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g Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1
Season 5, Episode 17
Abby talking to ALDC about ALDC LA - Showdown in Pittsburgh
Air Date: April 28, 2015
Viewers: 1.621 million, 0.57 rating[1]
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Video Killed the ALDC Star
Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 2
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"Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1" is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of Dance Moms. It first aired April 28, 2015.


With the ALDC back in Pittsburgh to wrap up loose ends before they make the full-time move to LA, Abby has scheduled the team to attend both a competition and a convention. Adding to the pressure, two of Abby's biggest enemies, Cathy and Jeanette will be at the competition and are confident they can win. Meanwhile, Holly has organized a premiere party for Nia's music video, but not everyone in the ALDC is excited about her big debut.

Competition Attended

JUMP competition, February 13-15 (not filmed for show)

Other Information

  • Pyramid:
    • Maddie
    • Kalani, JoJo
    • Nia, Mackenzie, Kendall
  • The full official version of Nia's music video for "Star in Your Own Life" was released with this episode.
  • Jump competition, February 13-15. (Official results) Jump events are not filmed for the show. (In light of rumors, it may be noteworthy that Nia participated with the ALDC at this competition on Friday and Saturday. And it may also be noteworthy that only Maddie, Kalani, Mackenzie and Kendall were Jump VIP winners and runner-ups; and not Nia or JoJo.) Sophia Lucia also attended this event, but as a non-competitor, serving instead as an event assistant, and performing her solo "Arwen's Vigil" at closing ceremonies. Additional information available on this wiki's Related Competitions page.
  • The entire ALDC attended the Jump competition. The rest of these ALDC dancers also did not attend Nia's video premiere party, as they too were busy competing for Jump at the time.[2] (The dancers from CADC and Jeanette's BDA did not compete at the Jump competition in any portion.)
  • Ava and Jeanette were in Pittsburgh on Thursday with a Broadway Dance Academy team. Others accompanying them were two BDA dancers, plus Mari Dudash, Gina Dudash and Kerrynton Jones.
  • At least several members of the CADC attended portions of the Jump competition in Pittsburgh, but were not there as competitors.[3]
  • Kalani did not perform her solo at the Starbound competition. According to Kira, the number was scratched while she was still competing at the Jump convention on Sunday (where she was one of three winners for teen JUMP VIP.)[4][5]
  • Kaycee Rice was replaced with a Candy Apples studio member, Tara Johnson. Vivi-Anne also was in their group routine.
  • The CADC group is based on the Cathy's story of adopting Vivi and her becoming an American citizen.[6]
  • Ashtin, Chloe Smith and Haley set up a YouTube channel, 3 Strangers.
  • MattyB music video for "Turn Up The Track" was released on Friday 13 February 2015.

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