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“Private Eyes”
Private Eyes
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Song (Youtube link)
"Private Eyes" is a song by an unknown artist; some, with apparent error, have believed it to be "Peter Gunn" theme music by Henri Mancini. It was used for the group dance in the episode Bullets and Ballet.

" Youtube link
Full group dance from Abby's Top Ten Dances (and/or Abby's Dance-a-Thon ??)


  • The costumes were previously used for the ALDC group dance "007." Brief moments of the dance were broadcast in Wildly Inappropriate; although the actual footage was from the Onstage New York competition covered in Stealing the Show, with the dance never shown in the latter episode.
  • Various other unseen versions of "007" were performed at events covered in The Competition Begins and When Stars Collide, as well as at other competitions never filmed for the program.
  • This was dance was featured on "Abby's Top Ten Dances" and was ranked as Abby's 3rd favorite group dance from Seasons 1-3.

Video Gallery

Youtube link
Group dance from Bullets and Ballet

Youtube link
Group dance from Anderson

Youtube link
Full group dance from Abby's Dance-a-Thon


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