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Drew Taylor
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Album:   Music to Dance To, Vol. 1 (Featured Music in Dance Moms)
Album Chronology
Previous: “It's Like Summer
Current: “Reflections”
Next: “Avalanche
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Song (Youtube link)
"Reflections" is a song by Drew Taylor. It was used for Maddie's solo in Melissa Pleads the Fifth.

" Youtube link
Maddie's full solo, alternative filming


Is this just a dream?
Are you really me?
Can it truly be?
This vision I see?
Reflections of you
And me

Oh, what can I do?
Can I pull her through?
Those broken glass eyes
Reflect enmity[1]
Reflections of you
And me

This mirror divides
That girl that's inside
I'm trying to find
She's trying to hide
Reflections of you
And me


Video Gallery

" Youtube link
Maddie's solo from Melissa Pleads the Fifth


  1. possibly "anything", or some combination of syllables ending in "ng"; or "vanity"; or two syllables with short vowels, followed by a syllable rhyming with "me"

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