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“The Black Dahlia”
610 Black Dahlia (1)
Song by
Courtney Leigh Heins
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Dance:   "Black Dahlia"
Album:   Refolk
January 1, 2006
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Song (Youtube link)
"The Black Dahlia" is a song by Courtney Leigh Heins. It was used for Brynn's solo "Black Dahlia" in Abby Lee Horror Story.

Youtube link
Brynn's solo


Hello, I know
Much more now than many years ago
The only time you really need to watch your back
Is when things are good and slow

Traded in my East Coast wind for Mulholland Drive
But the people out here, they just feed off your fear
They want to take you for a ride

And stay away from that Highway 101
She's as evil as can be
Some got this town all figured out
Just ask any ghost you see

'Cause if you stay here long enough
Someone's bound to notice
And if you bury your heart next to Marilyn
You might one day too get roses

Hello, where have you been
Heard you got yourself a wife
I've been layin' bricks for some government kin
Said I could build me quite a life

See when I was little they told me that I could be anything
As long as I stuck by it
But what they don't say is that they'll hunt you down
If you're bold enough to try it

Hello, are you still there
Got to admit I'm a little scared
We ran out of conversation
Then he ran out on me
And left his pocket watch with a hotel key

So I painted on a smile and waited for awhile
At a down and out canteen
Well he showed up at the bar lookin' just like a movie star
Who just stepped off the silver screen

He said hello, I didn't mean to go
Let me take you for a ride
'Cause I wanna make sure that a pretty girl like you
Don't ever leave my side

Then he took me downtown and drove us all around
Then he showed me up the stairs
I said take me home please, I don't wanna go please
He said honey, say your prayers

But I know one day, I'm gonna make front page
And everyone will know my face
From the Boulevard to Scotland Yard
They'll all be whispering my name

She was wearing all black
Disappeared and never came back
She'd never live to see her fame

Hello, it's me you know
How can everyone see through me
I saw your name when the newspaper came
Thought you said you knew me


Other Information

  • Brynn's solo was based on the gruesome death of a woman named Elizabeth Short, nicknamed The Black Dahlia. Please note that the link provided contains details that some may find disturbing so proceed with caution.

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