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g   Tiffanie Oladi
Mini Mom Tiffanie
Gender: Female
Born: July 2, 1980[1]
Age: 37
Affiliations: ALDC (former)
Friends and Family
Children: Alexus Oladi (daughter)
Alex[2] (son)
Friends: Mary Owen
Lynn Faye
Yolanda Walmsley
Stacey Ketchman
Feuds: Kira Girard
Kerri Evans
Sari Lopez
Jill Vertes
Ashlee Allen
Episode Run
Debut: Mini Dancers, Big Drama
Last: Abby's Worst Nightmare

  Tiffanie Oladi is the mother of Alexus Oladi.

In Dance Moms

Tiffanie and her daughter are introduced as a part of the Mini Competition Team in Mini Dancers, Big Drama.

In Abby's Replaceable, she and Kerri got into a huge off-screen argument that resulted in the threat of the police being called. It was retold to the moms in the dressing room.


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