. Maddie needs me; and she needs to dance. The rest of them could probably go be Girl Scouts. I have to worry about the kids that want to dance, not the ones that don't.

Shelly: I don't think this is the kids, tho. I mean they're just kids. They can't make the decision.
Abby: Why? I was fourteen when I started my company. That's the age Brooke is. So if she wanted to be here... call your dad. Have him bring you. Call your neighbor. Say, I need to get to dancing. You don't need to tell them the whole story.

Christi: When Abby comes out, it's like the scene from Jurassic Park. We're all sitting in our cars, and I mean, here come the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Holly is not moving, and I'm thinking, "Thank God, Holly, because they can sense movement."

Abby: You're replaced! That's it! Finished! See what happens with people? You do all this crap for their kid, you get them to win a national championship, and then they s*** all over you.

Abby: With those four, we have a way better group than we started with. [cackles]

Hadley: It's just different, going to dance everyday. 'Cause I still have those words in my head.
Yvette: Which words keep popping into your head? When you go in the dance room?
[black and white flashback to "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition"]
Announcer: Abby, I'm reading your facial expression, and you don't seem that happy.
Abby: Should I say "roadkill"?
[flashback ends]
Yvette: [sadly and sympathetically] You're not roadkill.
Hadley: [with wet spot near in eye] Just hearing her say that [wipes eye]. I've never heard someone say that to me before. Like call me... that.
Yvette: Don't let "roadkill" come back into play at all. I say all the time, you get what you give. Abby Lee Miller will get it back, someday.

Abby: Sophia is the last member of our team to arrive. She's a child prodigy. She's all over the Internet, she's made appearances on T.V., and she's a major deal at dance competitions. And she is on her way here.
Abby: Hello, Sophia. Goodbye, Maddie.

Abby: [to Sophia, about Sophia's voice] Minnie Mouse has a job.

Abby: What is it about me? Why do I attract all the crazy ones?

Abby: Hadley wasn't exactly roadkill. She was just the road, and Sophia drove right over her.


Abby on Parking Lot
Kelly on Christi Feb19b
  • Pyramid:
    • Maddie
    • Ally, Nia
    • Kendall, Chloe, Mackenzie
  • Shortly after the competition, Abby charged that the Moms were on strike for better pay and perks.[3][4] Later, Kelly repeatedly tweeted that the other Moms were not supporting her or her kids, contradicting the official storyline, and repeating Abby's claims that the other Moms were in the parking lot over money for their contracts.[5][6][7][8][9]
  • A now public Collins Avenue amendment to Kelly's contract was offered on the same day as the Xpression competition (October 20th.) Included were deals to pay the Hylands in aggregate $6,935.00 per regular episode, pay for special episodes, bonuses, and so forth. The amendment covered deals for appearing on Dance Moms for a third and fourth season, without mentioning the possibility of later seasons.
  • The pyramid was not officially presented, although the photos were shown. If explained in the show, Maddie was put on top because she won first place for her solo. Ally and Nia were in the middle most likely due to their performances in the group number. Kendall, Chloe and Mackenzie were placed on the bottom due to their performances in each of their solos. Kendall was placed ahead becuase nothing went wrong in her solo, Chloe was placed behind Kendall because she did the wrong turn sequence at one point during her solo and Mackenzie was placed last because one of her hair bows fell off during her solo.
  • Hadley Walts of THR!VE Dance Company was a competitor on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Her mother Yvette is the owner and an instructor at the same Evansville, Indiana studio.
  • Sophia's solo is listed as contemporary and lyrical, but its obvious that the real dance style is jazz.
  • Kaeli Ware and Bella Hoffheins competed against Abby's dancers during the filming of the previous episodes Maddie Has a Secret and Guess Who's Back? They danced for Studio Bleu Dance Center, located in northern Virginia.
  • During the episode at some point "Avalanche" and "Garden of Eden" music could be heard.
  • It has been pointed out that the Reign Dance Productions electronic sign was already scrolling in welcome the names of the upcoming replacement dancers when the moms were leaving the parking lot.[10][11]
  • "Criminal of Love"'s original music is "Crush On You" by Nero, but the change for the show may have been due to copyright issues.[12]
  • The costumes for the group number "Cry" have been subsequently used as solo costumes in future episodes. Bella's was used as Chloe's solo costume in the next episode But I'm a National Champion!, Sophia's was used as Maddie's solo costume in May I Have This Dance? and Ally's was used as Kalani's solo costume in Decisions Decisions. Kaeli's costume still has yet to be used as a solo costume in an episode.
  • The Xpression Dance Competition was produced by In10sity Dance.[13]
  • During the strike, Abby tweeted to Jill that Kendall was not learning as much as her sister, who was still attending class.[14]

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