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“There is Only Love”
502 Maddie The Judgement 4
Song by
Cassandra Kubinski
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Dance:   "The Judgement"
Album:   Just Being Myself
October 23, 2012
Pop, Singer-Songwriter
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Song (Youtube link)
"There is Only Love" is a song by Cassandra Kubinski[1]. It was used for Maddie's solo "The Judgement" in Abby Got Served.

" Youtube link
Broadcast version


After all the judgment
And after all the fear
Beyond the "should"s and "shouldn't"s
That I wish I couldn't hear
There's a place where all my words and thoughts and actions
And I just disappear
And there is only love

I cry until I shake apart
Lying on the floor
No matter how God answers me
I'm always asking more
So I empty out my heart of every question
'Til I'm sure
That there is only love

It seems so simple
How do we get so far away
It's always right there
But I can't seem to make it stay
Right when I get it
It's like it starts to slip away
'Til I don't remember

That if I strip away the anger
That I never showed you
For everything I wished that you would be and say and do
Well there's only one thing left
And that's still worth holding on to
'Cause when I dive below the ocean
Of everything that went wrong
There is only love

There is

There is only love


Video Gallery

Youtube link
Broadcast/audience hybrid version

Youtube link
Filmed from the audience



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