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g Stealing the Show
Season One, Episode Four
Stealing the show
Air Date: August 3, 2011
Viewers: 0.852 million, 0.3 rating (18-49)[1]
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Cheerleader Blues
When Stars Collide
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"Stealing The Show" is the fourth episode of the first season. It first aired on August 3, 2011.


Abby gives each student a solo for the next competition, but gives Maddie two solos. Abby says it is because Maddie takes tap lessons outside the group, but Christi doesn’t buy it and demands that Melissa pull one of Maddie’s solos.

Competition Attended

OnStage NY Dance in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from April 30th-May 1st, 2011.[2]

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
Nia You Do Cuban Jazz High Gold
Brooke Break Me Acrobatic Lyrical 4th in Teen
Paige Double Take Acrobatic Jazz did not place
Chloe Mother Lyrical 4th in Mini
Vivi-Anne Honeybee Musical Theatre did not place
Mackenzie Mouse Trap Acrobatic High Gold
Acapella Tap Platinum
Highest Scoring Tap Routine Entire Mini Division
Exceptional Stage Presence
Cry Lyrical 1st in Mini
High Score Advanced Mini Lyrical Solo
Loves to Dance
(Not Shown)
Jazz 1st in Mini Group/Overall
House of Love
(Not Shown)
Contemporary 4th in Advanced Junior Group
8th Overall in Junior Division
Kennedy Trent
Rag Dolls
(Not Shown)
Contemporary 2nd in Mini Group/Overall

Mini Critics' Choice Award

Everlasting Friends
(Not Shown)
Lyrical 1st in Mini


S01-e04 05-42b

Abby reveals they are participating at Onstage New York and everyone is getting a solo. Cathy worries over Vivi's bumblebee solo, which Vivi does not wish to perform. Maddie is doing "Cry" again and a new tap routine, but she hasn't told the other moms. The moms all go out for lunch together, inviting Cathy. They talk about the competition and how Cathy left early. The other moms get upset that Cathy doesn't want to cheer for the other kids.

S01-e04 08-17

Mackenzie struggles in rehearsal for her acro routine, forgetting the dance. Mackenzie says she would rather stay home and eat chips. Back at the restaurant, Cathy doesn't want to be a part of the group and isn't in the group to cheer for the others. Christi tells Kelly that Maddie is getting two solos this week, doubling her chances to win. Kelly says that she hasn't gotten her music, which Melissa is in charge of.

S01-e04 28-12

While Cathy talks with Melissa at the front desk, Abby drags Vivi-Anne into the studio and puts the bee costume on her. Abby and Cathy then talk about Cathy skipping bus time and leaving early. The moms are at Christi's house to talk about Cathy and Maddie's solos. Christi asks Melissa to pull a solo. Christi said she did it before to let Paige and Nia have a chance to shine.

S01-e04 26-41

The next day, Melissa is cutting the music, but Paige's isn't found. Abby is holding an acro class while the moms want the solos to be rehearsed. The moms go down to Melissa who in turn goes to Abby in a fury. Everyone heads to competition. Maddie performs her tap solo first. Mackenzie performs her solo with no problem, but Vivi falls during solo and was early during the steps. Brooke gets a brush burn after doing her chin stand on a piece of tape. Nia forgets some of her solo, but makes up the rest of it, which isn't the same story for Paige, who freezes on stage and runs off.

S01-e04 40-28

Maddie still performs her second solo, much to the other moms' dismay. Chloe performs her solo as well, but messes up one of her turns. Maddie wins first and Chloe wins fourth in their division. Christi blows up in the dressing room, getting into a fight with Abby and Melissa in front of the girls, causing Mackenzie and Maddie to cry.


Abby: [about "Ups and Downs"] Okay, so, Brooke: you blew them away. [Brooke and Kelly smile] The people sitting around me were in awe when you did your handstand twist. But why all the drama with the hip, hm? If you are seriously injured, you don't need to go to your mother and get everybody worked up; you come to me, and that needs to be clear, yes?
Kelly: [to the camera] Abby's comment about Brooke crying about her hip and complaining that it hurt I thought was crazy. If Brooke's hurt, she should come to me. If she didn't complain about it, and we didn't put ice and stuff on it, she probably wouldn't have been able to perform the dance.

Abby: [to the camera] This week's competition is Onstage New York, right here in our hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is one competition where we cannot have anything go wrong. All of my peers will be here, all of my competitors will be here, all of my enemies will be here.

Brooke: [to the camera] It feels good to be on top of the pyramid, but I don't really care. Like, it doesn't matter to me whether I'm on the bottom or the top.

Abby: [to the camera] Solos are very difficult because there's nobody to hide behind out there on stage; it's all about you.

Abby: [to the camera] I think every child grows from doing a solo.

Maddie: [to the camera] I love having a solo, and I think I do the best when I'm dancing alone.

Abby: [to Paige] Those are good feet, good.
Paige: [to the camera] This is my first time doing a solo and I'm really scared because I'm gonna be out on stage all by myself. It's scarier when you're alone because if you mess up on stage, you don't really have anyone to look at or anything.

S01-e04 06-54
Cathy: [to the camera] I don't wanna be a part of the team. I don't wanna have to be a cheerleader. When Vivi's done dancing, I wanna go home and go about my business. You know, I'm looking at the clock when I'm sitting there and I'm thinking of all of the things I could be doing. Shopping, even. This is just not working well with me. [to the moms] I like you guys, but I don't wanna be your cheerleaders. [to Christi after Christi drinks from her glass] Oh my god, are you driving?

Brooke: I like to dance, but I like to hang out with my friends more. And boys. [laughs]

Abby: [to the camera] Oh, yes, I'm brutally honest. I have to be. That final product on stage is what all the hours of training are about. This is my job; this is what I do.

Nia: [to the camera] Miss Abby pushes us to work harder every single day that we see her.
Abby: [to Nia] Why are you so sloppy? Why is that foot banging on the ground? Come on.
Nia: [to the camera] Well, she always helps me because with her reminding me to point and straighten my legs, I'm gonna be a star like that.

Abby: It's like you're dancing out of control a little bit. You need to bring it down. Yes? And if everything's big, then nothing's big.

S01-e04 08-38
Abby: [to camera] People think I'm mean. People think I'm tough. But I worry about these kids like they're my own children.
Abby: [to Mackenzie] What are you doing?!
Mackenzie: I just forgot.
Abby: What? You forgot? But you have to keep going. You can't just quit dancing. All right, start again. Suck it up, I don't want to see those tears.
Mackenzie: [to camera] I love dancing. But I don't wanna go on Broadway. All I wanna do is just... stay home and eat chips.

Kelly: I think Cathy's crazy. After the things she said tonight, she needs to take her butt back to Ohio where she came from.
Cathy: We're just on a different... we're just on a different page, Vivi and I.
Cathy: We're part of the group. But we're not part of the group.

Cathy: I like all of you, but we're not in it for all of that cheerleading. I love your necklace.

Melissa: I have your music, but Paige's I can't seem to get.

Kelly: Every day I checked in to see if Paige's music was cut. It was the night before the competition, and Paige still hadn't heard her music.

Mackenzie: I'm a mouse, I have a very long tail, and it gets in the way sometimes when I do some tricks.

S01-e04 27-26
Melissa: [to Mackenzie] You were so good! I'm so proud of you.
Mackenzie: [to camera] I can tumble forever. I love it.
Melissa: Everyone was clapping for you.
Mackenzie: I know. I heard.

S01-e04 34-09
Kelly: Don't be sad. You looked beautiful for what you did do.
Paige: No I didn't.
Kelly: Yes you did.
Paige: I didn't remember my tuck.
Kelly: You were perfect.
Kelly: Don't worry about it, Paige. It's a dance. Who cares?
Paige: So what?! It's my own solo though.
Kelly: I know, but it's not your fault it was messed up. Right? Don't you agree with me? You got your music last night, at what, 8:30? And went home and went to bed, and we're expected to rush in here and compete it.
Paige: I wanna go home.
Kelly: You want to go home? No, we can't go home.
Paige: I want to.

Maddie: I don't like to lose. But I don't ever lose anyway.

Maddie: I love you Chloe.
Chloe: I love you too Maddie.

Christi: This is not fair. Chloe was learning a dance twelve hours ago in a studio. And you expect a nine year old to go onstage and, like, be flawless?
Christi: Our kids were set-up to fail.

S01-e04 40-51
Christi: You don't want to ruin the weighted victory.
Abby: I'm not ruining today.
Christi: Abby, we need to go in the hallway!
Melissa: Don't be doing this in front of my daughter, Christi!
Christi: Abby, we can all go in the hallway, 'cause I tried to talk to you [pointing at Melissa], and I tried to talk to you [pointing at Abby], personally! Let's go in the hallway!
Melissa: I'm not going anywhere. My daughter's happy.
Christi: Let's go in the hallway. Do you want to talk about all the things that need to be talked about?
Abby: Not here, not now.
Christi: Because you [pointing at Melissa] won't talk about it, and you [pointing at Abby] won't talk about it.
Melissa: You're making my daughter cry, so shut up!
Christi: How many times has my daughter beat your daughter this year?!!
Christi: The weight was stacked against everybody this weekend, because you [pointing at Melissa] did it!
Melissa: Oh just forget it! Get out of here now!
Christi: Let's go! Let's go!
Melissa: Bitch.
Christi: Your kids feel bad, but it doesn't matter about my daughter...
Abby: Your daughter is holding a national title, and I will take it away in a minute!
Christi: Go ahead and take it away, Abby.
Abby: I will!
Christi: I'll leave your studio.
Abby: That's fine. Where you going to go?
Holly: [to camera] I would say the fight between Abby and Christi was incredibly embarrassing. It could've been handled behind closed doors, definitely not in front of children. Even when there are issues, I try to limit the things I'm saying in front of the kids, because it makes them feel bad, it makes them feel self-conscious and awkward.
Melissa: [in hallway] No, come with me. Girls! They are staying with me!
Abby: [with Christi in dressing-room] You're an uneducated mess! Quit drinking!
Melissa: [in hallway] I'm not going on that [expletive] bus! That [expletive] bitch! Give me a phone!
Christi: [with Abby in dressing-room] No, she didn't even...
Abby: You -- are -- out of control.
Christi: I'm the [expletive] hole for staying at your studio!
Abby: There you go.
Christi: Then I need to leave!
Abby: You're done.

Cathy: [breaking the "fourth wall"] How did I get stuck in this?


  • Pyramid:
    • Brooke
    • Maddie, Chloe
    • Nia, Paige, Mackenzie, Vivi-Anne
  • Although this is the last time we see Maddie perform "Cry" in season one of Dance Moms, she did, however, perform it during the Starpower competition the Abby Lee Dance Company visited in episode six. Maddie would later perform "Cry" in episode seventeen of season two.
  • While most of the time during competitions, the faces of other competitors are uncensored, some faces were censored on the DVD.
  • When the bus ride scenes begin in the middle of the episode, the time says, 6:05 AM. The competition they went to was at a school called Cornell School District in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, outside downtown Pittsburgh, which is about a 40-minute drive from the Abby Lee Dance Company. When they arrive at the school, the time says, 7:35 AM. It is unlikely that the girls, moms, and Abby rode on the bus for an hour-and-a-half. The first time should have said 7:05 AM.
  • This is the first time a solo was forgotten.
  • Abby has stated that Paige had been performing her solo choreography for seven or eight months, and became flustered after missing her back tuck, and that was why she forgot her dance. Abby dismissed the idea that it had to do with the music, adding that, in any event, she didn't handle picking or downloading it.[3]
  • Paige's solo costume for "Gemini " had been used before for a solo of hers prior to Dance Moms called "Boys Boys Boys."[4] This was possibly the same choreography, under a different name and with different music (see above trivia.)
  • This is the first time that Brooke is at the top of the Pyramid.
  • Maddie is wearing her duet costume when she hugs Chloe backstage. A vidcap of them both wearing these matching costumes is taken from Cheerleader Blues.
  • Abby addresses another girl by the name of "Kennedy," who is working with the team,[5] and an old Reign Dance Production gives "CONGRATULATIONS TO: KENNEDY, NIA, CHLOE, MADDIE, & PAIGE," between information on "Rag Dolls" and more information on both "007" and "Rag Dolls," as performed at this particular competition.[6] Another girl also can be seen performing with the team for "Rag Dolls" in pictures here and here. Kennedy Trent was credited as performing in a trio with Nia earlier in the year, [7] as pictured here. She also appeared in "007" as seen in a vidcap from Wildly Inappropriate.
  • Maddie's tap solo is introduced by the announcer as "Acapella,"[8]. In 2013, Maddie showed to cameras certificates from this event, using "Acapella" as the title of the tap dance.[9] However, ALDC and RDP referred to it as "USO Show" on webpages.[10]
  • Nia used the same costume for "Waka Waka" at Dance Educators of America earlier in March.[11] ("Waka Waka" was a song by Shakira used for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.)
  • Photos of a different performance of "House of Love" can be viewed here.
  • During one of Maddie's interviews (time around 34:06 of 41:24), Chloe is shown in the background in her "Baby Mine" costume. However, the patterned gold floor and the color of walls (also with paneling) is inconsistent with other shots at this episode's school venue, which show a white theme for floors and walling. It does closely resemble many shots from the competition venue lobby seen in Wildly Inappropriate, where Maddie performed "Cry" and Chloe performed "Baby Mine."
  • This is the first time a tap routine has been showed on "Dance Moms."
  • Vivi-Anne performs her dance that she learned last week, but did not compete.
  • Competing studios included Elite Dance by Damian, located north of Pittsburgh. In 2012, Elite Dance by Damian was a top 10 finalist in the Northeast region within the Federation of Dance Competitions. Lexi Troianos finished 5th with her solo, but was named Miss Mini Onstage New York.
  • Brooke's solo "Break Me" tied for 4th place.

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