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“The Game of Love”
Song by
LJ Nachsin
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Dance:   "The Game of Love"
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Song (Youtube link)
"The Game of Love" is a song by LJ Nachsin. It was used for Maddie's solo in Sister Showdown. It was performed again in Seeing Red.

Youtube link
Full solo from Sister Showdown


Oh, love’s a crazy game, or so they say
Win or lose we play it, anyway
If Lady Luck smiles down on you
You’ll find the one and say “I do”
That’s the beauty of the game of love

But if you play it cool things might get rough
She might raise the stakes or even call your bluff
Don’t be afraid give the wheel a spin
Sometimes when you lose you win
That’s the way to play the game of love

So place your piece up on the board
And maybe you’ll get your reward
Round and round you go or so it seems
But each time that you start anew
Make your move and see it through
No matter how it goes don’t lose your dreams
Lose your dreams

Oh, love’s a crazy game and ain’t it grand
When it ends with lovers hand in hand
The object lesson of it all
Is be prepared to take a fall
That’s the way to win the game of love

The game of love
The game of love
The game of love

Video Gallery

Youtube link
Full solo from a JUMP 2014 competition

Youtube link
Full solo from Seeing Red

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