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g   Payton Ackerman
Payton Ackerman headshot by Dawnessa Dawn Biery crop-png B
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: August 24, 1997[1]
Age: 19
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2015[2]
Affiliations: Reign Dance Productions (former)
Abby Lee Dance Company (former)
Height: 5' 4" [3]
Friends and Family
Parents: Leslie Ackerman (mother)
Greg Ackerman (father)
Siblings: Taylor Ackerman (older sister)
Connor Ackerman (older brother)
Friends: Mackenzie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler
Nia Frazier
Paige Hyland
Kendall Vertes
Gianna Martello
Nick Dobbs
Brooke Hyland
Chloe Lukasiak
Brandon Pent
Sarah Reasons
Love Interests: Logan Stork (boyfriend)
Pets: Higgins (dog)[4]
Topaz (cat)[5]
Wizard (cat)[5]
Episode Run
Debut: The Competition Begins
Last: Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1
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Payton Alexandra[4] Ackerman was a former dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company. Her mother is Leslie Ackerman.

Other Information

  • According to Abby, Payton is one of the best hip-hop dancers in her studio, and Payton considers hip hop her forte.[6]
  • She is moving to Los Angeles in September 2015.[7]
  • She began dancing at Abby's when she was eleven.[8]
  • Payton and her sister Taylor attended the ALDC since around 2007, making a two-hour drive to get there.[9][10]
  • Her favorite color is yellow.[4]
  • Two of her favorite movies include Halloweentown[11] and 50 First Dates.[12]
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • In 2014, she was accepting fan mail at: 7123 Saltsburg Rd. Pgh. PA 15235[13]. (This is the address of Abby's studio building.)[14]
  • According to Payton, Abby won't allow girls to get bad grades and dance.[15]

Other Credits

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