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g   Regan Check
Regan Check 2016
Websites: Instagram
Gender: Female
Born: March 17, 1999[1]
Age: 19
Home: Plumb, Pennslyvania
Occupation: Dancer
Class of 2017
Affiliations: Dance Expressions by Erica[2]
ALDC (former)
Friends and Family
Parents: Dawn Check (mother)
Johnathan Check (father)
Charlie Hills (step-father)
Siblings: AJ (brother)
David (brother)
Friends: Paige Hyland
Chloe Lukasiak
Brooke Hyland
Feuds: Abby Lee Miller
Love Interests: Tye Alu (boyfriend)
Pets: Benny (cat)
Episode Run
Debut: The Competition Begins
Last: The Competition Begins
Quick Links
Feat. video: 'Solo "Grandma's Hands" (2013)


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Regan Check (born March 17, 1999) was formerly a dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company. Her mother is Dawn Check.

Regan made her only appearance during The Competition Begins, where her mother and Abby had an argument after Regan turned up to acro class wearing a t-shirt and socks.

Shortly after, Regan and her mother left the studio and joined Dance Expressions by Erica.

Other Information

  • Although it was not shown in Cheerleader Blues, it can be presumed that the acro class that Regan was kicked out of was, in fact, the rehearsal for "Ups and Downs".
  • It is believed that Regan and her mother were supposed to be part of the junior elite team.
  • Regan stated in the past that during her time at the studio, she was closest to Paige and Chloe.


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    regan_check: "@_jillianmcguire Dance Expressions By Erica or DEBE"
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