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“That Girls Just Gotta be Kissed”
That Girl's Just Golta Be Kissed
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Dance:   "That Lass Has Class"
Jazz, soul
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Song (Youtube link)
"That Girl's Just Gotta Be Kissed" is a song by Peek-A-Goom. It was used for the moms' group dance in When Stars Collide. It was used again for Maddie and Gino's duet in Kiss or Get Off the Pot.

Youtube link
Full Maddie and Gino duet (Lifetime)

Youtube link
The mom's dance


Now let me tell you a story

That lass has class
This chick is hip
And if she takes you on her ride
It's a real crazy trip
The style
That smile
That just goes on for miles
That makes her so hard to resist
It all adds up to just one thing
Yeah, that girl's just gotta be kissed
(Better believe it)

Her clothes, her hair
A look that's rare
And when she's passing by
You know it's so hard not to stare
Those lips, those hips
Beyond compare
That sway so gently as they twist
And it still adds up to just one thing
Yeah, that girl's just gotta be kissed

The moment that she caught my eye
My heart just didn't stand a chance
But when she smiled I must testify
This hot in this shot has romance

Now every day
And every night
Somehow we turned that sweet affair
Into a love so right
It's true, I'd do
Anything for her
'Cause she's number one on my list

And it still adds up to just one thing
Yeah, that girl's just gotta be -
She's got that badda-bing
My girl's just gotta be kissed
Oh yeah
She's gotta be kissed!
Make no mistake about it

That chick's sure gettin' kissed

Video GalleryEdit

Youtube link
Full Maddie and Gino duet video shot from the audience


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