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g   Sammy Small
Gender: Female
Born: December 29,[1] 1999[2]
Age: 16
Home: Parkland, FL
Occupation: Dancer
11th in the 2016/17 school year
Affiliations: Stars Dance Studio
Dance Academy of North Lauderdale (former)
Friends and Family
Parents: Abby Small
Larry Small
Siblings: Hayley Small (sister)
Andrew Small (brother)
Friends: Hannah Epstein
Kimmy Kopke
Jessi Kennedy
Lucas Triana
Mia Diaz
Episode Run
Debut: Get Fierce!
Last: Move Over, I'm the Star
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Samantha "Sammy" Morgan Small[3] is a dancer who was featured on Dance Moms: Miami. She is the daughter of Abby Small.


  • Sammy attends North Broward Preparatory School.
  • She previously attended Dance Academy of North Lauderdale with Dance Moms: Miami costar Hannah Epstein.
  • Her favorite styles of dance to perform are jazz and lyrical.[4]
  • Her favorite styles of dance to watch are jazz and contemporary.[4]
  • She would like to be a professional dancer one day in addition to being a TV and movie star.[4]
  • If she doesn't end up being a dancer, she wants to do something that makes a lot of money.[4]
  • Her favorite subject in school is math.[4]
  • Her favorite color is hot pink and any other kind of pink.[4]
  • Her favorite things about Miami are the beaches and shopping.[4]
  • Sammy has a MySpace and Facebook Like Page.[3]
  • Her father Larry has a Facebook.[3]
  • Her sister Hayley has a Twitter.[3]
  • Her mother Abby has a YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.[3]
  • She danced with Lucas, Hannah, and Kimmy in Lori Martini's music video for "I'm Not Perfect."
  • She had her braces taken off November 19, 2012[5] after wearing them for a year.[6]
  • Sammy performed at the Starpower World Championships filmed for Love on the Dance Floor. Although not shown on Dance Moms, her solo placed 6th in the 9 to 11 category. She was still with Dance Academy of North Lauderdale at the time.[7]


Season 1:

Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sammy 2nd 3rd 3rd 2nd 5th 4th 5th 3rd


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