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Song by
Two Steps From Hell
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Dance:   "Voodoo"
Album:   Illusions
Writer(s):   Thomas Bergersen
Album Chronology
Previous: “—”
Current: “Sonera”
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Song (Youtube link)
"Sonera" is a song by Two Steps from Hell. It was used for the CADC's group dance "Voodoo" in The Big, Not So, Easy.

Youtube link
Group dance from broadcast


Sonyera kon mifesi vra neha
Sonyera leste me vif soneha
Secro lidenyo lesu veha
Sonyera kon mifesi vra neha
Meni nohe

Ke sonera sti
Ko neru sone hisa
Ko neri sonera
Veri sonera

Ke sonerya
Ke vina
Kon seli
Vera sone

Virena Viro
Ke kone Rone
Si vina Vina

So nahe

So vervir
Onsi vera
Ver tsadi
Enu chidu veri
Oneyu sonyeri ginwa
Onu du tsedi
Strade onedi se onedi

Ke sonyera Ke sero
Ke vina Nenu

Kon seli gera sone

Virenya Virena

Ke ko nesi vina
So nahe

Sonyervir on sterpena

Ne Tsadi enuchidi viri
Ko miyu

Kyer sonyera kon Soneri ya
Seli Ke yu
Kyer sonyera son Soneri ya

Meni nohe



  • The lyrics for the song have been said by Thomas Bergersen, the writer of the song, to have been made up from a language that is nonexistent. There is no direct translation or meaning for the song. Lyrics are provided by Pandora Journey on YouTube and are simply the phonetic spelling of the lyrics.


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